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A Sarah Palin-Rick Perry GOP ticket in '12? She endorses him in Texas primary

Republican Governors Rick Perry of Texas and Sarah Palin of Alaska at the Republican Governors Association meeting in Miami November 2008

And you thought we were done with elections for a good while.

The decision by Texas Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison to go home and challenge incumbent GOP Gov. Rick Perry has already launched the statewide primary campaign in the nation's second-largest state, even now fully 13 months before that election.

Now Sarah Palin, the Republican governor of the nation's first-largest state and the party's VP nominee last fall, has weighed in to support her gubernatorial colleague, Perry.

In a letter distributed this week to nearly 11,000 members of the Texas Federation of Republican Women, longtime supporters of Hutchison, Palin follows the Reagan Rule and does not attack Hutchison by name. But she strongly touts the "true conservative" credentials of Perry, who befriended the Alaskan chief executive in the Republican Governors Assn. when he was chairman last year.

"He walks the walk of a true conservative," Palin writes. "And he sticks by his guns -- and you know how I feel about guns."

As is the case for most party primaries, Texas' will be a struggle for the far reaches of the faithful, who have historically been much more likely to turn out in a spring election. Palin praises Perry's stand against federal bailouts and his opposition to abortion.

"Not every child is born into ideal circumstances," Palin adds, "but every life is sacred. Rick Perry knows this -- it is at the core of his being."

On his respected Trail Blazers blog, longtime Texas politics observer Wayne Slater wonders out loud: "With GOP super-star Sarah endorsing national party wannabe Rick, could a Palin-Perry 2012 ticket be in our future?"

It could make sense. Republican national tickets typically do much better with governors than legislators. Texas is a rich source of conservative political donors. And it would get the GOP back with a genuine Southerner on the ticket, historically a strong suit and one that would help counter Barack Obama's likely choice of current Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, the new head of the Democratic National Committee, to replace the aging Joe Biden, who'll be 70 by then.

There are, however, two minor matters for the Alaskan and Texan to address first: Both members of a potential P2 '12 ticket need to win reelection to their statehouses next year. Other than that, it's an easy straight shot.

--Andrew Malcolm

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Photo Republican Govs. Rick Perry of Texas and Sarah Palin of Alaska at the Republican Governors Assn. meeting in Miami, November 2008.

Credit: Getty Images

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We should boycott the media that refuses to STOP REPORTING ON THIS DUMB BROAD!!!!!

Will they call it Dumb & Dumber? Perry has been a bigger disaster for Texas than G W Bush was. Like Palin he is physically attractive. But, Perry has much more experience at misgoverning a state than she does.

Sarah Palin and Rick Perry in 2012? What in hell is wrong with these people? They are of the select few conservatives who actually think the overwhelming slappage they suffered last November was actually a hint that they aren't conservative enough. We're talking about an inexperienced, naive, rookie governor from a low-population state and a man who signed a gay marriage ban in to law...IN A CHURCH. If Republicans nominate these two, their party really will suffer a crushing defeat yet again and will tear itself apart.

How about that. A story in the MSM that doesn't trash sarah Palin. Looks like there's hope yet!

I wonder if Sarah knows that Rick Perry is unpopular in Texas. Wayne Slater should know better. Perry is selling some of our highways to a private toll company. He supports a NAFTA Superhighway. Perry talks tough on illegal immigration when election time rolls around. He ignores the issue the rest of the time. Perry vetoed a bill to crack down on the abuse of eminent domain. Now he professes to support a constitutional amendent to reverse his veto.

Perry garnered 39% of the vote (2) yrs ago in a (4) person race. Not much has changed.

Compared to the early days of the Obama administration,
I say bring on Palin & Perry!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is way to early to be think about 2012. But, what I continue to be baffled by, is the idea that putting a real conservative into the White House means the Republican party is going to lose. Yes, the party suffered a huge loss in the past two years, but that is with Bush as the party leader (an extremely centrist politician) and with McCain as the party nominee (the most liberal Republican in the country). It would only make sense to go back to when the party was successful with a real conservative Republican at the helm, aka Ronald Reagan. Other than becoming Democrats, the party has only one choice. Being middle of the road republicans does no one good. But being real Republicans does the country a great service.

Gov.Palin you are an inspiration for me and my family

Those who disrespect Gov. Palin are only disrespecting themselves. If there were a compilation (and there may be somewhere) of all the unprecedented vitriolic slander directed at this absolutely charming intelligent and RESPECTFUL woman, it would deserve a place of honor in a Hall Of Shame.
I have come to the conclusion that certain types of people need scapegoats and sacrificial victims to satisfy some kind of atavistic sadism that compels them to attack what is beautiful and good. Any NORMAL human being, would be able to see that Sarah Palin is a down to earth good person and agree or disagree with her policies and positions, afford the high respect that is her DUE, that she DESERVES, for her honest work on behalf of the American People and her lifelong efforts to live in a loving, intelligent and moral life..


