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Obama White House bars press from press award ceremony

The White House behind a fence

We are not making this up:

Barack Obama was elected commander in chief promising to run the most transparent presidential administration in American history.

This achievement and the overall promise of his historic administration caused the National Newspaper Publishers Assn. to name him "Newsmaker of the Year."

The president is to receive the award from the federation of black community newspapers in a White House ceremony this afternoon.

The Obama White House has closed the press award ceremony to the press.

From the president's official schedule: 

"Later in the afternoon, the President and the First Lady will attend a reception with the National Newspaper Publisher Association in the State Dining Room, where they will be presented the Newsmaker of the Year award. This event is closed press."

Maybe they'll let the newspaper people pass the award through the fence.

(UPDATE: The White House notes that while other press were barred from the publishers' event, the association's publishers themselves were admitted and the event treated as an exclusive interview and it expects the association to keep a record of what transpired during it.)

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Associated Press

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Our idiot troops are still in afghanistan and their worried about media access?

You MSM people campaigned for this guy, now you have him. You made your bed, now sleep in it. You'll get no sympathy so stop being crying sniveling babies, and accept responsibility for your actions.

Say what?

Wow. Sometimes there are simply no words.

Transparency? Yes, it's transparent that the guy's an amateur.

No surprise that Obama is distancing himself from the press. After all, it's the press that has been making up those rumors that Obama can't speak with without his Teleprompter.
If the press is going to make up lies about the president, why should he do anything for them.

What a moron. Obama is the biggest liar of them all. Why doesn't anyone make him keep his word and hound him lke they did bush. Democrats are nothing but two faced liars.

Imagine a white president being given an award by white newspapers then barring black journalists from the White House ceremony? At some point this sort of thing is going to really stink up the place, where's the inclusion and the transparency?

What a shame... The Obama administration is politics as usual!!! Are they worried about "color" and what is going to be discussed.

You actually work for a newspaper and you don't understand the idea of an exclusive story? I'll type slowly so you can follow: The. Members. Of. The. Association. Are. Going. To. Report. The. Awards. Event.

Except that you ARE making it best being disengenuous. President Obama offered the NNPA an exclusive interview. And because it is an exclusive, the NNPA reporters don't WANT other reporters there.

Transparency still exists because, well, they're reporters.

Ignorant much, Andrew?

Perhaps Barry doesn't want MSM covering the landing of the Mother Ship in the Rose Garden?

What a Grade "A" buffoon; I can only pray that MSM turns on him like hyenas on a weak monkey.

I thought he wanted to bring the country together. Supposed to bring a new form of transperancy government what a load of crap.

Of course its closed, because the press has turned into paparazzi, trying to capture any poorly worded comment or awkward gesture that they can toss all over their websites for more hits and advertising dollars. Why would they be welcome? He wants to control his image and for good reason, an appearance of calm confidence and control are important while the media is busy trying to convince everyone not to invest and that the sky is falling. Shocking disaster sells papers. Even the weather channel tries to be edgy now. For example, this headline for this story, it makes it look at first glance as though the story has to do with a gala for the media in general and the media being uninvited, when it is in fact an event for a certain set of papers, but the paparazzi news media feels jilted that they aren't invited to pick away at their celebrity and treat him like Britney Spears till they destroy him and the country too for their profits. But we clicked on this story with its misleading headline, and that click is registered for their "news" site, upping the dollars they can demand from advertisers. That's the corporate right wing media, the same one that sold us on Iraq.

The primary reason for barring the press is because one of the member newspapers publishes a far-left paper for Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

perhaps the white house deems the event an example of "he's a celebrity becuase he's a celebrity"--which after all, is precisely the case.
perhaps the white house is aware of the difference between creating buzz and delivering substance.
perhaps the priez has seen "broadcast news" and thinks that the media decraling itself to be the news is well, kinda 80s....

The next thing you know, Obama will have all of the White House glass painted black so nobody will know whats going on. And he will still say all is transparent, the only thing transparent are all the lies.

America Wake Up ! ! ! ! this guy is over his head.

It's probably closed to the press because the Teleprompter has the weekend off..

