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One day in the official life of Vice President Joe Biden

President Barack Obama speaks in the East Room of the White House recently while his Vice President Joe Biden does something strange behind his back

Loyal Ticket readers may recall we've mentioned once or twice that Barack Obama was just a youngster somewhere when Joe Biden took the oath of office to become a United States senator from the little bitty state of Delaware.

Today, things have changed. Today, Joe Biden is no longer one of 100 U.S. senators. He's one of one vice president.

And you'll no doubt recall that on that special day last summer when Biden's wife was at the dentist's office getting a root canal and he went with her because she calls herself Dr. Biden, then-Sen. Obama telephoned and then-Sen. Joe said "yes" as the future president finished offering him the job.

Biden recalled later that a condition of his accepting the No. 2 position, which was important when dangerous Dick Cheney held it, was that Biden be a major partner in the work of change that the young president planned to totally transform America by the trillions.

Although being an ex-chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Biden probably should have tipped off his new boss that they don't speak Austrian in Austria.

Anyway, The Ticket regularly publishes the schedule for that very important office so that the curious public can peek in that window and keep track of the man who invented the term "drug czar" and could become president if necessary someday. Some days Biden's schedule is a blur of activities.

Here's his official schedule for today:


The Vice President will be in Wilmington, DE. No public events are scheduled.     ###"

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Joshua Roberts / Bloomberg News

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Questions Media Should Ask Joe Biden

Given that Obama has selected Joe Biden to oversee the Stimulus plans implementation and will be charged with calling others integrity as well as judgment into question, here are some that would be meaningful for the press to ask and the electorate to know.
Why, during his 1987 presidential run, did he lie about his grades in law school, recalling inaccurately that he graduated in the in the "top half" of his class when he actually graduated 76th from a class of 85?

Why, in the past has Joe Biden also falsely stated, that he had received a full scholarship, and had earned three degrees when he in fact received two majors and a single BA degree and got a half scholarship based on financial need not academic achievement?

When he was a law student at Syracuse Law School, he had plagiarized a law review article passing it off as part of his course work? How exactly did he convince the then-dean of the law school, as well as Biden's former professor, to not kick him out of school? His excuse was that his act of plagiarism was unintentional due to his not knowing the proper rules of citation, but of course how could that be after 4 years of college prior to going to law school.

Why has Israel's Army radio reported that Senator Joe Biden told Israeli officials that they need to accept the idea Iran will acquire nuclear weapons?

Why does Joe Biden, a past supporter of Israel, now support direct negotiations with Iran despite UN violations as to their nuclear program?

These are very valid questions and they go to the heart of Joe Biden's intelligence, integrity, character as well as his intentions. By the way, here's hoping he makes sure none of the Stimulus gets into the hands of his registered political lobbyist son, Hunter Biden.

It is plainly eveident here just why newspapers are becoming obsolete. Joe Biden is a very energetic man and he keeps a busy schedule much of the time. You obviously picked a day when he was at home in Delaware just to make WHAT point?

I've all but stopped commenting here because you never post anything anyway, but this is just SO BLATANTLY RIDICULOUS!!!

It is Good Friday. Of course he will have no public events on his schedule.

(And the empty Saturday?)

I voted for Obama but I must admit when he picked BIden as his VP, I had a "Hmmmmm" moment!!

Biden has been a joke throughout his career, and I dont think that he will serve President Obama well.


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