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Fidel Castro to Congressional Black Caucus members: 'How can we help President Obama?'


How's this for hope and change: U.S. officials flying to Cuba, not to interrogate prisoners at Guantanamo Bay but to meet with the Castro brothers in order to ease the 50-year tensions between the two nations.

The aging, ailing, cigar-smoking icon Fidel Castro had three members of Congress visit with him today in Havana, which resulted in the bearded one asking, "How can we help President Obama?"  In an effort to improve the relationship between Cuba and the U.S., Reps. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland), Bobby L. Rush (D-Ill.) and Emanuel Cleaver II (D-Mo.) were the first U.S. officials to meet with the 82-year-old former dictator since his intestinal surgery in July 2006.

Greg Adams of the U.S. Interests Section in Havana confirmed that the three members of the Congressional Black Caucus met with Castro, who handed the communist torch to his brother Raul in early 2007. Cuban state television is expected to release more details of the meeting tonight, Adams said.

Six members of the caucus met with Raul Castro on Monday for more than four hours. That meeting was also a first, as he had not yet met with any U.S. officials since he became the Cuban in charge.

"I'm convinced Raul Castro wants a normal relationship with the United States," Lee said after the meeting with the 77-year-old, the Associated Press reported. "He's serious."

"I think that what really surprised me, but also endeared me to him, was his keen sense of humor, his sense of history and his basic human qualities," Rush said. "I intend to do everything that I can when we get back to the States to make sure that normalization with our relationship with Cuba is given proper consideration both within the House of Representatives and the neighborhoods of America."

According to Lee's official website, the other members of the delegation were Reps. Melvin Watt (D-N.C.), Marcia L. Fudge (D-Ohio), Michael M. Honda (D-San Jose) and Laura Richardson (D-Long Beach). 

-- Tony Pierce

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Rep. Bobby L. Rush (D-Ill.) speaks during a news conference in Havana today. Cuban President Raul Castro met with members of the Congressional Black Caucus for more than four hours, his first face-to-face discussions with U.S. leaders since he became Cuba's leader last year. Back, from left to right, Reps. Emanuel Cleaver II, Barbara Lee and Marcia L. Fudge. (AP Photo / Javier Galeano)

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Cuban Communists loving the Communists of the Democratic Black Caucus - how heartwarming.

You can tell me how to get communism "right." You know the way Fidel and Raul have in Cuba.

Why not? Obama is a Communist and we are turning into a Communist country. Just look at the cameras everywhere, just like in Cuba. I see people at work, unionists, interchangeably wearing Obama t-shirts and Che Guevera t-shirts. "Hold the Red Star proudly high in hand!"

Fidel, you could help Mr. Obama by passing on and leaving your position to him.

I guess socialistic regimes like communist regimes.

How am I represented, by the Black Caucus, as a white American. Where is the diversity and transparency? It's nice to see the dialogue, but how am I represented? Latino's, Chinese, Hmong? I see this as affirmative action, in reverse

"I think that what really surprised me, but also endeared me to him, was his keen sense of humor, his sense of history and his basic human qualities," Rush said. "I intend to do everything that I can when we get back to the States to make sure that normalization with our relationship with Cuba is given proper consideration both within the House of Representatives and the neighborhoods of America."

Right, the commie dictator had nukes to threathen the US in the early 60s. The world was on a brink of war. The Ruskies dumped him when he could not play their fool any more. Cuba still has tons of political prisoners and executions.
Ask the folks in Miami first you clowns.

What an embarrassment. Change you can believe in, hanging with dictators The new POTUS and his people. I have just floored. Wake up America. Do we want to look like Cuba? If these guys are so great why not leave our great country and go to Europe, Cuba, Venezuela. Just leave our Republic alone.

Wow, the same Castros that lined up and shot school teachers, government officials, and anybody that didn't agree with their regime. Amazing that American would praise such dictators. Incredible...

Perhaps I am mistaken, I thought the constitution clearly defined who did what. Congressional representatives were NOT the ones to negotiate with foreign states. Then, I've only read it a few times.

A man who had business in Havana said he didn't need an alarm clock - every morning he was awakened by the firing squad executing political prisoners. How great to have a new openess with such a fine country - thanks, Obama.

These are the dumbest three people in Congress. They should be arrested for going to Cuba and then making a big deal out of it. How in the world do these imbeciles get elected, anyway? Our foreign policy is a difficult enough endeavor without three 62 IQ congressmen sticking their noses into it. Isn't there a law that says these morons can't become involved in foreign policy? Of course, Barry may have sent them down to see the murderer who was the "leader" of the Cuban people, hoping for a chance that we might all join hands and sing Cumbaya.

What the black community needs to choke down is that the poorest sons of slaves in America live better here than their free cousins across the pond in Africa.


They should learn to appreciate the fact their ancestors were taken as slaves in then first place, and maybe be even a little thankful.

Once that realization is reached, only then shall they overcome.

I mean c'mon. Is anyone really going to argue that living in a place where women have their breasts cut off is better than here?

This is a SAD state of affairs!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can Fidel help Obama? Try helping the U.S. Economy!

This is Obama’s Katria moment: thousands and thousands of people wait help from the U.S. government—because Barack Obama promised—and they get passed over for big corporate companies that deserve to fail and a Europe trip that cannot wait.

Really, if you are going to spend trillions on helping the economy, should it not attack what most experts consider the root cause of this finanical meltodwn: foreclosures.

It’s like going to war in Iraq when the terrorists are in Afghanistan.

When is the Congressional White Congress going to meet with the communists?

Where were the Republicans? Invited or not? Also, why Black Caucas? Is there a White Caucus? Jesus, when are we going to be defined by color. Electing a Black President didnt sent the message.....dissapointing to say the least.

