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Wanna get "nasty"? For a good time call 1-900-WhiteHouse

April 3, 2009 |  7:35 pm

Don't you just hate it when you recommend a great new restaurant to your parents and their minister and you write down the phone number and when your mother calls on the speakerphone to make a reservation, she gets a sultry come-on female voice asking if she wants to get "nasty" right now right there?

And your mother turns pale and the minister pretends not to hear and your father reaches for his cell to speeddial you? And he wonders out loud how you happened to possess that porn number or have it on your mind and you know that he knows that nothing you can say about innocently transposing two numbers will ever erase 100% of the doubt in anyone's mind.Phone

And suddenly you wanna get away on Southwest Airlines?

Well, that's sorta what happened today when the White House press office was facilitating an on-the-record conference call between stateside reporters and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton  (oh, yes) and National Security Advisor Jim Jones, both in Europe with President Obama

Reporters called the number they were given and the woman's voice sure didn't sound like the former first lady and the issues at hand had more to do with credit card numbers than missile arsenals.

A quick call to the White House got the correct number for the call, which was joined in progress.

But apparently the boss took the presidential sense of humor with him on Air Force One. Because the deputy press secretary didn't find the incident as funny as the TV network.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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