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Iraqis love Barack Obama on his 100th day; well, two do anyway

In case you're a fan and didn't get enough Barack Obama 100 days coverage Wednesday, here's a postscript for today's breakfast. Let's see, that'll make it the 101st day.

In case you're not an Obama fan and perhaps voted in our Reader Report Card here Wednesday, you can read this little item anyway, just to get your blood pressure up and flowing for the day. Think of it as another tiny piece of the vast mainstream media conspiracy to canonize the GCA already.

The Associated Press asked two of the estimated 6.5 million residents of the ancient city of Baghdad what they thought about the Great Change Agent. And they said they really like the new guy, who strongly opposed the U.S. troop increase that enabled them to stand on the street for the interview without wearing body armor. So that pretty much seals the deal. (See video below.)

If you speak Arabic, you can double-check the interpreter on this quick video. There's also explosion aftermath footage, which we don't get much of in U.S. politics.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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I hope the media keeps these two guys names and addresses and comes back and follows up 1, 2, 3 and 4 years from now. It would be an interesting piece of journalism. Glad to see someone noted tha irony of their liking the guy who was against the surge and whose gut instincts were so wrong and would have meant these guys would have still been hiding in their homes.

If Barry abandons them and they wallow in Cambodianesque blood letting good luck finding this guy.


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