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What Obama failed to tell the world's Muslims about America's conversion to all-digital TV

June 4, 2009 |  5:59 pm

President Barack Obama is really an amazing guy.

While millions watched him address the globe's Muslims in a long speech from Egypt before viewing the pyramids in cool shades (see The Ticket's reports here and right here and again over here), the very same multitasking president on the very same day issued a stern warning to all Americans about the looming forced conversion to digital television next week.

Although you didn't ask for it and it got delayed a few months by popular demand, you're gonna get it eight days from now -- symbolically six days after the 65th anniversary of D-Day.

Never mind your religion or lack thereof, forget for the moment about the nuclear threats from Iran and North Korea: If you don't convert to digital, you'll be a TV infidel unable to watch vitally important visual fare like Billy Mays' specials or "The Simpsons." (Not to mention seeing the unnatural size of gabber Ed Schultz's head in digital.)

But The Ticket has important video help for you below.

First, as usual, we have the president's full statement, legible even if you are still viewing on a standard computer screen.

Basically, what Obama says is he favored the delay from last February; in fact ...

... he claims partial credit for it. And he says he directed those now-familiar but always unnamed "key members" of his administration to assist Americans with the traumatic transition.

But the 47-year-old Democratic commander in chief firmly warns that he will not delay the conversion any longer. Not one more time. It's coming. Almost here.

"Some people are not ready," Obama intones. "I want to be clear: There will not be another delay." He also urges everyone to talk to friends, family and neighbors and urge them to get ready for June 12 "before it's too late." The president did not address the transition's ominous Ohm issue, 300 to 75.

To comply with the president's orders and to help the nation prepare for this historic shift to all-digital TV stuff, The Ticket has assembled two essential videos for viewing.

Thankfully, in addition to President Obama's advice and warning, Spike Feresten and his crew have produced two very creative and helpful videos to assist Americans with their adjustment to this important change they personally could probably live without.

After viewing the first informative video here, if you are still capable of clicking, watch the video update below.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Statement by the President on the Transition to All-Digital Programming

On June 12 — one week from tomorrow — the nation’s full-power television stations will switch to all-digital programming. The transition to digital will free up airwaves for broadband and enhanced emergency communications for our police officers, firefighters and other first responders.

In February, I worked with Congress to postpone the deadline television broadcasters had to end their analog signals, because it was clear that millions of Americans would have been left in the dark if the conversion had gone on as planned. I directed key members of my administration to reach out and help Americans, especially those in our most vulnerable communities, to make the switch to digital television.

In the months since then, we have worked hand in hand with state and local officials, broadcasters and community groups to educate and assist millions of Americans with the transition. The number of households unprepared for digital television has been cut in half. 

Still, some people are not ready. I want to be clear: There will not be another delay. I urge everyone who is not yet prepared to act today, so you don’t lose important news and emergency information on June 12.  And I encourage all Americans who are prepared, to talk to their friends, family and neighbors to make sure they get ready before it’s too late.   ##