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Obama official Kareem Dale confirms White House's love for MSNBC

(UPDATED: A second video has been added below.)

For some inexplicable reason having to do with who knows what, a widespread impression has grown among many politics fans that MSNBC and its crowd of talkers -- including Chris "Thrill Up My Leg" Matthews, Norah "The GOP Is Doomed to Die" O'Donnell and Ed "It's Time to Grind Them Into the Ground" Schultz -- are somewhat in favor of President Obama.

Well, actually in complete love with the Great Change Agent.

Now, thanks to the ubiquitous cameras of C-SPAN, comes official videoed word from Kareem Dale, special assistant to the president for arts and culture and a key White House advisor on disability policy.

At the 1:51 mark of this video, Dale candidly reveals the new administration's reciprocal feelings. Hint: Apparently the new White House has a popular internal saying involving the words "love" and "MSNBC."

(UPDATE: Courtesy of Washington writer Patrick Gavin we have a new video below showing the remarkably dissimilar treatment the White House press corps afforded George W. Bush and now Obama. Take a peek by scrolling down.)

-- Andrew Malcolm

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I always find it hilarious when people get bent out of shape by something said on MSNBC. Until they started raising a ruckus about it, almost no one saw it.

MSNBC sucks! What is Obama thinking? They are not even news. It is just blatant disinformation and political nonsense. I can't stand Olberman and I hated him when he was a sports broadcaster. I avoid MSNBC any chance I get. If it doesn't say Fox News, or WGN, then I am not considering it newsworthy. MSNBC shouldn't even be able to call itself a news channel. Just like soy milk isn't allowed to place their product next to real milk in the grocery store. Obama must be retarded. I know I was when I voted for him. I won't next time thats for sure.


It's good that at least someone likes MSNBC. What do they have? Maybe 200 viewers? Add Obama and it's 201. Keith Olberman is a buffoon. He is a perfect host for MSNBC -- an empty-headed moron who spews liberal garbage for his adoring audience of lefties. The Obama presidency gets more entertaining every day. When we are attacked again by terrorists, what's Obama going to do? Is he going to send Eric Holder out to arrest them and read them their rights? What a joke are Obama and his cabal of hapless liberals.

MS is Mircrosoft. NBC is former media giant. MSNBC is ?. Who knows what this mess is, but irrelevant seems the future of both.

Hmmm ... to all you trying to justify MSNBC's far-left leanings in by pointing out Fox's far-right leanings, maybe Fox's "Fair and Balanced" slogan means they are offering a "balance" as a right-wing "voice" being that MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNBC, NPR, PBS, et al. are all left-extreme, right-bashing sychophants for the left?

However, I have seen Fox News and its personalities call out Bush on policy (namely out of control spending, lame stimulus package), the lackluster McCain campaign, and the weak Republican RINO's of the Senate. Has even one member of MSNBC or the other aforementioned networks called Obama to task for the New York flyover, his far-left associations with a bigoted preacher and home-grown terrorist, classless moves with our greatest allies in the U.K., his wife's "first time I've been proud of my country" stance, his wife's "America's a mean place" stance, his Special Olympics remark regarding his bowling game, his "been to 57 states so far" comment, his ashaming apologizing for America, his bullying/socializing of the private sector (namely banks and the auto industry), his hypocritical global warming stance as he jets around in Air Force One to have a "date night" with that pug-face wife of his in Chicago; flies a chef into the White House from St. Louis; and dines at $1,000-a-plate restaurants in Georgetown.

How can anyone, even the staunchest Obama backer, say that the media wouldn't have been all over Bush if he had just pulled one of these blunders? Bush mispronounced "nuclear" and we hear about it for eight years. Obama can't even count the states for which he was running to oversee as commander-in-chief and he gets a free pass. The media, much like their mesiah, have absolutely no class or morales.

And ... how funny it is, too, that Fox News pulls in higher ratings than MSNBC, CBS, ABC, or NBC news? 53% does not a messiah make.

