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One month in, Barack Obama's approval slips, disapproval doubles

A shooting star

One month down, 47 to go.

And Barack Obama's poll numbers have slid almost 10% already. According to the latest Gallup Poll, the new president's approval rating of 68% in January has slipped now to 63%, about average for recent new presidents one month in.

What isn't average, however, is Obama's new disapproval rating -- 24%, or 50% higher than the 16% average for a month-old new presidency.

And it's twice the 12% disapproval rate that Obama had last month.

While liberal and independent support has held fairly steady, the rookie chief executive's approval among Republicans has plunged from 41% to 30%, presumably tied at least somewhat to growing awareness of the spending program. The drop has been especially steep among conservPresident Barack Obama's approval has dropped in his first monthatives, from 36% at inauguration to 22% now.

Additionally, Obama's support has weakened among middle-class Americans, those touted during the campaign as benefiting from his promised tax cuts. Among that working crowd, Obama's approval fell from 69% to 58%.

Tonight's speech before a joint session of Congress and a nationwide television audience will give the new 47-year-old president an opportunity to make his case, not just for his already-signed but still controversial economic stimulus package but for his own evolving style of executive leadership.

And to possibly put the crumpled Cabinet nominations of recent weeks behind him.

Historically, 63-62% approval after a month is about average; Ronald Reagan had the worst at 55%, and Jimmy Carter had the best at 71%. Look how they turned out.

In fact, after 30 days, the Gallup Poll shows Obama has about the same approval rating as did George H.W. Bush and his son, George W. Bush, the man whose eight years in office the Illinois senator so often denounced as destructive during the recent campaign.

What's surprising, as the astute Don Surber points out this morning, is that the gap between approval and disapproval is worse now for Obama than it was for the newly departed Texan after his first month. Bush's differential gap was 41 points between approval and disapproval. Obama's is 39 points, still above Bill Clinton, who had the worst differential of 30 points. Carter again had the best after one month of 62. Richard Nixon had 54.

The new Gallup survey involved 1,614 adult Americans between Feb. 19-21 with a margin of error of +/-3%.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo (top): A shooting star. Credit: Getty Images

Photo (bottom): Associated Press

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Bush failed to lead this country. His administration made numerous blunders. His approval rating was in the 20's long before he left office. This should be a clear indication to anyone with half a brain that many conservatives disapproved of his direction as well. The recession happened on Bush's watch--he's accountable. However, it is extremely naive to believe he his solely responsible. What about folks like Frank and Dodd?

It's true we had a Republican president for 8 years, but Democrats have controlled Congress since 2006. You remember 2006. It was the year Democrats won big because they ran on ending the war in Iraq, impeaching Bush, stem cells, congressional oversight...and a bunch of other stuff they never did.

And this whole "Obama found this" is pure ignorance. He was a Senator for godsake!

The fact of the matter is Republicans and Democrats are both to blame. We have no leadership in Washington.

As far as Obama's approval, look for them to keep going south. Realistically, he's a one-term president, another Carter.

President Obama inherited the hugely disastrous economy that George Bush created. So, now in lamens terms, Bush is off the hook and a large body of the American people desire for President Obama to clean it up in less than a month or two? President Obama was very candid and realistic in the fact that this will require enormous work and that this stimulus bill will only be a huge attempt in breathing some kind of life back into the economy. I would like to see all of these skeptics in both the political arena and ordinary citizenship create a miracle if they walked in the shoes of being the President of the United States. I was not a Bush supporter but even for him...I have compassion and appreciation for at least taking on a job that holds a responsibility as insurmountable as holding the prestigious title of a President. It's never possible to please everyone.

To all of you out there who really know what is going on here (and it isn't difficult to see) must be reminded that we have a large audience of people who (up until this recent election) have NEVER FOLLOWED POLITICS (or much else for that matter) them, simply the act of FOLLOWING is equivalent with isn't (and never will be) about self-reliance, rugged individualism or personal responsibility....and sadly they will never change.....what a wonderful life they have missed.....they are constitutionally incapable of accomplishing anything....which is why they continue to hold their hands out to their oldest and dearest friend (who they criticize at every opportunity).........THE GOVERNMENT

I'd do a poll on GOP's approval and see what their approval rate is... They have nothing but to go against the president. Don't forget that Bush & GOP policy has lead our country to this catastrophe.
More than 60% approval of Obama in the peak of this crisis is more than a support for the president.
Thanks for remind me that we can still enjoy at least 47 more months of freshness for our country.
Way to go, America!

