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Is this the 100th day Barack Obama is not really president?

According to the folks at a place calling itself the United States Justice Foundation,today is the 100th day that Barack H. Obama maybe perhaps should not really be president of all 57 states because they still question whether he was born in the United States, as the Constitution requires of its chief executives.

Barack Obama's birth certificate copy as released by his presidential campaign in June 2008

The courts would seem to have settled any question about Obama's nativity. Not that many people seem to be wandering the streets in doubt. Obama's sure acting like a president; ask Rick Wagoner, whose address is no longer GM.

And, of course, Obama took the oath twice. He's been greeting championship sports teams just like a president.

He even got a puppy like any real president. And he's signed a bunch of stuff and mortgaged the nation for a considerable period of time. Which might suggest to some that the issue is moot.

Uh, no.

Gary Kreep (not kidding) is dispatching thousands of e-mails in recent hours seeking -- well, seeking money, of course. But also seeking to raise questions about Obama being "a FRAUD, a USURPER, a man with no legal authority to sit in the position that he now claims to hold."

Loyal Ticket readers will recall that we've published a few past items on this issue here. And here. And over here.

In fact, last June we even published a copy of an Obama birth certificate from Hawaii. Maybe we'll do it again here. (Click on it to enlarge.)

None of this has satisfied those who demand that the man calling himself the 44th president produce his "real" birth certificate. Kreep writes:

If Barack Hussein Obama has nothing to hide, WHY doesn't he just make his real birth certificate public? WHY has he spent a reported $800,000.00 in attorney fees to fight efforts to obtain his ACTUAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE? The more that he fights these efforts to see it, the more you have to wonder, WHY?

The Obama supporters want everyone to believe that only "fringies," the people that they now call "birthers," in other words, only people that they claim are outside of the main stream of thinking, question whether Mr. Obama is eligible to serve as President. But the truth of the matter is that more and more people, including many federal, state, and local elected officials, AND many in the military, are questioning whether Barack Hussein Obama is a "natural born citizen."

"Please know," the e-mail adds, "that we are not saying that Barack Hussein Obama is not eligible to serve as President of the United States of America. The problem is we just do not know!"

Just taking a wild guess here, but this issue, like a few others in modern American history, seems unlikely to go away -- even after 200 days.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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If his mom was a us citizen he is a citizen even if he was born in Africa or for that matter, Mars. Check your facts. The same goes for children of US citizen soldiers born on bases or off bases overseas.

I just have a couple of thoughts on this subject, if anyone would care to answer them:
1. These certificates of live birth are issued to people not born in the state of Hawaii.
2. How come we are not allowed to see his college applciation which can prove his birth location.
3. What about his passport in which he used to travel abroad.
4. John McCain was forced to prove he was a citizen, he gave his "Birth Certificate" and not a "Certificate of Live Birth", which is a difference.

"The courts would seem to have settled any question about Obama's nativity."

That's not true. None of the court cases resulted in a ruling that 0bama was actually born in Hawaii as he claims. About all the courts have said is that the claimant "has no standing" to file such a contest.

A $12 official copy of his birth certificate, a year ago, would have prevented all this. Considering the hundreds of thousand of dollars of legal fees the Dems have paid to fight off these cases, there is only one reason that could make this a successful return on their investment - that 0bama really is a native-born Kenyan, and to produce that $12 birth certificate would disqualify him from the presidency.

Obama's sure acting like a president; ask Rick Wagoner, whose address is no longer GM.

Well, I take the point, but really, no president in history has ever fired a CEO. This is more like Chairman of the Communist Party.

last June we even published a copy of an Obama birth certificate from Hawaii

Nope, don't mean to pick nits, that was a CLOB, not a birth certificate.

Why has nobody in the media, mainstream or otherwise, asked Obama about this? Its almost as vexing a question as why Obama won't release his real Birth Certificate.

photoshop the declaration of independence and is it stll the same thing?

Give us a break Barry and show us the real thing and then we we fall down and worship you like the rest of America.

Well, perhaps he should just break down and produce the actual long-form original Certificate (not the computer generated Certification shown in the article).

The original "Certificate" would indicate if he was born abroad or not (in Hawaii at the time you could get a birth certificate even if you were not born there), and it would have the name of the Dr. on it as well.

It would take Obama far less time and effort to simply allow the release of that info than to continually fight it in the courts.

