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President Obama to Nevada GOP Gov. Jim Gibbons: A bipartisan No!

His poll numbers are abysmal. His lengthy divorce is the stuff of daytime soaps. All Nevada's Republican governor wanted was a little face time with President Obama, who's heading for Las Vegas next week to bulk up Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's hefty reelection account.

Strangely, politically savvy Democrat Obama couldn't squeeze in a chat about Nevada's floundering economy with Gibbons, whom Las Vegas columnist Jon Ralston perpetually dismisses as The Man Formerly Known As Governor. 

Do you blame Jim for p-p-pouting?

"President Obama is coming to Las Vegas to raise campaign cash for Senator Harry Reid, apparently our money is good enough for the President, but our tourism, jobs, and economic future are not," said a Gibbons press release.

Such releases have become the governor's weapon of choice in needling the president.

Gibbons also called on Reid "to use any influence he might have to ask President Obama to encourage Americans to visit America during their summer vacations this year." And reminded us: "Sometimes Washington politicians forget that the people of Nevada are Americans."

And as any Nevadan knows, that can really bum you out.

-- Ashley Powers

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Ms. Powers, I don't understand. On the 12th on this very blog you write this pertaining to Obama's LV trip for Reid:

"[W]hat better way for a new Democratic administration to symbolize cutting out excess in a time of hardship for millions of Americans than to hold a mega-fundraiser in Las Vegas, that urban personification of understatement, for a guy with millions in hand already and no one to spend it against?"

Yet today you're throwing dirt at governor Gibbons for making the same criticism and ridiculing his reaction to Obama's refusal to meet with him? You cal the governor's statement a "weapon of choice" (which I guess is Liberal-speak for "calling out a Democrat with the cold hard truth") yet you yourself used a weapon of sorts just 6 days ago.

So where *do* you stand, Ms. Powers?

We certainly wouldn't want readers to get the impression that some time between last week and today, someone at the White House warned you to mind your tone ...
The Jewish Republican's Web Sanctuary

If you are under 13 years of age you may read this message board, but you may not participate. However, if you write like a 13 year-old you can probably write a much more intelligent and mature blog than this writer can. It's hard to tell if the writer is more happy about name-calling the Gov or the fact that the POTUS has cost Nevada thousands of jobs in his class-warfare speeches and is currently ignoring a request by the sitting Governor to discuss this immaturity and lack of leadership. I thought Barry just made another one of those great speeches about wanting to listen to his political opponents? Just more of the same empty words and intolerance of the left.

Pretty entertaining. I am a Nevadan, and amazed that Gov. Gibbons has, with a single press release, isolated Ralston, our Martini Mayor, and Bulging-Eyed-Crazy tax whack Jim Rogers by themselves in a political corner. These are the three people most identified with the tax-hikes-at-any-economic-cost extremism that a recent Review Journal poll showed on the short end of a 2-1 opinion poll. If Nevada's socialists aren't careful, they're going to eclipse "daytime soaps" and get Gibbons re-elected on the basis of his policies!

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Gibbons is totally worthless and an utter fool. He wanted to turn down the stimulus money for Nevada and now he whines about the PUTUS not wanting to see Nevada recover? No one in Nevada govt. even listens to this lame duck governer anymore.

The press is supposed to needle the president -- it's their job to criticize him. A state governor, on the other hand, who uses his office's press releases to whine about the president's not meeting with the governor, ends up looking pathetic.

To refresh y'all's memory, Obama's statement was “You can’t get corporate jets, you can’t go take a trip to Las Vegas or go down to the Super Bowl ON THE TAXPAYER'S DIME.”

If you have a problem with this statement, please explain why struggling, tax-paying families in California and elsewhere should subsidize Nevada's economy by having bailout recipients blow money in Vegas.

I'd actually been planning a trip to Las Vegas with my spouse, but the nasty attitude of Nevadans represented here makes me think I'd be better off staying at the Bellagio in Atlantic City. At least NJ's governor doesn't try to offload all his problems onto the federal government.

My question is "p-p-pouting"? Not knowing Gibbons, I would infer from that line than maybe Gov Gibbons might stutter. If true would that be a rather low blow by the blogger?

No. Wrong, Bob Beers. Just like Nevada voters saw to it that you would not be in office. polls show democrats will rule. Start learning to say the words: Governor Barbara Buckley. Let the healing begin.

To PG: "At least NJ's governor doesn't try to offload all his problems onto the federal government."

Not sure about that. But maybe he doesn't have to - he's just put a one-year stop on property tax rebates for virtually all NJ homeowners. Why? 'Cuz the state gov't needs the money, that's why.

Come to Atl. City if you want, but don't do it to make a statement to Nevada's gov'r.
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