" The opposition is run by professional Republican nay sayers who have control of Fox News and other media. They fail to mention the bankruptcy of Bush and the death and destruction in Iraq and Afghanistan which has ruined our public image and our finances. "
Classy. Except Clinton set the groundwork for the banking and housing crises and the brilliant guy heading up that plan is now an economic adviser to Obama, which is basically the reason were in such a predicament as it is, but keep bein a sheep and believe in the messiah, and when you finally pull your head out of where its stuck, i wont say i told you so, i promise.

finally some people are not drinking the's about time the american people wake up and realize that this president is spending us into the poor house...I am unemployed and trying to feed my don't see me going out to buy a new car which is essentially what the federal government is doing (spending money it doesn't have)...for $900 billion, the federal government could have put 10 million people to work at a salary of $45,000 for a guarantee of 2 years...that would have really got the economy going...but instead this president went back to the spending mentality his party has had for years...god help us all!

haters will hater and builders will build

People that disagree with Obama's decisions, don't make them obstructionists. THis is more democratic BS, which states that you're not allowed to disagree with the "chose-one". What some of you fail to see is that we are already paying way too much in "forced" charities, i.e. taxes, and that many are tired of it. Why should people pay their own mortgages if the govenment will pay it for them. There isn't enough to go around and people are not agreeable to paying someone bills just to improve their credit score. Are you kidding me? Get Obama out of here.

You lost me with the math error in the third paragraph.

Ashley B, don't be a prude. Anyone talking about polls that are already in percentages would understand a ten percent decline in support to amount to a drop of ten percentage points in one's support, from 50 % to 40 % for example. That is the way it is handled in the election polls for example, and that is what would be understood here by most people. So the initial poster was correct to say that there was only a five percent drop in support, not a ten percent drop.

what we need is a jump start. doing nothing or little isnt wat we need in this situation. it is a risk we need! and am glad someone is ready to take it.

Conservatives are right, experience vs youth always is. obama is a dismal failure from day one. It is only going to get worse. No one is going to benefit in this damage to America. As an ex-liberal, NONE REPUBLICAN (although I do vote republican more than democrat. 99 to 1.)

Rush is one of the most intelligent people out there give political information. He is correct most of the time. To call him just entertainment is just showing your ignorance. Besides he is so sweet. Critics should listen him more instead of letting others make that determination for them.

I am stunned at the lack of knowledge and facts from those who support obama. It is a dismal testimony to our 40 year battle with the worlds worst social(ist) engineer project ever. You ain't seen nothing yet.

I hope that we have a America when obama and his cronies get done with her. Change cannot come quick enough for me, hurry up 2010/2012.

To those who voted for him, you are on your own. Good luck with that.


I can't wait until Obama rounds up all you partisan Repuglicans and puts you into prison at Guantanamo. You all make me sick. Let's move on from the failed legacy of Shrub and his willing accomplices in the fascist media.


I pity you. Life must be a terifying and uncertain place for you. Clearly you have little understanding of fact, current news, or history. Where did you come up with this puff statement? In these times if there were any real dirt on the man it blown to epic proportions on every bit of media everywhere. GROW UP.

The whole rotten structure of the democrat conspiracy is begining to crumble at last.Discheveled and wild eyed leftys from G. Soros to Acorn and moove on
org stole the election with the sad complicity of the corrupt liberal media.Now it's amateur hour and we will all pay through the nose.just imagine a scenario
where that Clown Biden would be sworn in as prez if Obama became incapacitated. We woulb be the laughing stock of the planet.

