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Poll: 4+ months into Obama, Republicans looking better to Americans

It's been seven long months since we've had an official presidential campaign going. Of course, in modern times the incumbent president in a first term is never not running. Hence, Nancy Reagan at the White House today with Barack Obama.

And so many other ongoing activities of the new Democratic administration that's taking its show to the Middle East overnight.

But a new CNN/Opinion Research poll out today takes a peek at the 2012 field of possible Republican candidates. Yeah, right. Don't make your bets now. The most important news from this poll perhaps is that as of May 14-17, no Americans didn't know of George W. Bush or John McCain.

Republican ex-Gov Mike Huckabee

Neither of whom could conceivably be a candidate in 2012.

However, 3% of the country still hasn't heard of this Dick Cheney fellow. Well, no one ever accused Americans of paying too much attention to the news of their democracy.

Anyway, here's what the telephone poll of 1,010 adult Americans reveals almost five months into Obama's term, all obviously designed by CNN to drive the competing talkers berserk over at the White House's favorite network:

Americans now are thinking more favorably of Bush, Cheney, McCain, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee and someone named Rush Limbaugh. Their favorable numbers are all up, some significantly.

Their unfavorable ratings have all dropped, some significantly.

As The Ticket reported earlier today, Minnesota GOP Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who was not included in the poll, announced he would not seek a third term.

Which either means he's positioning himself for a 2012 run at the GOP nomination or he wants to have more time to attend his daughter's volleyball games. (Yeah, that's what we figure too.)

The only Republican polled who did not advance in popularity was Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Her unfavorables stayed constant at 43%. But her favorable rating slipped slightly from 49% right after the Nov. 4 election to 46% today.

No, wait now. Calm down. Even down 3 points, her 46% is still better than all the other Republicans polled except McCain.

Obama, of course, has a current popularity rating north of 60%. However, that's probably mostly due to VP Joe Biden's coattails, don't you think? He won't be on the Democratic ticket in 2012.

And this time next year, when unemployment rates are still high or growing as predicted and the midterm congressional campaigns are ramping up, we'll see where all these numbers stand.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Charlie Neibergall / Associated Press

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Obama Deficits = Recession Later

While barely none of the Stimulus plan has been spent, the US economy is turning around. The US economy would have turned around whether the stimulus had been offered anyways! Governmental shoring up of the financial industry, begun under the Bush Administration, was unpleasant but did provide for market stabilization. Going beyond that to a stimulus was unnecessary
The Stimulus will now begin to flow into the economy, overinflating supply and demand. We will likely see a temporary increase in economic activity while the value of the dollar drops, pushing up inflation and then pulling us into an unnecessary second round of recession.

The question is whether the electorate with catch on to Obama's, coincidentally 4 year deficit spending. You see, by stretching it out to 4 years, he may be able to keep the economy going until after he is re-elected.

In the end, he will have taken the nations deficit from a historical total of 12 trillion to 17 trillion. In 4 years, he will also have tripled the deficits run by the Bush Administration in 8 years. We will be spending 2 times more than we take in and that will devalue the dollar boosting inflation and send us into a tail spin.

The price for the artificial recovery and Obama's presumed re-election effort will be massive deficits, increased interest payments on the deficit, a devalued dollar and an even greater economic crisis down the road.

Are the republicans sleeping? That Obama has got Nancy Reagan for a public fotoshooting is a major move. It will get him the support of an extremely huge number of indipendents. Obama seems to be a good, honest, modest and human loving person but this move reminds me at Hitlers fotoshooting with Hindenburg. If the story continues like it does for the last months now obama will put the republicans completely in a hole and it will take them decades to recover.

By the time the Dems own the means of production in America bought with borrowed and printed money and begin sending the bills for the interest payments to the middle class, the latter will snap out of their Obama infatuation and start paying attention. That's when the Dems will call in the political markers they're buying right now with funny money. Next election cycle, the voters will have to confront the fact that they are the ones who are really paying for the UAW-funded infomercials hailing the Dems and urging people to buy GM or Chrysler and pay their taxes because UAW jobs are more precious than the American Way of Life. This won't go over well with the voters, and the Dems will lose Congress but not the White House.

The cult of personality - Obama's approval stays at 55% or higher while the approval of his policies - closing Gitmo, socializing GM, overspending etc. are much lower.


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