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Sarah Palin is 69% happy with the federal stimulus package

In a not really very shocking move, Alaska Republican Gov. Sarah Palin says she's not going to take all of the federal stimulus money available to her state because of strings attached.

In an equally unshocking but somewhat puzzling double move, the Democratic National Committee criticized Palin for leading the state that takes the most federal money per capita and also criticized her for not taking more of it.

On Thursday, Palin, the lipstick-wearing, gun-toting, snow-machine-riding darling of the GOP's conservative wing in last fall's presidential campaign, said she would accept "only" 69%, or about $642 million, of the $930 million available to Alaska.

The total acceptable to her includes $514 million for capital projects and $128 million for an increase in Medicaid reimbursements.

It'll be up to the state Legislature to decide on the remaining money and accepting or rejecting the federal regulations that come with it.

Our blogging colleague Mark Silva has more details over here.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Nobody cares.

Palin wants her problems solved on her terms with someone else's money.

She continues to make the people of Alaska proud.

I bet the 69% was an intentional attention grabber, cleaver.

Once again, America's Governor (c) shows the way it's done!

Lipstick wearing?!? How dare you. Would you use that descriptive on the Secretary od State or the First Lady? I think not.

I believe that any Governor has the right to select the amount of funds she or he can take from the PORKULUS Bill...if there were too many strings attached, what's is the problem???

What an absolute dope in a pathetic, drug ridden, state in the middle of nowhere..

She made the right decision for Alaskans.

Bambi, Reid, and Pelosi are desparately trying to turn Alaska into Michigan or California.

Sarah continues to show great courage knowing she will take a lot of heat from within Alaska and without.

Now is there even one politician that has the courage of Sarah?



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