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Joe Biden schedule update: Just another manic Monday

Democrat Vice President Joe Biden in another private meeting

After breaking ground at groundbreaking ceremonies in three states in two days last week and mis-speaking about the new $7-billion tunnel between New Jersey and New York, Vice President Joe Biden has decided to stay home in Wilmington, Del., today for what the White House describes as "private meetings." (See photo above.)

Now that the official ceremonial swearing-in season has slowed down, Biden apparently can do much of what his work is from home.

Today, meanwhile President Obama travels back home to Chicago to speak to the American Medical Assn. What a coincidence because the chief executive is trying to sell his idea of reforming healthcare and doctors are frequently involved in delivering such services.

The vice president's wife, Jill, worked Saturday, giving a graduation speech at Kingsborough Community College in New York.

But as The Ticket reported urgently Saturday, Biden also took the entire weekend off in Wilmington, where economic stimulus funds are helping to remodel the railroad station that Biden used for all those decades he was in Congress, which regularly also works a grueling Tuesday-Thursday schedule.

On the other hand, President Obama, who was only 11 when Biden entered the Senate, put in a full day of golf Sunday. The media was kept away, however, so no photos of the lefty's swing.

Here's the official Monday schedule for Biden from the White House: "The Vice President is in Wilmington, DE. He has private meetings throughout the day."

That's actually a pretty good line to use with your boss, especially if you've run out of sick days: 'I've scheduled a full day of private meetings at home.' Anyway, in Joe's public absence, it's up to the rest of us today to pick up the slack.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Associated Press

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If the Vice President Of The United States Of America is at his personal residence today working from home during private meetings then, fine? You do know his aged mother went to the hospital awhile back?
The lady does live with them there after all? I do have to wonder what you might say were it to become known the dear lady has some medical issues that the family must address? Is that personal enough for any of the Biden detractors to give consideration to?
I think that Biden is just the right man at the right time in history to assist the President and you, as are others,seeking to find fault with him where there is none?
Atleast he is in a 'disclosed' location. Even if it is near a train station slated for refurbishment like so many other shovel ready sites today all across the nation.

There is only one thing wrong with this post - you attributed the photo that was taken over his busy schedule. Sorry, that photo was taken quite a while ago - I googled it as I was campainging for him on the web and wanted a photo for my site! I do wish people would knock it off about his "gaffes." He certainly has quite a compendium of accomplishments to his credit.

Please spare me from another snot gram from the LA Blog - I guess you missed Biden the Meet the Press segment Sunday. Suggest you get out of your P.J.s and do some real work.


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