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Lydia suggests what to do with Obama's burgeoning deficit

Speaking of a former state senator from the losing side of Chicago now overseeing the largest spending bill in the nation's history and about to preside over a federal deficit with more digits than most home calculators can swallow, every once in a while in this deepening economic gloom there is a flicker of humor.

Loyal Ticket reader Lydia, one of thousands of newcomers now receiving Ticket alerts via Twitter, sends this brilliant Direct Message suggestion about the nation's looming financial obligations:

"Can we leave the federal deficit just to the generation that wears their pants so low in the mall?"

Additionally, there's a new bumper sticker being sold by the Tennessee Republican Party "to protest the bailout-mad Congress's rush into fiscal madness." We'll add it on the jump (scroll down or click on the "Read more" line below).

And thank you, Lydia. You made our weekend. Anyone else have any recession/depression humor to share?

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Honk mortgage bumper stick by the Tennessee Republican Party

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How can anyone trust Obama, who is he? One day he thinks he's Lincoln another day he wants to be Reagan. He's not half the man of either. His way will spend this country into the ground. He lies to us every day (no ear marks?) Do he know what ear marks are? His bill is full of them. This spending alone proves he does not know what he's doing. Obama seems to hate people with money and plan on giving the poor money he think is owed them. His kind of change will do harm to us all because everyone will soon pay much higher taxes and jobs might not increase. Obama is not my god, I hope he fail.


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