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Earth Hour nears so even this politics blog will shut d

Composite photo of Earth at night from space

Apparently because wildlife don't use that much electricity, the World Wildlife Fund appointed itself head of running today's special Earth Hour.

It'll be the third annual attempt. From 8:30 until 9:30 p.m. wherever you are anywhere on the globe on Saturday, everyone is supposed to stop using electricity, even though all the big generating plants all over the planet will not stop making electricity. Hundreds of cities and towns and famous landmarks have agreed to participate, according to organizers.

The point?

Well, um, to stop global warming and stuff. Now the special Earth Hour website suggests all kinds of activities for that powerless hour in the dark. (No, not those kind of activities!) It suggests Tweeting and making environmental videos and stuff, which means you'll be using electrical power that you stored in those nickel cadmium batteries before the dark hour. Which seems kinda like cheating.

“This will be a pivotal year in the future of our planet," said Carter Roberts, chief executive of the WWF (not the wrestling one), "as we look to Congress, President Obama and global leaders to take immediate and decisive action on climate change.”

President Barack Obama will be way up in the Maryland mountains at Camp David. And Vice President Joe Biden, who became a senator when Obama was only 11 years old and electricity had become fairly common, has fled the country to another foreign conference that doesn't require the president's presence. So we won't be able to check on their participation.

But somehow a whole bunch of people in many places are going to study the global impact of the dark hour and then fly to a UN Climate Change summit in Copenhagen later this year creating Lord knows how many tons of carbon emissions to talk about the dire situation.

Now, as a patriotic politics site, The Ticket is determined to do its part. The dark Earth Hour is coming very near. At precisely 8:30 p.m. somewhere we are going to stop blogging and

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I am amazed at the ignorance of folks.Are these people kidding? Lets stop all the garabage and just be responsible people and live. Global Warming is crap.

I'm in. I love that you are going to turn off the power. And just so you know Andrew, I've got a blog crush on you. This just cements the deal for me.

YES...I can't wait. I'm turning on every light, every TV, everything electric. I think I'll turn the heat up to 90 too.
Hey AL GORE, are you shutting your lights down in your over sized houses? Will you pledge move to a cave and never take a jet again?
What a bunch of crap this all is.

This is a really nice gesture to conserve energy and stop global warming. I hope everybody participated because this is for us to have a nice place to live in. :)

Foreign Policy & Energy Supply

With Oil falling the half the cost per barrel since a year ago, a number of our enemies will be hard pressed to meet the needs of their people and to stoke their nationalistic or foreign policy agendas. Venezuela will be hard pressed to control prices, consolidate absolute power, push a socialist/communist agenda or nationalize its economy. Iran will struggle to feed its people, push its nuclear agenda, supply or train terrorists, fund Madrossa schools throughout the region or saber rattle to push the price of oil upwards. Russia will struggle to fund its nationalistic agenda, rearm its military, fuel its economy or bully its neighbors or blackmail the EU by cutting off its oil pipelines.
At this historic moment, the US Congress could encourage regime change in these three police states without firing a shot. The worldwide economic slump will eventually end but by approving the building of 50 nuclear power plants in the next 20 years in the United States, approve the building of several new gas refineries and refusing to reinstate the drilling ban off of the US coast we can do all that we can to keep the cost of Oil down and the pressure up on these three enemies of the U.S.

That change in the supply and demand curve for oil will, in the short and long term, lower the price of oil. Whether or not we actually drill or build the plants in the next few years, does not matter in terms of the perception in the futures market for oil, in terms of supply potential.

The sky is falling? So many people following something that many scientists do not agree with. Trying to change society to "green" or should I say trying to control society. No I do not throw my trash on the ground and oil on the earth, but you need to take a true look at this. The proposed models in the past 15 years by those who think that human beings are the main cause of global warming have not panned out. And of course many in this cause believe that the human race can resolve this problem; you give yourself too much credit.

I just want to thank everyone who participated, not that it's me running it, it's just awesome to know that so many people care, and also, i want to correct the poster, that its not to stop global warming, its to raise AWARENESS. yes if so many people turn out their lights it decrease like .000000000001% probably but the real deal is to let people know that it IS an issue and get them involved. when the day comes that people actually care, thats when the real change begins.

I really don't understand all of these people who say crap like "I'm going to turn on every light I have to counter this event." Folks, this was ONLY ONE HOUR out of an entire year! Can't you just chill, and cut back on your plasma-screen-watching, Wal-mart shopping, Hummer-driving-lifestyle for just one hour of the year, and step out and enjoy the night sky without lights for just once, and not be a total dick about it?

I was in Vegas for the event, and thought it was very, very cool. Just cuz people around the world want to get together and turn off lights for an hour doesn't impede on your freedoms, or your self-indulgent lifestyles one iota. Oh, and another thing...what do you think happens to the gas after you fill up your tank every week? You think it just magically disappears into thin air every week? Well, it doesn't. It dissapates into the atmosphere where it will be hanging around for a very long time. Now, imagine that amount of fuel times every single car in service today around the world. Don't you think this kind of activity is going to have some type of effect in 10 or 20 years?

Participating in Earth Hour is not intended to solve every environmental problem-- it's just a small speed bump intended for people to simply pause for one hour, and think about how fragile the environment is, and to spur a discussion about solutions on how to protect it from our stupid, selfish acts.

I slept through it. Wanted to see if any of my neighbors were sucked in to this nonsense. Now I'll never know.


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