What does Jeff Immelt have to say about this?

let me see now, it is fine for MSNBC to be pro-Obama and mock and criticize anyone who doesn't agree with them, but it is NOT ok for Foxnews to try to fair and balanced and point out the positives and negatives of both parties because they are being biased in doing so. What is wrong with this picture? The love affair between Obama and the media is completely eroding the credibility of television,newsmagazines, and the papers. That is why papers are in trouble and ratings are falling except for Foxnews, which at least tries to be fair and balanced, but are considered biased by liberals because they actually give conservative ideas an equal chance instead of freezing them out.

The Bush White House loved the fake-news network Fox, and none of you traitors seemed troubled by that.

I heard Putin loves Pravda too!

Who is MSNBC?

Someone has commented that MSNBC is like the old Pravda or TASS, i.e. a de facto propaganda arm of the Party masquerading as a news agency.

There is a difference.

The people who worked for TASS/Pravda did it under the duress of a totalitarian regime, and were forcibly brainwashed, and even then most of them knew they were spreading lies.

The people who work for MSNBC do their thing in a free country, they pay good money in high priced universities to brainwash themselves, and they are voluntarily stupid.

And people wonder why MSNBC is tanking and Fox is over the top in ratings.. GO FOX..

MSNBC? The guys who all agreed the market was going straight to 15,000 last year? The guys who made fun of Dr. Ron Paul, James Rogers and Nassim Taleb for warning everything was rotten on the inside?

And Cramer? Just check his backround and performance record.

The least clownish new service I've found is Bloomberg. It covers facts. You'll notice a distinct lack of the professional wrestling vibe you get with the others.

DISCLAIMER - I may trade based on Bloomberg and against MSNBC, Fox, CNN.

"Posted by: yoodles
Stop had your run with FOX and the Bush LOVE propoganda..."

Enlighten yourself.Msnbc is Chavez style propaganda.Bigots can't tolerate anothers views and openly slander and belittle what they don't like.rightinking people consider all sides without resorting to cussing and jeering as an explaination.It's not journalism,it's public stupidity.Pretty sad that our white house loves this.wonder how they would deal with truth???Oh yeah they would pull a Hugo.

No one is whining,they are telling the truth.And not the kind you make up to fit you agenda.look it up if your confused.

This is news? I think most of us figured out a long time ago that Obama and team love the clowns who loved them into office. MSNBC has no respect from anyone who understands journalism. They're nothing but cheerleaders. They cheer when he breaths in. They cheer when he breaths out. They cheer when he promises to reject earmarks. They cheer when he signs thousands of them into law. They cheer when he promises to cut taxes. They cheer when his policies leave no alternative but to raise them drastically. Whatever he says or does....they cheer. And the uneducated masses follow along.

msnbc is unreal. olberman, come on.

When Glenn Beck, of all people, in a poor time slot, pulls in more viewers than Matthews & Olberman combined, you know MSNBC is a dud network.
Has to be a lot of liberals watching FNC or their numbers could not be that high with just republicans watching.

The so-called "journalists" and "press" are going to seriously regret their love affair with the O administration. It will be their undoing, you can bet on it.

msnbc in not only bias they are fanatical and really nasty.
msnbc looters!.

don't know what a looter is? Not sure - who is John Galt? Read Any Rand,

Atlas shrugged...It was supposed to be a warning...But liberals use it as an instruciton manual.

How funny it is to read the sour grapes whining from all of the totally irrelevant conservative Bush lovers. It was just fine when Faux News worshipped at the feet of the worst president this nation has ever seen, but now that we have a real President, the poor little obsolete Republican't babies are throwing tantrums. No wonder those who call themselves "Republican" has dwindled to nothing, just look at the shame attached. MSNBC, Keith, Rachel, Chris and Ed get it right. Of course, Republican blind sheep dittoheads wouldn't recognize the truth if they tripped over it.

It only takes the perception that a alleged TV news organization has gone off the deep end of the pool in way over it's head for it to become a fact in the mind of the viewers. That seems to be happening at a rapidly increasing rate, and soon the perception will become a fact and who needs something that only sounds like endless bubbles bursting to the surface? There are too many other sources of the news available to the people for an innaccurate, biased and otherwise incompetent news media to survive in this day and age. While Fox news may lean a little to the right, at least they don't just tell lies and fairy tales all the time.