Why won't he? Where is this "transparency" we've heard so much about?

There are essential differences between the COLB and the Birth Certificate also know as Long Form Birth Certificate or Vault Birth Certificate. The premise of your article is that the two contain the same information. The Birthers want to the Long-Form. Even a 6-year old can understand the difference, we democrats should not pretend that we don’t.

Please note that Hawaii allowed foreign born nationals to file Hawaiian birth certificate. There is plenty evidence for this, if you search just a little, you will find how a real vault certificate looks like as opposed to the COLB that you show. Also, there are examples published on the internet how vault certificates look like for foreign born persons.

The bottom line is that no Hawaii official ever confirmed that he was born in Hawaii. They simply confirmed that a birth certificate was on file. They did not even confirm that the COLB that was published on the internet is valid.

What is needed to stop the Birthers and all “conspiracy theories” is the original vault certificate showing the hospital and the name of the doctor, so it is verifiable.

We should ask the President to release it and put an end to this distraction and disunity that we don’t need in these hard economic times.

If he does not release it, this will easily grow to the size of Watergate. As you observed it is not going away. It is already being called Husseingate.

He could put an end to it with a one-minute phone call.

That's an amusing blog post, Mr. Malcolm. But instead of going out of your way to make fun of the guy's name and portray him as stark raving mad, perhaps you could ever-so-briefly mention to your readers that there is such a thing as a long form birth certificate?

Whether there's any reason for Obama to release it is another question, but the thing does exist. It's not as though Kreep is asking for something that has already been released.

Losers, sore.
Old fogeys.
Or stupid.
No, no, no, no. The new mantra.
Election night relief for the majority.
Yes, we can, despite all the nasty nay-sayers.

Tough sh!t, neocons.
Unreal fantasies coming from neocon "pundits".
No, no, no, no.
Even 3 months later.
Sayonara, Republican Party.

The fact remains that the Democratic National Committee has never uttered a peep about their vetting Obama. So point of fact Obama has not been vetted and unless I missed something factcheck and the press have not been appointed by the Democratic Party to perform that task.

As of this date no verifiable evidence has been produced of whether Obama does or does not meet the natural born citizen requirement of the Constitution. The long form birth certificate or certified copy of his birth certificate would include the name of the hospital, doctors and witnesses to the birth. Obama has stated he was born in a hospital in Hawaii. That would only be shown on the original birth certificate or the certified copy of the birth certificate which Obama could produce by signing a release and paying $12.00, which he has refused to do. All of this information is left off the short form birth abstract or Certification of Live Birth produced by Obama. So in the minds of many Americans he is not President.

Obama will be a one term President over this, less if the evidence comes out that he is not a natural born citizen.

Come the 2012 primaries the instant Obama's name appears on a ballot there will be litigation. States are passing laws to require evidence be produced that a candidate meets the requirements for the post sought.

If Obama cannot show the evidence in 2012 he will not make it past the primaries. He may in fact find some excuse not to run to avoid having to produce the records that could incriminate him given the time, energy and money he has spent to hide his past.

pom pom girl:

1. These certificates of live birth are issued to people not born in the state of Hawaii.

This is NOT true. The example given by those perpetrating this b.s. is that of a Chinese man from well over 100 yrs. ago when it was the Kingdom of Hawaii and has nothing to do with the state of Hawaii. You can not get a birth certificate that says you were born in Honolulu unless you were.

The short form information is data gathered from the original forms. The state of Hawaii doesn't give you a copy of your long for birth certicate, it gives you a short-form based on it and it is certified and is good enough for the state dept. to get a passport. The short form I used to get my passport is not that unlike President Obama's aside from the fact mine is from Michigan, which also doesn't give out copies of the long forn, not even for 12$s.

You can't get back into the country without your passport and if it is a foriegn passport, it is recorded on your state dept. file. Obama has had a US passport since his mother got one for the both of them before moving to Indonesia. That is how it works. It is THAT simple. Do you really think they'd cover up things during his childhood, just in case he ran for president?

