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100 days since Aretha's hat; How's the nation fared? Your chance to vote

April 29, 2009 | 12:12 am

Aretha Franklin struggles to sing under the weight of her immense bonnet on Inauguration Day 2009 

Today is the 100th day since the nation experienced Aretha Franklin's huge hat.

Crime and drinking rates are back to normal. Crowds on the mall have dwindled. The Washington Nationals, an alleged major league baseball team, have lost five of the last six games. Numerous seniors have postponed retirement after reading their 401(k) statements.

Timothy Geithner, Kathleen Sebelius, Tom Daschle and Hilda Solis' husband are finally up-to-date on their taxes, which is nice and democratic. But automakers have tanked; Pontiac's been euthanized. And unemployment and the projected national debt have soared since she sang. Oh, and China's reaping immense interest income on its loans over here.

The pundits have all had their chance -- actually, several chances each, with more to come all day and after tonight's news conference -- to punditize on these 14+ whole weeks. So now it's your turn. Vote here and feel free to leave copious comments below. See how your feelings match others.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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