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Obama change very good for David Plouffe--7-figures good

Good thing we have these two-year-long presidential campaigns that cost $2 billion or something, so that we can have an abundance of books about them to read the other two years.

Barack Obama's campaign manager, David Plouffe, has reportedly just signed a deal with Viking, a subsidiary of Penguin books, for between $1.5 million and $2 million to tell the story of the little engine who could and his long-shot campaign to move from Chicago's South Side to the White House and maybe get a dog. No doubt in the interests of team spirit, he'll donate a chunk to help retire Hillary Clinton's campaign debt.

Robert Barnett, rich agent to the rich and about-to-be-richer and famouser, told the Associated Press that 17 publishers vied for the rights to -- now what do you think the title will be? -- "The Audacity to Win."

Democrat President Barack Obama's presidential campaign manager Davide Plouffe

Judging by Viking's publicity description, the fall book will be about 3,256 pages long.

It will cover pretty much every single thing from the decision to run (which Obama appears to have made during high school) through the epic Democratic primary struggle with his current secretary of State teammate, Hillary Clinton (who made him a better general election candidate, you know), through the August convention and Greek columns and the jogging contest against the old guy from Arizona and the Alaskan lipstick lady, who's gonna do her own book about losing.

About the only thing it won't cover, it seems, is the candidacy of Ron Paul, who's already done his own book anyway.

The book by Plouffe (pronounced plouffe) will also reportedly contain descriptions of what the Obama campaign did not do, as well as offer business lessons, in case any of you ever decide to organize a $750-million presidential campaign on the checkbooks of maybe 13 million close friends, who are still getting e-mails from Plouffe.

--Andrew Malcolm

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Credit: Charles Rex Arbogast / Associated Press

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What is Malcolm's problem and/or perspective? Is this commentary sarcastic, ironic, pejorative, jealous, nasty? It most certainly is NOT journalistic. Why is the LA Times following The Washington Post down the rat hole of Murdochian yellow printism (my term: feel free to use)? I used to check in on the LAT website for world and local news. Now I only read the Obituaries, which appears to be the only section maintaining objectivity.

His name is actually pronounced "pluff."

Check out my grassroots style site.. by the people, for the people!

"The book by Plouffe (pronounced plouffe)..."

Oh, thanks for clearing that up!


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