Pom Pom, there are alot of rumors and alot of fautly, unscrutized assumptions out there in regards to this issue. They don't even bother to give their own claims the same scrutiny they think they give anything about Obama. Is a school record really evidence of a legal adoption? Was there really a travel ban for Americans going to Pakistan?, ie in regards to him somehow having an Indonesian passport? No, there was never a travel ban, only travel advisories. These things that are used now as unquestionable facts all started from an assumption and an assumption that was even debunked by some who had issue with Obama's citizenship status. Does anyone really believe a state senator, a US senator would be able to travel the world on anything but a US passport and not be noticed? That is ABSURD. To get a US passport the state dept. has to have on record a copy of a certified birth certificate. Do you really think the State dept. is covering up for him? Covering up his records of either being naturalized citizen or not being a citizen? That is insane.

One thing that these people can't get through their head is the legal defination of a citizen at birth or natural born citizen. The law is very clear about who is a citizen at birth. They seem to think that somehow a person born in the US, on US soil is somehow subject to British law, that it is british laws on citizenship that are primary! Meaning that Obama's father's citizenship and the fact that it gave him at birth citizenship RIGHTS to be British somehow supersedes US law which clearly states that if you are born in the US you are a citizen at birth, period. Those who want to say otherwise simply don't want to acknowledge reality or want reality to mean something else. Do you believe that a baby has torn loyalties at birth? Or as a child because the father he barely knew had been a British Citizen for the first 2 yrs of his life? (Kenya became independent 2 yrs. after the President's birth)

Both of his books are best sellers, none of these things about his life are a secret yet not one law professor, not one state dept. official, retired or active, not one Republican US senator or rep. nor did GW Bush have ONE issue with his citizenship. Why? I ll repeat, none of these alledged facts or assumptions are secret, it is NOT that no one knows about them. It is that they are meaningless distortions, lies and misunderstandings.

2. How come we are not allowed to see his college applciation which can prove his birth location.

my college records do not prove my citizenship, they can't be used to get any form of ID. These people hold out some belief that somehow President Obama filed as a foreign student, which of course there is no evidence for and it would require 3 Universities to cover this up. There is no mystery about how President Obama paid for a Harvard law degree. I was given all sorts of loan offers and credit simply by getting into an Undergraduate program. Those getting into Harvard's Law or Business college for instance are expected to make alot of money upon graduation, grants and loans are readily available. His college records are not more secret than mine. No one but me is able to access those records unless I say so.

3. What about his passport in which he used to travel abroad.

Already addressed. Anyone entering the US or leaving the US is on record with the state dept. Do you really think he traveled to Germany during his campaign with anything but a US passport? and btw, there is no 'automatic' passport you get as a US congressman. No one will be able to show you this or how it works, no one, simply because it doesn't exist. It is yet another unfounded, unchecked into assumption. The same goes with a diplomatic passport. You just don't go get one because you are an elected official. They require even more scrutiny than a regular US passport.

4. John McCain was forced to prove he was a citizen, he gave his "Birth Certificate" and not a "Certificate of Live Birth", which is a difference.

John Mccain was never forced to show anything. Those going after him about his citizenship were just as ridiculous. US law states that if you are born overseas to two american citizens you are in fact a natural born citizen. It has been that way since 1791 when the first law was put in place to actually define a natural born citizen, since the constitution did not do so. The commonly held misconception is that US bases are US soil, they are not.

Again, the short form is what is given when you apply for a certified copy . President Obama requested his certified copy and it has only stirred up those who perpetrate and fall for this conspiracy. Why give them more info? Nothing will be good enough, showing the laws of the US doesn't work.

Watch Pom Pom, watch how people react to this. No one will prove anything I ve said to the contrary. They will change the subject or just keep repeating their claims. This will not go away from some simply because those people who won't let this go, who think there is something to all this would have to question themselves not just the facts of the matter. they ve put alot of effort and repeated these thing so many times, that to actually question the facts would make them question themselves and it is my guess for many of those, the reasons they are so focused, so blind on this issue is an avoidence of themselves.

