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Joe Biden Gaffe update: He fires N.J. gov, moves another guy in

Democrat Vice president Joe Biden either getting on or off of Air ForceTwo somewjhere

For your Joe Biden Gaffe files:

Washington. Mandarin Oriental Hotel. LGBT fundraiser. Hauled in about $1 mill. 33% better than last year with Michelle Obama.

Virginia Democrat Governor Tim Kaine

Maybe four dozen protesters outside, impatient with the Obama administration's perceived slow pace on lesbian and gay issues. Signs: "SHAME." "Gay Uncle Toms." Chants: "Shame on You." "Boycott the Bigots."

Inside, Biden spoke 20 mins. Lots of applause. "I am not unaware of the controversy swirling around this dinner and swirling around the speed or lack thereof that we are moving on issues that are of great importance to you."

Boasted the new administration has appointed 60 gays or lesbians, including nine requiring Senate confirmation. Promised to "put some pace on the ball."

Standing ovations as he pledged to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, Don't Ask Don't Tell and get passage of the Lieberman-Baldwin bill on health benefits.

Additionally, Biden promised to put a ban on workplace discrimination, get adoption rights for all and endNew Jersey Democrat Governor Jon Corzine the HIV travel ban.

Biden also praised Tim Kaine as the "great governor of New Jersey."

One problem: Tim Kaine's not governor of New Jersey.

Jon Corzine (right) is governor of New Jersey (Remember, he didn't wear his seatbelt in the state patrol car for the big high-speed crash).

Tim Kaine is governor of another state, called Virginia.

He's also chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Biden is from Delaware.

He used a Teleprompter.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credits: Getty Images (top and middle); N.J. Governor's Office (bottom).

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He must have confused him with Tom Kean, the former governor of NJ.

And jjust think, he's overseeing how the Stimulus Money is being spent - Great move Mr. President. Way to keep on shoring up American's confidence in your judgement. No wonder the polls keep on dropping on your policies.

Obama chose him..and I didn't vote for either liberals deal with him.

The 60 gays or lesbians appointed so far is 60 more than the number of "true" Christians appointed. Remember, believing in God or Christ does not make one a Christian. Even Satan and his demons tremble at the name of Christ.


keep em coming Biden!


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