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Adoring Nancy Pelosi out-claps Joe Biden for Pres. Obama

February 26, 2009 |  4:44 am

In the interests of promoting Democratic comity, The Ticket points out to President Obama this morning how really, really supportive of him and his speech and his wonderful ideas and glorious prose and also his lovely suit was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi the other night.

We haven't seen someone so into clapping since that mother at the second-grade Flutophone concert.

It was truly Pelosibolic. Or an awful lot of caffeine. Or that new disease we see advertised on TV called restless leg syndrome. (Ask your doctor about RLS.)

Loyal Ticket readers will recall earlier this month that Pelosi was so into helping the president sell the notion that the nation's economy was utterly hopeless and needed his stimulus plan yesterday that Pelosi announced a staggering 500 million Americans were losing their jobs every month, which is 200 million more lost American jobs than there are Americans.

But Tuesday evening was even better. Every few words, all night long, the 68-year-old representative was doing her best supportive aerobics by jumping up and clapping like some crazy Californian for her president, sometimes even pointing her applauding appendages at her podium mate as if to say, "Get up and applaud, you silly Delaware dufus!"

HuffingtonPost called the competitive scene the official Clap-Off between Pelosi and Vice President Joe Biden, who's slightly younger but slower, as senators can be.

Most times Pelosi beat Biden to their feet. And, if anyone in the White House is keeping track, she was clapping harder and more often too, although we lost count in the flurry of moving fingers.

Unfortunately, the president was unable to see his most enthusiastic House supporter because he was ridiculously intent on the TelePrompters and giving the speech, silly person that he is. After a while, some of us gave up watching the speaker and watched the Speaker.

It was quite a show. And because we know that checking the blogs on his BlackBerry is the second thing the president does every morning, we're inserting here a brief video display of her adulatory applauding to help him keep up to date with his really sincere fans.

-- Andrew Malcolm (Applause)

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