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Another Obama pick owes back taxes, but it's OK because, now caught, he'll pay up

Oh, Sergei, you mean you've lost another submarine?

Word today that yet another Barack Obama appointee has a little problem with taxes -- a $10,000 problem.

Ron Kirk, the former mayor of Dallas who would be the White House chief trade representative if confirmed, didn't pay taxes on some speaking fees he donated to his alma mater and he tried to write off the full $17,000 costs of his Dallas Mavericks season tickets.

Not sure if we have room here to list every other would-be Obama appointee who tU.S Trade Representative nominee Ron Kirk, the ex-mayor of Dallas, turns out to be the latest Barack Obama appointee to have back tax problemsurns out to have some tax problems. There was Timothy Geithner, who's now Treasury Secretary in charge of the IRS.

But being as articulate as he is and so well-versed in handling other people's money, he was deemed essential to the fight against the economic downturn and that's worked out real well. Just look at the markets.

There was Tom Daschle, who was deemed essential to the effort to completely reform the nation's health care system.

He owed something like $140G's with interest and penalties because he got a free car and driver and some other stuff from a rich guy who paid him $1 million a year for advice (hopefully not tax advice) and Daschle forgot to mention it for a few years.

But the former Democratic Senate Majority Leader could tell that those pesky outnumbered Republicans would try to make an issue -- or worse, a "distraction" -- out of Washington elites not following the rules that they clearly wrote for others. So he pulled out.

And there was Nancy Killefer, whose performance as would-be chief performance officer was also self-terminated when she turned out to have had a past tax problem. And Bill Richardson pulled out of Commerce not because of taxes but because of a federal pay-to-play probe.

And Rep. Hilda Solis, whose husband had some tax liens going back 16 years until the day before her committee vote as Labor secretary. But who in their right mind would hold a wife responsible for her husband's financial problems, even if they did start the same year she was elected to the state legislature?

(BTW, has anyone checked the tax returns of the Obama vetters who are supposed to be checking the tax returns?)

Sen. Max Baucus, who's a loyal Democrat in years that he's not running for reelection in conservative Montana, is chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. Thank goodness for his committee staff, who found much of these back taxes. If we can just keep getting enough new Obama appointees, maybe we can make a real dent in these impressive upcoming deficits.

Anyway, Max has somehow magically determined that Kirk is "the right person for this job." Baucus intends to push the Kirk nomination through quickly.

And, after all, now that he's caught, Kirk has agreed to pay his back taxes. So what's the problem?

Remember that line next month in case you get caught.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Another Obama tax cheat. Give us a friggin break. Yes, he will now pay up - "Since" he was caught. Why doesn't Obama prosecute all of his appointees that have been cheating the country? Put them in jail. These are hard times, and his actions of over claiming values of donated property and failure to file income speak volumes about IRS fraud.

Another Obama tax cheat. Give us a friggin break. Yes, he will now pay up - "Since" he was caught. Why doesn't Obama prosecute all of his appointees that have been cheating the country? Put them in jail. These are hard times, and his actions of over claiming values of donated property and failure to file income speak volumes about IRS fraud.

Well, Obama has certainly brought two changes:

You don't need experience, qualifications or intelligence to be elected President by the American Left.
A "minor crime" is no longer a disqualification for being a member of a high-level cabinet position?

Oh, come on, who are we kidding, if this level of sleaze and ineptness had been displayed by a Republican, the LA Times would be leading a 24-hour extravaganza by the MSM for impeachment proceedings. We would have wall-to-wall coverage on how this was an example of the complete immorality of conservatism. With Obama we get whitewash! With the NY Times and NBC, there have been more than TEN stories which have started with "In a flawless transition, today Obama had his FIRST misstep...." Ten differenct times in two months?

And as if giving Treasury jobs to tax cheats and intelligence positions to fundraisers isn't a major FUBAR.

Are there any Democrat big wigs that actually pay the taxes they expect the rest of us to pay. Or, maybe it's just that taxes are to be paid by the little people, not important Democrats.


Stalin: One death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.

Obama: One tax cheat is a crime; a dozen tax cheats is an administration.