I read posts like some of these and I could JUST SCREAM!!!!!!!!! AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Several times a day. It is so frustrating to see people type about a subject they know nothing about and just want to type to protect a man they also know absolutely NOTHING ABOUT!
OK one more time, ladies and gentlermen. "American Citizen", and "A NATURAL BORN AMERICAN CITIZEN" Are not the same thing, not even close. An American Citizen is simply someone that through several situations can become an citizen of the United States of America. They can vote, get a SS card, be taxed way to much, even run for and get elected to the House or Senate. But a "Natural Born American" is something special. This position is only required of the President and the Vice President of the United States. John Jay (our first Supreme Court Justice) came up with this requirement to keep one of the Brits from becoming Commander in Chief of America and having the American military take back the country for the Queen. To understand this, look up and read the letter John Jay wrote to George Washington about Natural Born. Arnold Swarzenager is a citizen but he is NOT A NATURAL BORN American, never will be, and can't be President. That is just how the Founding Fathers wanted it!
Natural Born means (in English) Born of Blood and Soil. In other words a person born on American soil to two (2) parents (which give him their blood) both of which are American citizens at the time of the birth, is considered a Natural Born American Citizen.
Where was 44 born? We don't really know. Let the courts decide. Did his mother being only 17 give her American citizenship to her new born son? Does not matter, all that would give him is Dual Citizenship, British and American. WHY? Simple, daddy was a Kenyan. Kenya was a British Colony. All Kenyans were British Citizens under British Common Law. Now British Common Law tells us everything we need to know. (don't say British Law does not apply in America). It Does To British Citizens. Daddy was not an American Citizen! He was only a citizen of Kenya and England. Between him, his country, and his new born son, British Law was all that mattered, no matter where on this planet the child was born. and that law made the child a British Citizen at birth. We do not know if his place of birth (on American Soil?) caused him to also be born an American, or whether his mother was able to give her new son her citizenship also, this depends on American Law between the mother her country and her new born son. But this does not matter in this instance, because being born a Brit makes it impossible for him to be considered a Natural Born American Citizen. British Citizens are not Natural Born American Citizens. Just can't be! They're Brits!
Now Article 2. Section 1. paragraph 5. has never been amended or changed. It reads just like it did in the 1700s. Presidents and Vice Presidents must be Natural Born Americans. It also has language that proves what I am saying. When the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution the knew well the definition of Natural Born, because they knew they themselves WERE NOT NATURAL BORN AMERICANS. They were born of British Parents and overseas. So to allow someone to be able to become the first President they added this language to the Natural Born requirement in the Constitution, ---unless you are an American Citizen at the signing of this Constitution. The Founding Fathers were all American Citizens. But none were Natural Born American Citizens. But those that were citizens the day the Constitution was signed were able to become President. They were still not Natural Born but that added language gave a temporary way to fill the offices of President and Vice President. After the Constitution was signed, anyone gaining citizenship after that signing had to meet the requirement of BLOOD AND SOIL to be considered a Natural Born Citizen and hold the office of President. 44 cannot fulfill this requirement on count of his daddy being a Brit and NOT AN AMERICAN CITIZEN, and himself being born a Brit at birth. No one has ever admitted to vetting him. All his past is locked up and guarded by law firms. but we know his dad was a Kenyan. By knowing that we can figure out the rest. Now that we know the truth, how can we correct this error? Who, in a position powerful enough to help correct this, will stand up and save America from itself? God help us.

Why was my post censored?

I know the whole saga. And to this day Obama has not yet provided proof. His BIRTH CERTIFICATE has never ever been shown. Numerous courts have ordered him to show it but he has never come forth with a BIRTH CERTIFICATE. SHOW me the proof let numerous experts examine it and if its real then I will believe its real. Even if that part of the saga is settled the other issues of occurrences in his life that question his qualifications as outlined in the US constitution must be settled. I am shock that people like Bill Bill O'Reilly are certain Mr. Satoro (a.k.a President Obama) is qualified and the issue of citizenship or citizen status is settled. Many people has not looked into this becasue its a boring as reading a long court transcript at times. Left wing people have barraged the internet with misleading information its hard to understand whats really in question. Most people think its just about a simple piece of paper when its far from that.

This goes away when Obama provides the legitimate, original, third-party verifiable birth certificate! How simple is that? It is not a Republican thing (I am not a Republican). It is, though, a Constitutional thing. If the highest office in the land is allowed to abrogate a small part of the Constitution do we not then have a very slippery slope? I admit, I have been extremely skeptical on this issue. But the delays ... the refusals ... and now the evidence that Obama has spent campaign contributions to fend off the eligibility suits? If it walks like a duck ...

I've read all through your comments. Some of you sound very informed of the law.

A very strong missing point. Obama's mother gave up her citizenship rights, and she didn't travel on a USA passport for a long duration of her travels.

If it were so easy to settle this matter, than BHO settle it. I'm anxious to see what his school applications reveal. Did he sign up as a foreign excange student? Especially where his finances came from.