From ritches to basket case is where this new admin is taking us.prepare for huge tax increases next year and then prepared for a repetition of
12 -13 % inflation as experienced with that other lefty amateur jimmy Carter.

lol, what a bunch of goofs still essentially saying "give Rodney another chance". Old Jackie Martling joke. Obama never did anything useful as a senator and won't as Prez. It was pure arrogance for him to run for president and pure stupidity to elect him. But God, when will these pics of him in deep thought ever end? I have noticed when things get a little difficult he pulls the Arsenio tirck of getting blacker lol. Anyway, not to worry, the country is still great and will recover. Is it possible to ask for a mulligan?

Cost of electing Barack Obama.

Almost 900 Billion, with a promise from him directly of more spending to come.

This money comes from YOUR paychecks!

We must remember that Bush was only human and yes he did mistakes. But i do not see him as the worst president ever. Jimmy Carter was way worse.

Bush liberated Iraq and Afghanistan from the two most repressive dictatorships in the world. As i see it that makes him a far better Commander - In - Chief than the fake Barry H Obama who is not even a real American.

Liberals are never real Americans. Only conservatives
and Republicans and Libertarians are Real AMERICANS

David Petraeus for President !!!!

A reply to J.F.
Listen to your defense of Obama. Blah, blah, blah...he's been in office less than 60 days and people expect miracles. I have news for you...HE PROMISED MIRACLES and people STUPIDLY believed him and voted for him. So I have no sympathy for him. I didn't vote for him because I knew he was full of it. I'm also tired of hearing how we're all in this together. We didn't all create this mess together, so why is he calling on all of us to make sacrifices for the ones who DID get us into this mess. I wasn't a fan of G.W. either and was glad to see him go, but we had our chance with McCain and YOU PEOPLE BLEW IT! So suck it up and bend over and take it. Unfortunately, the rest of us are being forced to take it right along with you. But not for long. This country is headed for a revolution in one form or another. And when it hits, it will be on Obama's watch. And yet somehow, the pinheads who voted for him will find some way to give him a pass and blame it on someone else. Bush was not a great president. He made a lot of mistakes, I grant you that. But Obama will prove himself to be just as bad and probably worse. I just want to be around for you to choke on it when it happens. God Bless America...because we're gonna need all the help we can get and it WON'T come from Obama.

This is humorous , our new president and his congress just passed the largest government spending bill in American History and George Bush spent Irresponsibly? Check the cost of entitlements(payments to freeloaders) as opposed to the cost of the war on terror during the Bush years, and you will see that the cost of entitlements is more than double the cost of the war. Then realize we have been burdening our economy with this spending for 70 years, expanding the cost and scope of these programs year after year. These programs do not help people become productive, they keep them poor and reliant on someone else to foot the bill, and most importantly, keep them voting Democrat. I do not wish for Obama to fail, unfortunately it is going to happen. The economic policies that he is implementing are going to fail. These are the most tried economic policies in the history of mankind and they have never been able to provide the standard of living that Capitalism has. Our poor live better than the average European, you would think this fact alone would wake some Americans up, but no. And do not attempt to tell me this is not accurate, American and European poverty standards differ dramatically. If Europe's poverty level is applied to America's demographics there is almost no poverty. Why would we subject ourselves to a system that cannot provide the prosperity we Americans have enjoyed. The economic theory that is shaping the Obama presidency is fatally flawed, it has NEVER worked, period, and it has been tried over and over. This thinking is a result of actually taking your college professor's marxist rants seriously. In the process of giving this moron a chance we Americans are losing our freedoms and liberty to ever expanding government control of our economy, the very thing the Founding Fathers sought to protect us from. How can we think that government can actually fix a recession. The best way for government to "fix" a recession is to get out of the way. This recession was caused by congress's interference in the normal lending market by forcing banks to loan money to people who had no hope of being able to pay it back, and that is why the banks are getting bailed out. Congerss knows that this is their fault, George Bush as villified as he is and some of it deserved, tried to reel in the out of control fannie and freddie 11 times and Democrats fillibustered,or after they had control, just stopped the legislation everytime,calling him an alarmist, and saying he was exaggerating the situation. Now we see who was lying, even though their policies were collapsing the banks Democrats and "moderate" (liberal) Republicans were unwilling to sacrifice the sacred cow of socialism for the good of the country, because by doing so it would mean admitting they are wrong.