And yet I bet 90% of your employees voted for him. Well, look in the mirror for someone to blame.

"federation of black community newspapers" sound racist as hell to me.....what a hypocrite..wonder if he would accept an award from the "federation of white community newspapers"...oh thats right..there is no such thing..atleast white people seem to know the difference between racism..this prez needs to go!!!! wortless sell out!

wake up, people. this wasn't about Bush. it's not about Obama. it's about the Elite always getting their way and thumbing their noses at YOU. You...the stupid, ignorant, lazy, self-righteous...TAXPAYER. Obama = Bush.

I'm shocked that the LA Times would post an article negative to Obama. Am I in a parallel universe?

Wow, what a surprise. Obama shutting out the press. I wonder how long it will take the "press" to realize he doesn't need them anymore? This "man-child" is an empty suit, lost without a teleprompter, but as dangerous to our freedoms as any person ever elected president. He is the true Manchurian candidate who has become the Manchurian President.

If you try to understand the president, it will drive you nuts. That is because he is nuts, and not benign nuts. He is dangerous, and it won't be long before even Democrats realize they can't support the loony president. Most Democrats love this country, and don't want it destroyed. Not letting the press into this ceremony is typical of the unusual crapola of the last two months. Only 46 months to go, unless we can impeach the president before then.

Well, you people fell all over yourself to get him elected. Don't come crying to the public when he won't place nice. Deal with it yourselves

Does anyone find this event racist? An all-black meeting that excludes white people? Maybe Obama is planning on giving a Reverend Wright- style speech and doesn't want the public to hear him?

This man is out of control, an embarrassment to the USA, an empty suit, totally lacking is substance, decorum, ethics, credibility, leadership or management skills. He is a monument to INCOMPETENCY!!!!

He is also a hubris fraud, liar and absolutely corrupt politcian that is trying to destroy this country. He is truly the Manchurian Candidate of 2008.

IMPEACH OBAMA NOW - while we still have an America remaining.

The "Free" Press that awarded Obama the Presidency with their one sided coverage are now getting the payback they deserve.! Maybe now they will be more unbiased in reporting Obama and not get so hooked into Obamamania.
The irony is sweet for me to hear as i have always said that the media was in bed with Obama. There was only about 10% of ANY media outlet that was reporting anything but Obama commercials and glorification. You would have thought the guy walked on water! This event is closed to the press because now the press is actually beginning to question what Obama does. Keep up the questions and heed the wake-up call of the closed door event!

This guy just gets better and better. If he weren't ruining my country, and the world along with it, I would laugh.

Standing by my prediction last summer, whomever wins the election in November will be the worst president ever. Looks like the big O isn't disappointing me. Not that McCain would be doing any better. Thanks to the media for picking this slate of presidential canditates once again.

This thuggery would be so much easier if you people would get off his back.

Please don't distract him from his war on the veterans and capitalism.

You'd think by now the thrill going up the leg of the media would be wearing off. The man that half of America elected is a great pretender who can't speak without a teleprompter, parties at the WH while the rest of us face losing our jobs and our homes; makes jokes about the Special Olympics, and is hell-bent on destroying our free market economy. We know each and every misstep by Bush was in print front and center, but when Obama makes massive mistakes we're lucky to get a paragraph on the last page.

Most of his appointees have been tax evaders. His latest nominee to the JD, Tony West, was the defense attorney to a convicted terrorist John Walker Lindh. Anybody care? Where's the press? Journalism has indeed died, and in its place is the American equivalent of Pravda.

This is hope and change that you all want to believe in. hahaha

Buyers remorse has set in. Nothing new here, same ol' corrupt Washington and endless hypocrisy. Change...yes we can....please.

For all the differences between Obama and Bush in the end you will find them strikingly similar. I believe that true for some people, others will think Obama is the anti-Christ. Still others will love him even if he killed their mothers. Then there are the few of us, like myself, that beleive to be a politicians you must be a narcisist. I beleive its only getting worse though. When the next election? Im going to the next one and not voting at all, Im just going to sit there.

