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Poll: Obama's team doesn't help his popularity at all -- and Pelosi hurts

Democrat president Barack Obama presides at his first Cabinet meeting

A new Harris Poll reveals that no one in President Obama's Cabinet and administration is helping his strong popularity ratings at all.

In fact, instead of Obama's 60+% popularity being bolstered by colleagues, the Great Change Agent is carrying most of the favorability factor on his own shoulders.

If his figures ever slip, there's not much below to support him. On the other hand, for now there's no competition for publicity.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California

And while Vice President Joe "To Be Safe Don't Go Anywhere Near Anyone Who's Breathing" Biden isn't any help, House Speaker Nancy "Maybe I Wasn't Really Listening When They Lied to Me" Pelosi of California is the most unpopular of all.

The new online poll of 2,681 American adults taken last month shows that after eight years of the well-known Evil Crowd, many on Obama's team are not only not well-known, they're little-known. Almost unknown.

(Psst. This may be how The Boss wants it.)

Only Pelosi (66%), Biden (69%) and Secretary of State Hillary "Shame on You, Barack Obama" Clinton (83%) are known to most Americans.

While Treasury Secretary Timothy "Not Paying Taxes to One of the Departments I Now Run Was an Inadvertent Mistake" Geithner enjoys 16% positive opinions, fully 26% feel negatively about him. And 59% don't really have an opinion about the guy.

Pelosi has by far the worst ratings, more than 2 to 1 against -- 21% positive to 45% negative.

In Biden's case, 32% positive feelings, but 36% negative.

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates has nearly 2-to-1 positive ratings -- 28% positive to 15% negative. But despite being an Evil Crowd holdover, 57% have never heard of him.

Only 17% have not heard of Clinton, but those who have break 50%-33% positive-negative.

"None of his colleagues do much to help him politically," the Harris commentary notes. "Some commentators have written about the supposed strength of his team and his cabinet members. The public does not share this enthusiasm. And Nancy Pelosi is a political liability."

Other than that, it's seen as a very strong Obama administration team.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photos, from top: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images; Associated Press.

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Pelosi wearing that hajib says it all don't it.

Pelosi getting it wrong on publishing terror interrogation documents, failing to recall she was briefed, leading Obama down the primrose path on releasing all that data, not in the interest of the US and likely to cause riot deaths in the muslim world let alone be a propaganda tool for Al Queda Muslims borders on the insane or the treasonous. The fact that only Cheney speaking out led to the Obama about face on these issues was very tellingn as to obamas inexperience and his teams inability advise or direct him sensibly.

Why Auto Bankruptcy Won't Work
The Republicans demanded no money be spent from the public tax coffers to prop up the Big 3. They said that based on the financials, contracts & the business model before them they should be made to go through bankruptcy so they could rewrite their contracts to come out lean and strong. The Democrats resisted and in the end the Big 3 went into bankruptcy anyways.
The difference in the two approaches is that the Democrats did not understand economics in the first place and they ended up shoving through a bankruptcy that a) gave control to the unions & government , b) they were willing to trample on the contractual rights of bondholders & blackmail Tarp Fund beholden banks to do so and c ) flushed the companies management ranks so that no one is left to run the damned things.
Prior to Unions & government intervention, the auto companies cut wages, closed plants and survived everything even the Great Depression. Unfortunately, this time, because their variable costs were fixed by unions and the government they could not do that as they faced open competition the past 40 years and finally this Fannie Mae Freddie Mac governmental grown financial crisis.
Right now only the Democrats, Obama, His team, his hand picked auto czars, think this "bankruptcy" scenario will work and when they are proven wrong, we can only say we told you so and hope that next you will listen to those who understand how the business & the economy actually works.

The man second from the right in the photo, is Gary Locke, former Governor Gary Locke of Washington State.
He is highly respected in the State Of Washington. Very intelligent, very popular. Highly qualified. Give him time to shine. Good Luck. Rox from Washington State.


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