Blah, blah, blah. That’s all the libs know to do. Put anti-Barry info in front of them and they can only cower, level insults and reference Bush admin faults. “Don’t you dare paint my boy in a bad light. He is my Savior. He’s going to pay my mortgage for me. He’s going to put gas in my car so I don’t have to get a job”. Hypocrites. The honeymoon period is over and the community butt-scratcher is laying waste to the economic wellbeing of future Americans. Obama WILL FAIL, not because of Republicans but because of his own failed ideas. For America’s sake I’d don’t wish for him to fail but it will happen eventually none-the-less and the country will pay the price. Let’s get on with it Barry-I want my mortgage paid by the taxpayer, too.

Remember NAFTA was put into place in the Clinton administration.

You can Blame any one you want. If Obama Doesn't cut interest rates that the mortgage company's can charge by Law(Emergency Executive Order to 4.2% on both 15 and 30 Year Mortgages. He will Fail. If Obama Doesn't cap the Interest Rate a Credit Card Can Charge by Law to 12%( Another Emergency Executive Order) He will Fail. He Can't hide Behind a Stack of Paper and say He is doing all He Can. The Money Men Own Him. They want to spread the Pain to Our Children and Grand Children. No Financial Institution can Raise there Rates with out Congressional Approval. The money from Special Interest is just that they Pay Congress and Congress said OK Rape the Little Guy but do it now as I look away. It Starts with Barney Franks and Maxine Water's and Stops at Obama's Door. Don't forget Congressman John NoCarey Said that if we got any money from Washington we would use it to pay off our bills. That would Solve the Banking Crissis. Evict Delinkquint morgagers so other's can buy that home and Pay for it. End of Housing Crissis. Full funding for the military with an Accelerated Production of Armored HumVee's and the Bomb Resistant trucks. Finish the F22 and the Joint Stike Fighter. Job's Problem solved. Draft Straight out of High School. NO Exception's. College after Training + 2 Years in the Military With Recall for 4 Years. Unless this Happen's This Country will Slowly and Angrily DIE. Last Night after the Speech I to bed with out a President this hasn't Happened since the assassination of JFK

I could not vote for the GW Bush, the first time, simple because I thought he was a liar who had a history of sending drug users in Texas to long prison sentences when he had admitted he himself was a drug user.

My views have really changed since that time and have become way worse of GW. There are lots of things I do not like Obama's stimulus plan--too many earmarks, despite what he had to say--not enough capital gain incentives--which can really help stimulate the economy.

Also, probably stimulating the government with make-do jobs is not what the Democrats think it is, but certainly "markets" are not what the Republicans think they are either. "Markets" cannot solve anything..look at what has happened--someone has to overlook what people do or, unfortunately, unlimited corruption and greed take over.

Anyway, this issue is very complex, but at least we are getting out of Iraq eventually. My whole family..including conservative mother and husband voted for Obama simply because nobody wants more money wasted in Iraq. All of us at least would rather waste money here in the United States if we choose to waste tremendous amounts of money and bankrupt the country for least it might have some + effect, unlike spending trillions in Iraq.

It's a Gallup Poll, done by 1 of the most respectable and moderate polling groups, printed in a blog for the liberal LA Times. A CBS Poll shows the same thing. Where exactly did you find polls that back your 75% support for the stimulus bill? They don't exist by any legitimate polling group. Several polls from 3 weeks list support for the bill at 52%, down from 63% in January. Not very close to 75%. What the hell kind of poll are you referring to?

Paradise Lost

Transparency = 0
Out of Iraq in 1 year = 0
Will not take 2nd amendment rights = 0
Will balance the budget = 0
Will not raise taxes = 0
Will fix the banks = 0
Will help people keep thier homes = 0

I was hoping it would be different this time.

We have spent more money in the first month of Pres. Obama's presidency then we did on 9/11, katrina, Iraq, and Afganistan. That may be why his approval rating is falling.

I wonder why, maybe the American public is waking up to the fact that Obama is a fraud, liar, coward, and neo-marxist. Dow is down 3000 points since he took office, that says it all. Let's see what other group the Democrat party can victimize for votes, illegal aliens next.

