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Code Pink makes a splash in AIG chief Liddy's hearing

OK, so we're sitting here watching AIG honcho Edward Liddy, cool as a cucumber, telling Congress that Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke knew all about those bonuses and should have kept the Treasury Department and perhaps Congress in the loop, because the Fed was monitoring AIG's meetings, including compensation meetings.

Lawmakers on the House Financial Services subcommittee seem appropriately irritated.

Just then, we noticed a rather familiar looking face sitting right behind Liddy's left shoulder. Her tell-tale hot pink T-shirt gave her away: It was Medea Benjamin, co-founder of the women's antiwar group Code Pink. Benjamin is a veteran event disrupter.

Last fall, for instance, at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn., we observed Ms. Benjamin step onto a hotel stage to interrupt Eagle Forum President Phyllis Schlafly, who was just about to bestow a lifetime achievement award on Sarah Palin for her opposition to abortion. (Palin, who had just been named John McCain's running mate, was not present; we know now that she was off shopping.)

We don't remember what, exactly, Ms. Benjamin's sign said, or what she chanted (it was a pro-abortion rights, anti-war message to be sure). In any case, Benjamin was hustled out of the room to thunderous applause and a rousing rendition of "God Bless America" was sung in order to drown her out.

Would Benjamin dare interrupt this hearing? We watched and waited. And, in a few minutes, the very stern looking Rep. Paul Kanjorski of Kansas, subcommittee chairman, answered our question. Speaking over the head of Liddy, Kanjorski said:

I think you've tried my patience. Now the pink ladies, the signs are either going to be removed from the room or you are going to be removed from the room before I recognize another speaker. Now do you wish to remain in the room? Those of you with signs, are you going to surrender those signs so they can be held for you later on? Or do you want to be removed from the room? Officers, take the signs. Now if I see any more signs you are going to be physically removed from this room.

About half a dozen pink T-shirt clad women handed over their signs.

With that, Kanjorski recognized Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts, chairman of the Finance Committee. "Thank you, Mr. Chairman," said Frank. "Given your method of dealing with this, it's a good thing no one was wearing a T-shirt with a slogan."

Frank must have been referring to his fellow representatives, because when Benjamin stood up to hand over her sign, her T-shirt read: "AIG, GIVE US OUR $ BACK."

-- Robin Abcarian

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WTH - AIG has already taken the TEESHIRTS off of all American Taxpayers' backs!

This video clip may be found here:

In response to Barney Frank's humor @ the end
"Mr.Frank AIG and you Congress have already removed the SHIRT off of all American Taxpayers". Thank you.

This vid clip uploaded here to see the "PINK LADIES" removal.

Truth to power in any color should be applauded!

If The Top Of The Ticket is no longer going to post readers comments as has been the case for days now, why not remove the link altogether?


A.I.G. has long been a national embarrassment.

A Special Prosecutor should be assigned and given wide berth to hunt down the malfeasance.

Great post!

We're covering this as well on COMMON CENTS...

They look and act like they are Mentally Retarded, Insane, Developmentally Challenged and Morons. Whoever gives these Idiots money for their childish behavior needs their head examined. They are Clinically Delusional to think that anyone could take them seriously.
In My Opinion.

Funny but Geitner and one of the New York Reps were talking about this whole bonus deal on March 3rd.

I just listened to an audio of it over at Hot Air.

There's another $230+ million to be given out next year, too.

Code Pink stinks. They gain entree via buddies in congressional offices and make a farce of our governmental process. Kanjorski, according to another report, was actually getting a kick out of their antics and was very slow to control the situation. The Dummies are just getting off on "sticking it to the man," or so think they are doing. Disgusting.


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