Please, does anyone else but the sane normal Americans see a pattern here? How many President's cabinets have been filled with crooks who refused to pay their taxes? How many Presidents go by an alias? Did Barry get his name officially changed in a court of law? If he is not Muslim pretending to be Christian what's up with the name Barrack HUSSEIN Obama? Everything about this dude is bizarre. Does not the black community have better to offer than Barry Soetoro? This whole campaign, his whole cabinet is such a huge joke. It is an embarrassment to the country and to the world. Zero confidence which Barry brought on by himself with out any help from anyone else or any other entity, political or otherwise. I do not believe Mr. Soetoro's Grandmother lied when she told the press that she was with her daughter when she gave birth to little Baby Barry in Africa. If there was nothing to hide then why are the tax payers paying for the DNC attorneys to block all access aka pubic disclosure concerning the temporary hired Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Barrack Obama. He works for us and millions of people aka his employers want to know the answers. In addition we would like to know how an Israeli with dual citizenship can be part of the inner circle or even hold a post requiring classified clearance in the American government? This is Rahm Emanuel, who is now privy to all sensitive top secret material being the President's right hand man and has allegiance to a foreign power. A man can not have two masters as he will love one and despise the other. Rahm is a house divided and you know the true adage that blood is thicker than water. When it is all said and done Rahm will go with his israeli jewish blood. The blacks will go with the blacks, the whites will go with the whites and the muslims will go with the muslims and the hispanic will go with the hispanics. What is happening here is an ethnic turf war between Americans and outsiders and America is the prize. America is a White Christian Republic founded on Christian principles. There it should remain in the hands of it's White European ancestral Christian heritage to be the protectors of it's God inspired Constitution and Bill of Rights that served the Republic well to become the greatest nation in all the history of the world. We welcomed outsiders who had longed for freedom denied them in their own countries but brought ideologies, traditions and anti Christian beliefs who desired and consumed all we had to give as a nation and demanded more. More even than the inalienable rights that the founders of our Republic earned thru their sacrifice. These outsiders could never understand what made America great. Now, the outsiders all have one thing in common. They despise their benefactors of Freedom, prosperity, and the free market system that enables people of humble beginnings to make a better life for themselves through hard work that is handed down to their children to do the same for their children. The White male is vilified and demonized. So much that laws denying him the right to work, live, worship, where and with whom he pleases. Laws denying him jobs that he was the most qualified to have with ability to do the job and anti White affirmative actions that would put an outsider with out the skills, the knowledge or the know how to do the job, in front of the qualified White candidate. Where the government made it profitable and provided huge amounts of monetary rewards to businesses for taking part in this atrocity and penalties for those who did not comply. A government who contracts health care which means he takes it away from the elders we honor as only a fascist bureaucrat can do and lets the poor, disenfranchised, old, mentally ill and the unborn whose Country once held their lives in sacred esteem are now nothing more than a burden on society who holds nothing sacred but themselves, as Gods.

I really didn't know black Democrats had to pay taxes? Aren't they "entitled"? Just "axing"..........

Seems to me that with all these 'oooooppppses' going and the latest foolish move in sending a letter to the Russains to make a 'deal' our new President might be brought up on IMPEACHMENT CHARGES and that will be the end of him.
Thank you ... all you liberal buffoons who voted for this jerk....YOU ARE the perfect example of the USEFUL IDIOT, aptly named by Vlad Lenin, FOR OBVIOUS REASONS!

Another day just another tax cheating appointment of President Obama. And to think all I ever wanted was a copy of the President's USA birth certificate and copies of a couple of the papers he wrote to graduate from Harvard. I guess I am just asking too much. How insensitive of me.

The Obama choices have has resulted in an administration of nothing but crooks, liars, thieves, down right criminals. These people have the personal values and morals of alley cats... and the BIGGEST LIAR OF ALL - OBAMA HIMSELF!
Watch out America - they are stealing everything we own from our hard earned money to our rights! People better start speaking up and forcing our elected officals (note I do not use the word "Leaders") to start REPRESENTING US...THE PEOPLE. Otherwise, welcome Komerads!!!

Another one , I guess you have to be appointed to something by Obama and the democrats before you have to pay the taxes you owe?

I turned the TV on this morning. It opened on Fox. Geithner(tax cheat demo) was talking. When he stopped, Rangel(tax cheat demo) started talking. I thought it would be a good idea to check all demos taxes. They have been taught to think they have the right to not only not pay taxes but live off others taxes. It's bad to think that they have enough cheaters and thieves to vote such people into office to make laws.
I read about a lady in Buffalo,NY wanting to rent her rooms to ony white people. You don't have to read much news to realize what a good idea that is. Controlling our property was a right we lost under the worst presiident L.B.Johnson.