The mission of the press is a tremendous responsibility. It is one of being sentinel for the truth, and to be an unofficial watchdog for the public.

The fail miserably.

They are owned lock, stock and barrel by the democrat party. I would be ashamed to be owned like that. To be a "reporter" today is to be nothing more than a political sycophant, a blight upon the truth. Shame on the media.

SO, what else is new? If anyone listened even a little, it was obvious who they were for during the campaign. MSNBC is nothing more than an electronic opinion network. Anyone who confuses them for a "News" organization hasn't been paying attention. Same goes for NBC, ABC and CBS!!! They ceased being objective years ago. MSNBC is very much like Tass and Pravda. That's how they roll in the U.S.S.A.

I am a very independent voter that has cast votes for both republican and democratic presidential candidates in the last thirty years. I affiliate with no party and have no strict ideology. I don't believe that media outlets should be a mouthpiece for any political party or any administration, so I do not like to see such close a connection between the coverage by MSNBC and the white house. But what is so incredibly astonishing is the fact that you are all acting like FOX never supported Bush exclusively, that Cheney instructed that his TV in his hotel should be tuned to FOX and that FOX received its talking points for the white house. Just as bad as MSNBC's love for Obama might be so is FOX's "fair and balanced" hatred for Obama. It is wonderful to see such convenient amnesia. If you had any intellectual honesty you would recognize that the left has MSNBC and the right has FOX....You on the right are just angry and having tantrums that you lost. Some time in the future the liberals will be having tantrums that they lost. In the meantime act like you have brains and smell the coffee.

obama could announce that he's rounding up all who disagree with him and puting them in a special camp to re-educate them or if they don't change that he will dispose of them and the folks at MSNBC would tell us all how smart he was for doing this. scary.

The White House and MSNBC love each other? Other than the hundreds of faithful MSNBC viewers, who knew?

Doberman was single handedly responsible for watching Fox instead of MSNBC. Chris dropped out of race because he worked for MSNBC.Now this man called Doberman will see that he goes down soon.You hire these guys and see your ratings plummet.

As far as Fox news supporting Bush, that is not true. They reported the news, they just did not tear him down like the other networks. They respected him just like they respect Obama. But they ask tough questions and point out the other networks lack of reporting the news. They noted the attack interviews by CNN and MSNBC on the tea party ptotests. They reported on the Tea parties as news items. BUt MSNBC is awful. As a libertarian and conservative I dod not agree with either party line, but I must say that the obvious bias and the attacks on anyone who comments on Obama is quite obvious. You can't miss it. I believe Matthews has stated that his job as a reporter is to support the president and make him suceed. He should be fired for that comment. And if youlisten to the Sunday morning talk shows it is amazing the party line that happens - shows airing at the same time use the same catch phrases, like it was practiced. Amazing - no, not at all, since the white house meets at the watergate every week with select news agencies to let them know just what they need. As Americans you should be concerned with this blantant miss-use of the news media.

I bet you most righties on here complaining about msnbc actually think fox has been and is fair and balanced.

Kudos to the L.A. Times for being unbiased enough to even print this article. All we ever hear about you is that you're further left than the N.Y. Times.

This is a federal employee?? We need change for sure!


MSNBC...the Air America of cable.

The ratings numbers tell all. Fox way on top of msnbc!

I can not believe the hate here, its really sad. I watch all of the news channels except Fox.
Joe Scarborough is a republican from the morning Joe show. It seems every one that is slightly republican, are turning against democrats, each other and anything that breathes.
Parties used to get along to a certain extent but now its just hate.
No wonder the white house likes MSNBC the republicans there do not seem to be spewing hate like most.