As a Democrat, I can only hope that the Palin-Perry ticket is exactly what the Republicans choose. It'll be like taking candy from a baby to win that election.

I would take Perry over the boarding on RINO Hutchinson any day. I think Gov. Palin made the right choice.

Wow what is going on here a story that does not slam Sarah from the getgo. There is hope for this country yet. After the beginnings of this administration the tax cheaters, the 900 billion stimulus bill that only helps welfare, unions and our dear friends at acorn well who wouldn't want a conservative who was actually transparent and cares about how much money we in this country do not have to spend. Take a look in your own back yard before you start spouting off about Sarah

Sarah...the obsolete "beauty queen"...DIVA...ARROGANT...SELF ABSORBED......
(carbon copy of Sen. Stevens) will rub her skirts up
against any male that may help her to make her next
advancement up the political ladder. Her two minutes of
fame with old man she thinks she is the
"hottest" female in the lower 48. Yes, in the eyes of her
one and only fan club (males) she is HOT! She should sign-up with an agency in Hollywood. Readers of 'PEOPLE' magazine would love her!!

Palin is a true conservative. If Palin is the front runner for the GOP...there's some things they need to know. If the media is doing its job of vetting, follow up on this.

Her questionable interaction with the "Alaska Independence Party" (AIP) that wants to make Alaska a Foreign Country- separate from the USA. Palin's husband, Todd, was a longterm member (up until mid 2008) of the AIP until her political career started to take off.

The AIP is part of a network of extreme, often violent, right-wing secessionist groups across the U.S. associated with neo-Confederate, White Power and ...

Todd and Sarah have both attended several AIP conventions. Sarah has been photographed reading an article by the John Birch Society calling for a NEW Constitutional Convention- which would overthrow our existing US Constitition.

Why again is she a front runner? Cilizza listed Palin as No. 1 because "anything she does is news." True enough. But garnering press attention (famous for being famous, one might say) will do nothing for a party in search of itself...

I'll vote for Sarah before putting anymore socialist, tax-cheating, promise breaking, corrupt, dishonest, wasteful beyond measure idiots in office. We have tax cheats in charge of the IRS and a tax cheat in chage of the tax code, We're getting Porno man as a top AG. Nancy Pelosi is in chage of the House Pork Stimulus Spend Us Into Depression Bill who says we'll lose 500 MILLION American jobs each month we don't pass her bill...and you think Sarah is dumb???? There's only 304 MILLION American total. Barak thinks the bill is fine, but then he doesn't know how many states we have. By comparison, Sarah is another Einstein. Liberals are so quick to call conservatives dumb. Look in the mirror.

Yea! Obama/ .. i man Palin/Perry 2012! hehe

Is this a joke? Are you all writers for Saturday Night Live??
I am laughing so hard, I can hardly type this.....If the idiotic Republicans cause this nation to go further down the tubes, (as it looks in Congress now...) they won't be able to garner support for an outhouse in the park, let alone any ticket in 2012.

Just because Sarah is endorsing Perry does not mean she will choose him for the 2012 ticket. She will not. He may be better than the alternative, but I don't think he is the ideal, either. She is WAY smarter than people give her credit for.

As a conservative I like Sarah Palin. Rick Perry is a dirtbag who Vicente Fox gave an award too; go figure. Texans do not care about outsider endorsements for our Govenor. Kay Bailey Hutchinson for Texas Govenor! At least she is not a fan of the "war on drugs" scam and illegal immigration. Remember illegal immigration? As a Texan I can tell you our border is going to be one of the main voting factors and dillweed Perry was useless and I'm sure enjoyed or factories closing in Texas to benefit his friend Vicente Fox. SuperHighway, Texans are against it but Perry declared himself King of Texas signing over a million acres of Texas away without any concerns of what Texas think. Hutchinson for Govenor! I'd rather see Kay Bailey in 2012 also. Does anyone remember the police video of Perry when he was pulled over for speeding, "don't you know who I am? I'm the govenor!" He was a real dirtbag and rude as heck to that officer to. Slimeball go away. This Texan loathes you.

Kay Bailey Hutchinson for Govenor of Texas! Rick Perry is a DIRTBAG; MR SUPERHIGHWAY, ending the CHIPS healthcare program for children, and boy does he love illegals and Vicente Fox; so much that Fox gave him an award. Sarah's ok, Perry's a scumbag. Does anyone remember that police video when he was pulled over for speeding? "Don't you know who I am, I am the govenor!" He was so rude and treated that cop like a peasant. Perry thinks he is King of Texas but he is just a cow pattie stuck on my boot!