Its ok democrats don't pay taxes. They are above the law.

Question: Why don't Democrats mind taxes being raised?

Answer: Because it doesn't affect their income in that they cheat on their tax returns.

The inmates are running the asylum.

Ever play pin the tail on the donkey? We can play this with eyes wide open and win with truth... This donkey however is in the kitchen breaking dishes...

Emo's play to the feminine side (going Pelosi) not the intellectial side of argument. For a moment understand that if everone is speaking Greek, it is an imperitive that we learn to speak Greek if we are to communicate.

Lets take it to minions of "Darth Tax Evaders" in the language of the moment Emo (= emotional, with a total disregard for basic math.) Cry tears of fear for the demise of the future, destroyed by the logic of the "up is down" new math of a suicidal maniac... That cannot seem to kill us quick enough.

There is nothing less at stake than the struggle for Truth, Justice and the American Way.

I don't "get," why Max Baucus' staffers on the Finance Committe are the only ones who keep finding all of these tax erros---- where's the IRS been all of these years???? If someone you knew $10K in back taxes, I'll bet the IRS could find him/her--- and $140K?! Please! So how come the IRS can't keep track of these folks????

Yeah another Crook in the Obama Administration.....Imagine that!.....What a disgrace to America...Double Standard at the very least...Makes me sick!..This guy's a joke!

In the grand scheme of things this man is a human being dealing with a tax code larger than the Encyclopedia Britannica. Who in either party has a spotless history?

Every year for the last 10 I've gotten a "friendly'" reminder notice from the IRS that I owe $$$. Well this year I'm writing back "I might be considered for an Obama cabinet position. If I'm appointed maybe I'll pay the taxes but no penalties or interest. I'll keep in touch..

I love the "Hunt For Red October" reference.

The change you are getting is socialism. The government you are getting is run by crooks. This admin. is transparent all right. You can see right through the lies, the crooked appointees, the say one thing do another, and a spending spree that will bring more pain upon the masses than this current crisis ever could. Here you masses, take my $400 tax rebate, and when I get carbon cap and trade passed, the average American will face over $4,000 in increased energy costs per year. The mainstream media is asleep at the wheel again. This country is gone. Too bad I had to live to see it.

Attention ! If you haven't paid your taxes you are a perfect candidate for Obama's team. If you pay your taxes plan on paying lots more. Chicago politics are now the nation's.


Representative Rangel is innocent until proven guilty and this will be determined by the Ethics Committee.

However, in the meantime while we wait for the outcome, we can recognize that his situation is by no means surprising given the activities of our federal government. A federal government which creates massive confusion and masks transparency with each continued confirmation of their legislation.
For example.
The Founding Fathers disallowed an income tax, even stating their objection to one in our Constitution. However, since 1913 (when the federal income tax code passed Congress), our federal income tax code system has grown completely out of control and on a daily basis conflicts with our rights as guaranteed under the 4th and 5th Amendments.
We “deadicate” over 7.8 billion hours in “trying” to comply with our federal income tax code. This translates into 3,750,000 individuals working 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year to create a paper trail which no one understands (Google “The Taxpayer’s Advocate Annual Report to Congress”).
Though not surprising, I do find it quite ironic that the Chairman of the Ways & Means Committee, the committee entrusted with the writing of our tax laws, is under investigation for possible income tax code fraud. However, Representative Rangel isn’t alone. He joins the ranks of other politicians such as, Timothy Geither, Ron Kirk, the former mayor of Dallas, Tom Daschle, Nancy Killefer, and Rep. Hilda Solis.
Ultimately, our federal income tax system is just one example of how our federal government is involved in activities that they should not be involved in! On top of it, the federal government is involved in these activities on such a massive scale that they are failing massively. Causing unnecessary negative situations and friction, friction against our Democratic and Capitalistic ideals and our common sense of what is correct and incorrect.
However, there is hope and it comes in the form of The FairTax. I hope you will be curious enough to visit our website,

Thank you.

It's misleading and downright unethical to make it seem as if everyone in the Obama administration is dishonest. When you talk about Hilda Solis' husband owing back taxes, you are especially misleading since you are implying that she is a cheat because he husband owes taxes.
In addition, owing back taxes does not mean that you actually cheated on your taxes. I know plenty of people who have made mistakes when filing their taxes and they have had to pay for their mistake.
This is typical right-wing, anti-Obama, misleading and unethical mumbo-jumbo.


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