Oh, please, spare if Fox News isn't a fully-owned subsidiary and official propaganda machine of the Republican Party? Even the RNC has admitted as much and has said that to be effective they need to "own another cable network" in the same mode as Fox. It's amazing how simple-minded you have to be to fall for the branded Fox News argument about how "mainstream media" is totally biased, and they're somehow giving a "fair and balanced" message. Sure long as you realize that "fair and balanced" really means "truth never passes our lips".

Maybe if we start referring to our mainstream media networks as GE-NBC and GE-MSNBC, people will stop buying their products!!

I am so not surprised...

"Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play..." Joseph Goebbels

"It is the absolute right of the State to supervise the formation of public opinion." Joseph Goebbels

"It also gives us a very special, secret pleasure to see how unaware the people around us are of what is really happening to them. "
Adolf Hitler

Well, MSNBC was the last Great Change Agent as I recall. They painted their portrait with the hues of fairness and change.

How did that turn out?

The Boston Globe likes to work with leftest Democrats and they might not even be open next week.

Duh. Can you pick more of a nonstory? I'm sure the Bush administration loved Fox, and Rush, and O'Reilly, and Hannity, and so on and so on. Wow, where would we be without Masters of the Obvious like you? Oh yeah, the same place that we already are.

Matthews and Hardball is the best cable news and opinion show on during the week, aside from the Sunday shows. It gets the best guests and Chris asks tough questions.

MSNBC also bring in some of the best straight up news people ... Mitchell, Fineman, Isakoff to name a few.

As for the rest hosts, they come from the left and that is zero secret. At least they don't pretend to they don't. Olbermann, Maddow, Schultz ... all are proud to be liberals. If they make a mistake call them on it, but they are not telling lies about who they are.

I think it is healthy that people now have another alternative outside of the rightwing Fox, and the boring corporate style of CNN.

Now we know were those final few viewers of that dying network are. Ratings for the different networks show what really is happening. MSNBC is beaten in every show by pro wrestling when head to head, not just by other news networks.

One last thing ...

MSNBC isn't "in the tank" for Obama. In fact unlike Fox News that excused away everything Bush did from expansionist foreign policy, to increasing the size of government and spending, increasing the deficit, and torture, MSNBC's liberal hosts have gone after Obama on a number of what they are feel are broken campaign promises, or what they see as attempts to not fully fullfil campaign pledges.

The only time I can ever really remember Fox going off the reservation and chiding Bush was when he nominated Harriet Miers.

Furthermore MSNBC has Republican guests on and manages to do it with insulting them, or making fun of them once the leave the studio. Matthews gave a very nice tribute to his friend Jack Kemp last evening.

Don't let this opportunity slip by to listen to the smooth stylings of Kareem Dale. I've heard valedictorian speeches at a junior high school with more substance and better wordsmithing. God help the Arts.

"It is a pity when news organizations are so willing to be the mouthpiece of politicians, right or left. They are ever so close to being a state sanctioned propaganda machine, willing to crush dissent with the iron boot. Fascism begins with an unquestioning media. Fortunately with the advent of the internet and alternate news sources an ever increasing population is willing to dig deeper to uncover the truth and not swallow the superficial pablum the Mainstream Media doles out. We are the new guard and we are the power behind events such as the Tea parties. We claim no political allegiance nor will we be marginalized by this petty bickering that perpetually divides our country. Our allegiance is to America and the principles upon which this country was founded. "

Yeah to both of you.

Now that the Democrats have won,the true face of the" new majority" of the Republican Party comes to the surface.You guys are a bunch of resentful, hateful people who would rather this whole country go down a "stink hole"with you than to show you the errors of your ways.The entire world has a better opinion of us,more so than that of the last 8 continuous years. You should be happy,because now we truly are safer.The Republicans have allowed a bunch of misfits to join their ranks,for they are neither moral nor fiscally responsible.With all the discrepancies they have committed (i.e. sexually paging minor male pages,soliciting men in bathrooms,cracked out and sexually deviate ministers), you would think they'd be ashamed to bring up Monica.But alas,tis the mind of the ULTRA-CONSERVATIVE,always speaking of the splinter in their brother's eye,while being "blinded by the log in their own eyes.

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