This isn't the first violation of his "transparency" promise and it certainly won't be the last. Stay tuned.


He's just hidding from the press like he did a few times during his campaign. When the going gets tough, run and hide till it cools off.

What a Turkey this president is. I'm loosing respect for him by the day. Overbearing and arrogant, his I know best attitude exudes from his smirking face every time he speaks and fills me with loathing for the oaf.

Gosh! What a little Dictator we're developing here. And the Germans used to call out to their "Sweet Adolph. " My Loving bright Adolph who leads us." He was quite the entertainer on German radio. Oh! Is Obama like that????? Oh! I'm sorry saabout such comparisions. I promise to forth with not let Hitler and Obam be said in the same breath. Well..... That being settled. Let's talk about CHANGE , Mr Obama's Motto, and challenge to America. It certainly looks like it has fallen very short of real change. All I've seen so far is aan enormouse Tax and Spend Democrat mainstay from the Dr. Wilson era. Also an reintroduction of the Socisalist principles that ignore the Constitution and will make the Constitution fit when they have the time as long as things are hidden for now.
Oh! I forgot those dirty little Bills of Attander and the violation of Ex Post Facto laws. Doggone if I don't remember Lincoln doing the very same thing. Now I Did I call our glorious lincoln a demon????.Now I understand Obam's love for the demon. Did I just call Lincoln a deamon.?????? Well, now you just don't worry about a thing and soon Obvama's Security Force answerable only to him will come and tsake all the White and Spanish Folks to the concentration camps. Then will come de "Final Solution" To think JEWS voted for this.

Surely this is a joke?

No the joke is on us. How in the world were so many people fooled by this incompetent boob?

Which one is dumber Joe Biden or Barack Obama?

I feel like sitting in a bus going down hill without brakes
and the driver does not know what to do and the press
glorifies the driver.Whenwill people wake up.

If you try to figure the Obamas out, it will drive you nutso, because they are nutso. You can't assume that they are normal people. They are eaten up with hate, though, because that is readily apparent. They hate the USA and all that made it great, and turning this great award into a press-free event will never be understood by sane individuals.

The newspaper press could attend, obviously. I think giving newspapers a bit of an exclusive is very wise, given their current state of affairs.

This act is not one of non-transparency.

AMAZING the even the LA Times is becoming aware of Obamas' "do as I say and not as I do" mentality.
Obama is a SOCIALIST ELITE and he craves POWER, and money like the BOOK DEAL he "forgot to mention" during the Campaign, and he will do ANYTHING to retain it.
Only when it "adversely affects the Press" do you hear the "questions/concerns". Well, Obama has been ADVERSELY affecting MILLIONS of Americans and EVERY American Citizen (yes, I said CITIZEN) 24/7 and we don't hear a "word" from the Main Street Media who is TOO SCARED to ask him OR this MOUTHPIECE TOUGH QUESTIONS.
TO the Press: QUIT BEING SPINELESS COWARDS and worshiping at the Obama Alter.
Jeff Schrembs, American Citizen

This is incredible. When the LA Times points this out, I know this guy is pushing the envelope. Thanks for your honesty.

Best Regards

I think American's are pretty sick of seeing or hearing about Obama in the news anyway. No harm done, actually he did us a small service. Isn't it time for him to slink back into his puppet box anyway? Oh wait, there's more damage coming, let's not hold our breath, it's coming. Actually, we might want to hold our breath, or get taxed for the emissions.

We are going through a traumatic time in history. For the first time in the history of mankind the people have the power to stop all crime of public officials and crime in general. The common man just hasn't realized it yet. The people now have the power for the first time in history not to allow war anymore. The time is coming quickly when it will not be permitted. A great prosperity is on its way. The only way for the world's economic mess to be solved is for all debt to be forgiven. This is scriptural. It has happened spiritually, now it is going to happen in the secular. The way to get the economy going is not to charge interest. Usury makes people poor. It is right to charge an upfront fee, and that is the only way a person can quickly pay off a debt. Once this is done there will be such a building campaign going on that the world has never seen. It will be mind boggling Every person who wants a good job will have one.

obama is such a screwup.

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