Since some of you are so smart on this topic, when is the last time you were fooled by buying a warrantee, guarantee, or for that matter, contracts? Health care?? Morgages?? Taxes?? Always that damn fine print!

We've witnessed the stupidity of our government officials allowing our economy failure do to lies and corruption of bank officials and politicians; and yet, many of you still put faith in their word that BHO is a natural born citizen.

Show us your birth certificate and other vital records Obama!!!!!!!!!

Obama is hiding something nobody hires over 3 lawfirms and pays over a million dollars to hide this rather than release a 10$ birth certificate and college records... Unless they are hiding something which obama really is

This issue will never go away until there is proof of his eligibility - meaning in a court of law he shows all of his documents and it is reviewed. Until then, it really doesn't make you conspirasist.

I am a democrat so I find it funny when people say people trying to find out the truth are "sore losers" I never knew upholding the constitution made you a sore loser.... All these people who say this is a conspiracy are in denial and don't even look at the facts they are completely blinf. and I think he should comply with the lawsuits and release the documents.

If he has nothing to hide then why won't he prove he is eligible?

Neither the Queens Medical Center nor the Kapiolani Medical Center have records of Stanley Ann Dunham ever being a patient there at that time. They were the only two hospitals with maternity facilities on the island during those years. lf he was born in Hawaii, where???

Numerous courts have ordered him to show it but he has never come forth with a BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

Wrong. No court in any of these crazy "birther" lawsuits has ever ordered Obama to produce anything. And if by some chance a Judge asked Obama to produce his BC (which will never happen, all these stupid suits will keep getting dismissed), all he would have to produce is - yep - that very same Certification of Live Birth as shown above. That COLB is good enough to get a passport, good enough to get a drivers license, and it's all Hawaii will give people nowadays.

Oh and old1 - you're full of it There are only 2 types of citizens: natural born and naturalized. Anyone born in the US is a "natural born citizen." Yeah I know, John Jay, Vattel's Law of Nationa, blah blah blah. Not relevant.

People who hate Obama for whatever reason are pissed that he's so clean, they can't find any dirt on him so they have to make up nonsense against im. Or they're scammers, like those attorneys with their Paypal buttons and pleas for donations prominently on their websites - not naming names but you know who they are.

OK, all you who claim people are wacked for asking if he is a natural born, go call every hospital in Hawaii. Call every one of them. Report back here and tell me which one it is that claims he was born there.. The papers are to busy sucking his tit to check out even the most basic of info on him. They believe every word their dear leader says. Even tho he has lied about just about every campaign promise he made. He got what he wanted. And these idiots wonder why the paper business is drying up.

Nurses & Doctors MUST provide all transcripts before obtaining a license to practice. Why? Because they hold patients' lives in their hands. A POTUS holds all Americans' lives in his/her hands therefore all transcripts MUST be provided - nothing can be hidden from the American voters. Because he continues to HIDE his past we can only assume that he is a Fraud.... FOTUS!

Attn.: Pete (at 4/29 6:49 PM)

Your analysis is correct: He will not run in 2012 using some excuse. Let me take the forecast further.

He will probably make a deal with the GOP, that for not running the GOP will do everything to sweep the whole matter under the rug. Or he may not even have to do that, as the GOP is already dead. The media will automatically will do everything to be forgotten in order to avoid embarrassment.

Currently the high and low court judges are hell-bent to protect his secret, using the very flexible Standing Doctrine. (See Alen Keyes video on the Internet.) How will the judges behave after 2012 is anyone’s guess? Perhaps they will continue to use the Standing Doctrine to block any ruling on merit, as they fear embarrassment as well.

Or some lower court judge, not involved in a prior case, may just rule on merit and the whole issue will open up like Watergate. Some people are calling this HUSSEIN-GATE already.

At that point, what will happen to the laws he signed? Any guess?

If I was hiring a surgeon, attorney or an electrician...I would be suspicious of their abilities if their birth, school or passport records were sealed and therefore unavailable for viewing. Why is it that our sitting President does not have to show his records in order to become President? Something is wrong here...I do not care that BO is popular and speaks well. I can give a good speech too. His presidency is unconstitutional and NO ONE CARES but a few normal America loving citizens and they are not just Republicans. This whole thing is real but unbelievable because it seems impossible to consider its merits so it is dismissed by the media and BO supporters.

