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Breaking (literally): Hillary Clinton falls, shatters right elbow


Being a New York woman in the Obama administration seems like a dangerous thing to be these days.

First, Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor broke her ankle in a fall en route to Washington from New York.

Now, former New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, who's already safely traveled thousands of miles around the world as President Obama's secretary of State, tripped and fell near the White House on Wednesday, breaking her right elbow. (See right elbow above.)

The 61-year-old former first lady was en route to a meeting there and was treated and released from George Washington University Hospital.

According to a brief midnight announcement from an aide, Clinton will undergo surgery next week to repair the damage. So much for handshaking for a while. Sotomayor is making her way around Capitol Hill to Senate interviews on crutches.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Associated Press

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"If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning."
Psalms 137:5
The Lord works in mysterious ways

She was probably under sniper fire

It's not exactly like Hillary's doing anything usefull anyway... Obama's got her locked up in cold storage.

Why in the world would a narcissist like Obama share the international stage with her anyway?

Anybody see any Hillary video on the recent Middle East trip? My point.

To the comment made by poster Joe Baruno--
You wonder why people are turning away from religion?
What a crock.

I suppose I could find something in the bible that would warn us all about your ridulous post.

did you seriously put a picture up of Hillary Clinton's elbow enlarged?

Demoratic Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky who represents the 9th district of Illinois broke her left foot visiting Gitmo. She tripped and fell in a briefing room at the prison in Cuba.

Joe, I guess you're saying we can never count on a peaceful and nonviolent Israel.

It's a violent thing to take pleasure from another human being's misery.

You WANT a world filled with hate and violence. That's what your use of this Psalm says to me.

I hope Sen Clinton feels better, God knows only a self-righteous hypocrite would infer she was injured by a God of hate. Considering she is continuing her work on behalf of this country, hurt or not, she obviously is of strong stuff then her detractors!

Can't imagine why she has to wait so long for the surgery, why didn't they do it while she was in the hospital.

Psalms 135:7...I like that...I can't top it, I'm laughing so much...

Joyce, she has to wait several days for the surgery so the surrounding tissues won't be swollen and inflamed.

Joyce: They need to wait for surgery for several likely reasons: 1) it's dangerous to do it without any empty stomach; 2) they need to wait for the swelling to go down; and 3) elbow surgery is tricky and requires an orthopedist with specialized skills; I doubt one was standing around in the ER.

I wish her the best. This is a complex injury to deal with. I hope she isn't right handed.

Where are all the comics that ridiculed former President Ford. Not as funny when a democrat falls?


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