I wonder why, maybe the American public is waking up to the fact that Obama is a fraud, liar, coward, and neo-marxist. Dow is down 3000 points since he took office, that says it all. Let's see what other group the Democrat party can victimize for votes, illegal aliens next.

It is shocking how much money has been wasted in such a short period of time. Obama may well be the last President this country has. He has mortgaged our grandchildren's future with little to show for it and the economy is headed for a full scale depression thanks to Obama's doom and gloom speeches. Bush is no longer the worst President in American history, Obama wins hands down.

It took 5 years for me to hate Bush. Obama did it in 5 weeks.

Wow, guys,come on: Attacking Bush for all the bad he's done is NOT a defense for how horrible Obama is. He is swiftly and recklessly annihilating America's economy. This guy truly believes in trickle down economics: Print, borrow, and steal trillions of dollars taxpayers and future generations to give to the uber-rich, and hope everything is okay? And double the troops in Afghanastan. Hate and bash Bush all you like, but it is not a justification for any of Obama's destructiveness.

It is hilarious how when George W. Bush's polls were down the hate that all of you people spew out of your uneducated mouths wasn't here, but when the LA times reports unbiased news you turn on your own liberal newspaper. It just goes to show the lack of responsibility that liberal refuse to ever take. Keep blaming everyone else for your problems, and keep expecting your government to take care of you. As for me and the rest of us conservatives, we will continue to work hard, provide for our families, and be taxed up the @$$ for your welfare benefits.

You know, beyond all the "Obama's unpopularity is a Republican scheme" business, there's one tiny little detail:

The public has now gotten to see him in office. You know how sometimes something looks really good on the shelf, and then you get it home and open the box, and you're like "meh"?

Yeah, that's pretty much what happened here. The slickest PR campaign in US history got him elected, but it's not going to come up with sound policy for him.

Do I want him to succeed as president? Yes - because the fate of my country is in his hands. Do I think he will succeed? Not unless he chances his policies greatly.

LOL... I love the way LIBS try to defend their VERY wrong decision!

Mike O is an idiot because when you are looking for percent increase or decreaseyou divide 63 by 68.... Not subtract you liberal moron. But I guess this is why the economy is crap. Obama cant do math either.

first Obama is going to fail it is already showing, he is a failure at a person and a president. He does not deserve to have this position. The only reason he does is because the drive-by media which is cnn and most of the other news stations. Everyone complains about Bush but obama has already spent 3t dollars. Its been not 2 months yet and we already are in debt 3 trillion dollars more! We are not lossing the war, the democrats want you to think that so they will get your support talk to any of the military men, the men who are defending you! Listen to Rush not this liberal SOB.

Obama has already increased the deficit more than all other presidents combined.

Since he's been elected, the stock market has plummeted (incidentally, it has happened whenever a new bailout scheme or nationalization is hinted at/voted in)

He has managed to snub Britain with a thoughtless diplomatic gift of DVDs that can only play in the US and a canceled press conference while at the same time, trying to cuddle up to countries that hate us (they stick their noses up at him and laugh at our weakness. Hillary begs China to buy our souring debt.

This is the change he promised, and he's delivering every cent of it, payable from our paychecks, our children's future, and possibly even the long term viability of this experiment called America

WOW! people, you really think that doubling the dollar is good, and that handing over trillions of dollars to the banks is also.I am nonpartisan so you know. So you don't get confused on who i am backing up. I would like to go over one thing in particular, basic economics, the doubling of the dollar, and what that means to our shabby economy. when you double the dollar its worth is sliced in half leaving trust in the bill dead. I mean that's all the dollar is, a trust bill, not backed equal worth in silver or gold. All Obama is trying to do is take the old F.D.R idea, but this time many more times the worth percentage
wise. You cannot throw money into the pockets of large company's and expect that to help!, It hasent pushed the bar up for jobs. Has it? LOL, I'm 18 and am more informed that you people. Stop living in the past, You cant trust the people in the wight house, none of them in power are here to help. Ill keep my god,my guns,and my dignity, you keep the change.

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