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Obama official Kareem Dale confirms White House's love for MSNBC

(UPDATED: A second video has been added below.)

For some inexplicable reason having to do with who knows what, a widespread impression has grown among many politics fans that MSNBC and its crowd of talkers -- including Chris "Thrill Up My Leg" Matthews, Norah "The GOP Is Doomed to Die" O'Donnell and Ed "It's Time to Grind Them Into the Ground" Schultz -- are somewhat in favor of President Obama.

Well, actually in complete love with the Great Change Agent.

Now, thanks to the ubiquitous cameras of C-SPAN, comes official videoed word from Kareem Dale, special assistant to the president for arts and culture and a key White House advisor on disability policy.

At the 1:51 mark of this video, Dale candidly reveals the new administration's reciprocal feelings. Hint: Apparently the new White House has a popular internal saying involving the words "love" and "MSNBC."

(UPDATE: Courtesy of Washington writer Patrick Gavin we have a new video below showing the remarkably dissimilar treatment the White House press corps afforded George W. Bush and now Obama. Take a peek by scrolling down.)

-- Andrew Malcolm

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How could the White House not love the Marxist Socialist National Barack Channel?

Does anyone watch MSNBC at all? I havne't seen Matthews since the conventions and it was a long time before that since I have seen Olberman. I can't believe he still has a job. Before long MSNBC viewers will be the only ones liking this admin once they figure how much everything is really going to cost and how they have been hoodwinked.

I'm sorry, MSNBC is a news channel? I had no idea.

Chavez, Ahmedinajab, and Kim Jong il all love their state run media...I suppose the newest inexperienced dicktator on the block (Obama for the intellectually challanged), loves his newly forming polit-bureau (MSN-BS!)...America wanted change, me thinks they never thought it would be a jump to a marxist regime. Every good dictator needs a puppet regime of just say YES I can feel the tingle running up my leg..pathetic.

I used to watch CNN but since Obama's inauguration I switched to Fox News because they are the only network that isn't placating to this administration.

The fact that someone actually took the time to document this trivial given is proof of the MSM's incompetence

How is this any different then the Republiccans loving Fox News.

So is anyone else wondering how long it will be before the NYT becomes a non-profit orgainization whining for bailout money???

DemoHacks all - that's msnbc.
Bathtub Boy has no credibility as a newsman, but if his polarizing negativity does the trick for nbc brass, so be it. As to why Zucker and the rest enjoy occupying the rating's dumpster with this uber-lib swill is anyone's guess. Is the stilting message they're pushing that important?

Is anyone surprised? Our flagship newspaper, the NY Times, just asked Obama "what enchanted him". I guess the 4th estate, that's supposed to look out for us, couldn't come up with questions like:
Why do you employ attorneys to fight the release of your birth certificate, college records, and passport info? Why have you only posted one spending bill out of eleven on the internet as promised? Wny didn't you read the stimulus bill, or even go thru the pork as promised? Wny have you not gone line by line in spending bills to eliminate waste as promised? What happened to the elimination of earmarks you promised?
Why won't you consider nuclear power in your energy program as promised? Why are you giving the unions, which are the source of the auto makers problems, control of the companies? How can you tout a savings goal of $100 million dollars when that's the equivalent of someone spending $40K a year reducing their expenditures by $1? How can we possibly sustain and service this huge debt? Why are the congressional leaders that greatly helped to get us into these problems not being discipllined, and, in fact are being lauded? Why are you trying to impose a huge energy tax on everyone with your "cap and trade"? And on, and on.

Apparently, the need to find out what enchanted him about the job was more important (to the NY Times).
Hint: It might be why they're going belly up.

"The web has caused such an exodus from television viewing to web viewing that Fox News may be the only television network not feeling it. They are largely immune because many of their red state minions are somewhat afraid of the bogeyman Internet ..." Brian Ross


My favorite part of Keith's show is when he crumbles up and throws away his script,; even he looks happy. My favorite Obama moment is when the teleprompter fails; he looks so helpless.

WHO IS JOHN GAULT?....if you don't understand this... Google it....than have a good laugh/moment of clarity.....MSNBC is the anti-Christ.... and I am not even religious by any sense of the definition. These guys are so far left, I am surprised that they can even stand up. What ever happened to "reporting" the news instead of spinning the news? Don't ask MSNBC.... they don't have a clue.

I know MSNBC is a joke but is it the same as the Comedy Channel?

Let's thank our lucky stars we have the unbiased reporting of the Fox network to clarify things.

W had his Fox now Obama has his MSNBC. Sounds like fair play to me - what goes around comes around.

Fox has the right, MSNBC the left. GE is trying to do business with this administration, seems like a conflict of interests. Where are the real, unbiased news reporters today?

This man is a fool. As is the entire administration from the President on down.
Fools one and all


Who is Keith Oldbermann?

I don't understand why there is all this name calling. Obama likes MSNBC so what? Dick Cheney only watched Fox News. I am so tired of all the MSNBC/Fox New bashing. Depending on your ideology you thinks one is the word of God and the other is fascist propaganda.

