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How Obama's team gets his messages out while you're not looking

Here's how President Obama's team is using his vast donor e-mailing list to circumvent any intermediaries and get his pure political message out to millions of supporters to marshal support for whatever he wants, in this case support for his budget:

They send out an e-mail to an estimated 12 million or 13 million names with a short text message from David Plouffe, the political campaign's manager and now the campaign manager for "Obama for America." He says something like:

With this budget, President Obama is asking Washington to do something it rarely does -- look beyond the next election and take the long-term steps to ensure America's future strength and prosperity.

It will involve sacrifices and difficult decisions. But it will also boldly invest in the three areas most critical to our economic future: energy, healthcare, and education.

Washington doesn't work. Maybe you recall Obama mentioning that a few thousand times during the two-year presidential campaign. Here's how The Ticket explained that ongoing predicament recently.

So Plouffe, in a message that just went out today, urges Obama fans to watch this video about his boss's ideas for change -- see below. The Boss's key words delivered directly and without diluted interpretation. Same sort of thing he did by taking the economic stimulus package bill signing outside the Beltway to Denver recently; The Ticket dissected that strategy here.

Pretty effective and straightforward and going on while no one in the old-fashioned media is really watching.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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This method would eliminate the need for comment by smarmy Socks Clinton bloggers whose political savvy retired long before they did.

TThis guy just churns out endless nonsense. Imagine if George W. Bush had done this? The "old fashioned media" would have been hysterically screaming fascism and demanding, as they did for 8 years, that Bush be impeached and prosecuted. And all that garbage was for one reason; the media is pathetically liberal and insanely intolerant of those who won't follow the party line. No wonder this Malcolm dude works for a bankrupt paper.

"With this budget, President Obama is asking Washington to do something it rarely does-look beyond the next election......."
Translation; You send your dollars, this time we screw you long time.


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