Kaye is going to wipe Rick out. He will be lucky to carry the Aggies and the religious nuts.........say, 40% of the GOP in Texas.

2012? Obama is gonna be in office for 8 years.

And if that is the case then the so called "Republican party"
will have long since cease to function as a collective black hole of meaningless babble and leadership. The only hope is the creation of a third party. With the chance of that happening being slim, so goes countries into its narcissism,idol loving,selfish pleasing culture of death.

Palin should run without Perry because he has to much baggage with Imagration, Forced Vacine for the girls in schools, so he could payoff those that contributed to his campaign. This is just a few I could name.

And as for Hutchison running, She should take her NAFTA, GAT Payoff money and beat it.... She rolled over for Bill Clinton and would sell us out in a heart beat!

Palin-Perry I'm on board.. Sign me up. Anything's better than the circus we have going on now in DC with the media puppet.

Governor Perry would make a fantastic president. We need him in Washington defending America and the founders' intent of the constitution.
We have lost too mch of our freedom and we are losing more each day through Obama's oppressive borrowing, spending and taxation plans.
Let's reclaim America for Americans and re-establish the working and middle class' voice in government! I will back Perry and dedicate my time to campaign for him if he runs in 2012. - Becky Borah

So.... Palin does Perry Huh?

Palin no I liked her and she was a great governor, but she resigned and that was to me a political suicide. I think she'll run somewhere in the 20s, but 2012 seems kinda impossible for her. Perry will have a tough time beaten Hutchinson, but if he pulls it off 2012 might be his. Yet if Hutchinson wins in 2010 as governor I think she could pull off a 2012 victory, because of her experience and being a women.

These days i can't tell who's dummer the candidates or the voters.

What people fail to realize is that Perry is the definition of a RINO. He use to be a Democrat state senator and only changed parties to run as Lt. Gov. under our last RINO Governor. Do a Wiki search if you do not believe me. This is a bad move for Palin's conservative cred.

What in the world?! I would like to know what Mrs. Palin really knows about living under someone like Rick Perry. I respected her opinion until this point.

Palin needs to stay out of Texas, and if she likes Perry so much she should take him to Alaska. VOTE DEBRA MEDINA!!!!!!!

What are you talking about, Tiffany? Palin made the right choice? Perry over Hutchison? There is another candidate in the race and if Texan's would take the time to see what she is all about, I think you'll find that she's more republican than the republican's are. Debra Medina continues to garner support and will continue to do so as she speaks to the needs of her consituents, not give them lipservice.

Perry has proved a failure several times over as Governor of Texas. It's time to get rid of the career politicians who cater to special interest and line their pockets at the expense of their constituents and actually get someone in there who wants to make a difference - for the better.

All I ask is that you watch ANY of the gubernatorial debates and I think there can be no doubt as to who rightful Governor of Texas is.

Yes.. Perry attended the BILDERBERG (NEW WORLD ORDER) meeting in 2007... and was all ready to sell off our 'land' for the North American Union "Super Highway"... AND let SPAIN come build & run it... Yes, I was say that's EXACTLY what we need in Texas and running our Country! LOL.. I DONT THINK SO.. WAKE UP PEOPLE.. Surely we have LEARNED something by now! Let's NOT vote for people because they 'look good' or 'talk a good talk'. We have to do our 'homework' this time and find someone with a 'proven tract' record to show us where they truly 'stand' on the issues important to us all..

The primary has been nothing more than a race to the right. The only reason Palin isn't behind the tea party candidate is that she promised her endorsement to Perry last year before Medina was in. (Medina wants to abolish all property taxes in the name of liberty and replace the lost revenue with a 14% consumption tax.) I wish Kinky Friedman had run again this year--anything is better than these wingnuts.

My favorite moment in tonight's debate: Perry was asked why he mandated all 14 year old girls in public schools to get the HPV vaccine. Of couse it had nothing to do with pharmaceutical industry kickbacks. It was because he's "pro-life." That's a new twist on the term....

Also, in tonight's debate Perry was asked, if elected, would he complete his term (and not leave to run for president in 2012). Perry's response: Only the Lord can decide what I'll be doing in the future.

Given that there have been rumors for years that Gov. Goodhair swings a certain way (secretly, of course), I have to wonder how quickly failed Gov. Wingnut would have given her endorsement.

A Perry/Palin ticket would be the laugh of the nation. This guy has been a disaster for Texas. Palin quitting the governorship with 17mo to go has her labeled as a quitter. If those in the GOP with the purse strings finance this ticket then they deserve the defeat they will be handed. They both are about looks and showmanship. Intelligence flows from both, Perry wanted to secede from the union and Palin can see Russia from her window. This is a couple of winners the Republican party need.

There's already a website up.
Let's go!!!!


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