Forgive me if i don't understand... It is a requirement to
verify eligibility-who? the party or the actual participant.
So, if you don't meet qualifications for say un-employment, education or simply credit; it is denied.
When you make fraudulent claims to the extent of placing
yourself in the highest public office. (that my friend is
fraud and actually illegal.) For a judge to surpress
an illegal operation is conspiracy. Now, for an Oversight
committee to surpress the conspiracy in National Security
issues; falls under treason. why would you let
such a conspiracy linger over 1 single doument that
you must show just to get a voters registration card?
Home land security? If you would withhold such simple information what else are you capable of? signed SCARED

Attn.: MyCountry2

RE: “This whole thing is real but unbelievable because it seems impossible to consider its merits so it is dismissed by the media and BO supporters. “

It is amazing, is it not? Who would have thought that this could happen in a country where 99% of the citizens respect the law, and the Constitution is the supreme law of the land? The judges hide behind the Standing Doctrine as frightened little children hide behind their mother’s skirt. They have the time and energy to grant Standing to Gitmo dudes and treat them as if they were US citizens, but they refuse to rule on merit in this constitutional issue.

There are about 50 lawsuits now. Not one of them was ruled on merit yet. Watch Alen Keyes internet-video on the subject – he uses unusually strong words for a politician.

Andrew, what part of "it's not a birth certificate, it's a certificate of live birth" are you not getting? I'm not saying he isn't Constitutionally entitled to be president, I think he most likely is, but, why won't he pay the $10 for a copy of the real thing? Certainly the hospital had to make one. Let's see a copy of it, not a computer generated CoLB, which has language on it (there is no way his father's race would have been "African-American" in 1961, particularly since his father wasn't an American) that would not have been used.

THE CONSTITUTION says you must be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN to be President. Natural Born means....

#1 - You MUST have PARENTS who are citizens
#2 - You MUST be born in the United States

So, lets look at #1....

PARENTS is plural, which means BOTH Mother AND Father. Obama's mother was a citizen, but his father was NOT. His father was a citizen of Kenya. Therefore, OBAMA DOES NOT MEET THE REQUIREMENTS TO BE PRESIDENT!!!

End of debate.

As for #2....

Obama has not proven his birthplace! All he has provided is a proven forgery of a short form Certification of Live Birth, which back then Hawaii provided to ANYONE REGARDLESS OF WHERE IN THE WORLD THEY WERE BORN. The state of Hawaii said it has his full length vault birth certificate, but they did NOT say what it says on it. In fact, Obama has TEAMS OF LAWYERS fighting requests to see it. He's spent nearly $1 MILLION hiding his full length birth certificate and also his college records. If he has nothing to hide then what is he hiding?!


you chump GOP are REALLY stretching this out arent you.. get over it, you lost, and to a black man.. you can deny it isnt about race ALL you want, but the fact is the man has done stuff you let bush do without question and for bush it wasnt an issue but for obama its socialism? you guys are a joke, GTFO of the country if your that miserable.

Has Hawaii ever confirmed that it issued the Certification? This seems to be another of the "careful omissions" that surround statements about Obugabe's documentation. There is considerable evidence that the web image is a pastiche of elements from others' COLBs, altered to make it look like it was issued to him. But the # on the form should be traceable.

mike posted: "get over it, you lost, and to a black man."

Perfect example of the race baiting done by liberals when Mr. Obama is questioned. They can't actually answer challenges about Mr. Obama's citizenship because they don't know any more than the rest of us, so they try to deflect and distract with childish comments. If Senator Obama (because he cannot legally be president) has nothing to hide, then why is he hiding his long-form birth certificate? Why has he spent ~1 million dollars to prevent anyone from seeing what he claims to exist? No matter how childish and dismissive liberals get, these simple questions cannot be explained away. That must be why liberals get so angry and call people names or turn to race baiting if anyone questions their Messiah.

Senator Obama needs to fess up or resign.

If he is truly a citizen of Hawaii, then all I want to know is what Hawaiian hospital was Obama born in? There are records in a hospital in Kenya that say he was born there, but I haven't heard of a single hospital in Hawaii that claims that his mother gave birth to him in their hospital. If it were true, then by now we would know it.

Well Ive checked into this also and found a site claiming to support the authenticity of his birth certificate.
I dont know what to believe but I know Im not liking his job as the " Commander and Chief" thus far. God Bless!!!


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