So, why aren't these Congressmembrs arrested for violating the travel ban?

Amazing how that yellow rag douchebag website, Douche Report, link to this worthless blog.

Hey LA Times, you trying to get under Gloria Estefan's skin? The Messiah Obama, nor ANY member of congress, should bargain with this Devil Castro under any circumstances! He needs to free his people first!

This is why the black caucaus is considered nuts.

Yes...You can help. Take Obama to Cuba and let him run your country. We are done with him, Thanks for asking.

Oh how wonderful. Castro will be our friend. Let's all have a party and celebrate. This is why the Guiness World book of records has no entries for gullibillity. New records are set too fast to ever make it to a printing.

The FULL question actually was: How can we help President Obama take more freedoms from the American citizens?

The real question is whether these "congress-people" should be given a military tribunal or simply revoke their passports and seize their assets, because clearly they are traitors to the people of the US, the innocent Cubans who have been deprived of freedom for nearly 50 years, and the mere government that pays their salaries. To go hat in hand to Dictator like Fidel shows us what is coming to the US. These people are outright communists. They should be forced to live like an average Cuban

What a bunch of **^%#$^ IDIOTS! A true disgrace.

Hey Fidel, you know how you can help!!!!! Take off your iron boot, and allow them to have their God given rights to liberty..!!!! You despotic communist dictator!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back in the 90's I served in the Navy, and we would rescue these poor souls trying to reach freedom across the straits. Some no more than kids and teenagers.

Communists make the Nazi's look like amateurs when it comes to killing.........

Former dictator? I'm sorry, when did he stop being a dictator? For the Cuban people, it is beyond offensive for the CBC to be "reaching out" and embracing this dictator. Clearly, the CBC has aligned itself against the Cuban people and against the interests of liberty.

The three congressmen should be shot for treason.

Wow! Can you imagine the vast market for US goods that could open up in Cuba? They want so much and could provide a little boost to the economy if they want to buy.

How can you help, Fidel? Allow free elections in your country, return to the rightful owners all the property you confiscated wholesale, and apologize sincerely to the Cuban people for the disruption of their lives and fortunes that you caused, and for the cruel suppression they suffered all these years.

When will Democrats ever be honest about their intentions? They are communists who want to end American prosperity and dominance in the world. All these communist dictators and various leftists support the Democrats, NOT the Republicans. If Democrats had any shame, they would be embarrassed by having tyrants supporting them.

Looks like the Anti-American Communist loving parts of the Black American Caucus have spoken. They love Fidel. They love Che Guevarra. They love any form of killing people and torturing folks who do not believe in Marxist ideology. So let's just organize Fidel's storm troopers into the USA and start massive killings of white people who do not agree with Fidel or Obama. How about torturing them or just SHOOTing the evil "whiteys" who pay taxes and get in the way of the nobel bloodsucking leaches from the "Black Congressional Caucus" who just want your money. Have a nice day.

Scary stuff going on here. Hmmm.

you have to be kidding me. The Cuban government robbed private citizens and pointed missles at us. And these guys want to be friends?

Master Obama has spoken, we must build bridges to the communists!! Free cigars for everyone!!

Barf! Did the Black Caucus members bother to take a time out to meet the dissidents in prison that Castro threw in for speaking out against the government and him for years?

Castro and his commie goons should be thrown out of power for good. They have done enough damages to the country as a developing nation-state.

Apparently, that doesn't matter to the Democrats. Power to what people?

Reps. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland), Bobby L. Rush (D-Ill.) and Emanuel Cleaver II (D-Mo.) -- loving Castro! If Cuba is so great, why don't you three just stay there? By your not coming back to this god-forsaken place, the United States, (as you would have so many believe), it would be so much better for all of us if you stayed in Cuba! This is what we deserve when we elect 60's radicals to Congress!

Why don't we have all of the members of the CBC move to Cuba without any dollars. Have them become part of the Cuban culture an community. Allow them to be treated to the finest in medicine and have their children participate in the manditory social services. Now that is an idea whose time has come

God Bless all the people of the world.

Ih Cuba can become a non-opressive society...I'm for it.

The Congressional Black Caucus is a joke. They go to Cuba and fall all over the good commy Fidel, pouring their hearts out and basically sticking it to the United States, and before they know it he already has twisted their words and makes a statement about how they said we have sanctions on Cuba because of racism. Maybe he did not twist their words and they actually did say that we have sanctions on Cuba because of racists, but if that was the case then obviously they did not want him repeating it in public. Either way, what a bunch of fools. I think the Black Caucus should be abolished just like slavery was.

Why would any one waste their time posting to your biased propaganda, dung rat piece of trash called the the Los Angelas times?? Aren't you out of business yet??

I hope Obama's minions asked the Castro's to release their prisons of dissenters, since they're letting the Guantanamo folks free.

Cheap killer Castro asks, "How can we help OhBummer?"

Here's a better question: "Why?"

Before we move forward, the Congressional White Caucus should have some input. Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? As an aside, what murderous dictator who steals the property of a nation DOESN'T have a keen sense of humor?

So the socialist Cubans and the socialist Democrats are the same after all!

They are communists, NUFF said. almost.
That is why we have been at odds for all these year not to mention they damn near caused a nuke war in the world by putting nukes supplied by the former USSR strait at us.
Cuba is so great a 55 Chevy is a luxury car, great progress.
I don't mind being friends with anybody as long as they don't support mutual destruction then or in the future.
Hitler called a peaceful diplomat after a meeting trying to get him to stop his aggression a worm after he left and started sending buzz bombs to drop anywhere they ran out of gas.
Wake up and smell the roses Congress.

Well, we now have proof that at least 3 members of the U.S. Congress are idiots.

Something is fundamentally wrong when Castro is your pal and you are president of the united states.

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