The S in MSNBC stands for SPIN or White House Spin. Along with George Soros and the gang over at the NYT, they will all help Obama change the Supreme Court forever. He will be able to add 2-3 new appointments, add his San Francisco liberal agenda on abortion, homosexual marriage, capital punishment, separation of religion and state, union organizing and political contributions, criminals’ rights, terrorists’ rights, and the submission of the constitution to international law & international courts of criminal law. He will do it all for human rights. GE will become Obama's Halliburton.

My TV doesn't get MSNBC.

Yes, I had to pay extra for that feature.

Of course they love each other. Maobama gave GE, who owns MSNBC, 139 BILLION dollars in "stimulous". That's $139,000,000,000.00!!!! Unbelievable!!!


I had to buy some light bulbs tonight. I went to two stores before I could buy bulbs that were NOT made by GE. Lets all boycott GE: everything they make, including and especially light bulbs.

Thank goodness We the People now have Kareem Dale from Chicago on the Federal payroll in a newly created position.

MSNBC is a lousy news network, even for a biased one. I can't stand to see them go after Bush night after night. It's sad, too. To see that transgendered freak... Keith Oblermann... go nuts and be a drama queen because O'Reilly beats him night after night.

Yeah, torture bad, but so is blowing up cafes over in bagdad in suicide bombings. Scream at them for once. Scream at the plotters of 9/11. Scream at those people who buried their wives alive in Turkey a few months ago.

OH yeah, Obama.... is not that good a president.


This is emblematic of what the country has come to. MSNBC. I have seen 2 year olds think it through further then these idiots on MSNBC. Likewise

Obama is playing checking checkers not chess with his turbo charged money printing press and all the changes he wants to implement with no time being allowed for the economy to adjust.

Of course he likes MSNBC. Petty dictators like to run in packs!

"arts have been the program that is cut." Brilliant. By the way, who is this 'art' and why is he being treated like a second class citizen?

Talk about tea-baggers...the rest is up to your imagination

Does Chirs matthews spit or swallow when he loves Obama?

It would be nice if the white house and news groups loved truth, honesty, freedom, the constitution (our rule book) instead of liberal, overbearing government , taxes and enormous debt.

Over-bite is being used by MSLSD. His taient is being wasted. I can see Keith replacing Billy Mays.

You Republicans were fine with Dick Cheyney proclaiming his love for Fox News and his requirement to have it on in his hotel room. You were fine with Bush saying he watched Fox and you have no problem with them hiring that completely morally bankrupt shill, Karl Rove. F you hypocrites. Yeah, Obama likes MSNBC. Tough toenails.

just like how Cheney loved fox

the thing is, the pundits all talked smack on Cheney for loving fox (and everything else)

I doubt I'll hear a word about this from John Stewart, Olbermann or Maher

LMAO - yeah sure guys, O'Reilly, Hannity and Beck are certainly pragmatic, clear thinking, voices of reason. Keep watching Faux News, people. Fair and Balanced 4 ever.

Of course they love PMSNBC.... They will carry the water for the Administration no matter what happens. There's no other network that has a "Thrill going up its leg". LOL!

So the 8 year love fest between George W. Bush and FOXNews was perfectly justified, expected, and patriotic.

Anytime anyone criticized Bush they were a traitor.

Remember how Republicans criticized the Dems for being obstructionist when they used the filibuster? They even threatened to change the rules of the senate to prevent them from using it.

Funny how things change when the American public votes your asses out of office.

Fricking hypocrites.

You lost. Quit crying. Try reinventing yourselves as a party that is truly conservative fiscally instead of the pork laden pigs you've been since 1980.

Love, love, LOVE MSNBC.....they are the anti-FOX.
Love Olberman. LOVE HIM!! Love Rachel. She ROCKS.

Is this a joke?

I guess if we didn't think is was so, well guess what we know now. To think in this day that we have a network that is like a communist station and will report whatever the government wants us to hear. That's pretty scary!!

It is a pity when news organizations are so willing to be the mouthpiece of politicians, right or left. They are ever so close to being a state sanctioned propaganda machine, willing to crush dissent with the iron boot. Fascism begins with an unquestioning media. Fortunately with the advent of the internet and alternate news sources an ever increasing population is willing to dig deeper to uncover the truth and not swallow the superficial pablum the Mainstream Media doles out. We are the new guard and we are the power behind events such as the Tea parties. We claim no political allegiance nor will we be marginalized by this petty bickering that perpetually divides our country. Our allegiance is to America and the principles upon which this country was founded.


To answer your question, Olbermann has been fired by ESPN, Fox and MSNBC's coverage of the 2008 election. He is simply insane. I find it humorous that this deranged lunatic is the mouthpiece for the Democratic party. That does not bode well for them.

The guilty silence spoke volumes.

you guys are hateful, that's not good.

I love MSNBC. They are the only truly fair and balanced network. And by the way, this is about MSNBC, not CNN. So many people are making comments about CNN. Can't you read?

Just proves that a bunch of washed up goodie-two-shoes Repubs read Grudge. They didn't mind that Fox was doing the same for Bush for the past 8 years. I doubt if this will get published, as this is a bunch of hating Repubs who always get caught with other men and can't stand the Dems who have sex scandals with woman.

Shock, shock!!! Who knew? It's no surprise here. Journalism has been as good as dead in America since the days of James Gordon Bennett, Sr. Now we have 'newsers' instead of journalists. As it all continues to sicken, one wonders how low the MSM will go.

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