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Joe Biden Tuesday update: 2 oaths and more 'private meetings'

The Ticket made a horrible mistake Monday in its regular schedule update for Vice President Joe Biden's non-doings.

We said after taking the entire weekend off, he was spending all day Monday in "private meetings" at his Delaware home. He was. And we all know what that means.
But we also implied that his absence from the nation's capital may have been connected with the decline in Obama administration ceremonial swearing-ins, which Biden has excelled at giving for the cameras since they took office Jan. 20.

Biden even swore in Hillary Clinton as secretary of State after she'd already taken the official oath upon her confirmation.

Anyway, as if to prove the world wrong, two more swearing-ins popped up on Biden's schedule for Tuesday -- one for Gary Gensler, chairman of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission, and another for Fred Hochberg, chairman of the Export-Import Bank.

But, alas, officials of the ultra-transparent Obama administration have declared these ceremonies closed to the press, like the president's Sunday golf games. So we'll have no video or eyewitness accounts of those big doings.

Also on Biden's Tuesday docket is sitting in on three presidential meetings, a couple of briefings and a lunch. But these too have been declared closed to the media. So we'll all just have to imagine the intense VP work going on.

According to the White House, the remainder of the vice president's day will be devoted to some more of those "private meetings."

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Joshua Roberts / Bloomberg News

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How's that hopey changey thing workin out for ya now, LIEberals?

Senators Biden and Obama: oh my what a pair. Does anyone believe they are aught but a put-up job; a duo of malleable front-men for the syndicate of greed. "You'll do what you're told...and like it, see." Both of 'em have no cods and glass jaws. The presence of these two in high national office displays, at once, the best and the worst of the marketeer's art. There's a sucka born every minute, right? Biden and Obama: already far, far past their respective "Best By" dates. G'day senators. The clever dogs who caught the big shiny car. Now what...


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