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Alan Keyes stokes Obama birth certificate controversy

The controversy over the validity of Barack Obama's birth certificate is back on a burner with firebrand conservative Alan Keyes making serious new charges.

In a video (see below) released Friday, Keyes, who lost to Obama in the 2004 U.S. Senate race in Illinois that launched the new president's national political career, calls Obama a communist and usurper and says he refuses to acknowledge the validity of Obama's inauguration over lingering questions in the minds of many conspiracists about the 44th president's birthplace.

The U.S. Constitution requires any president be born an American citizen.

In June, the Obama campaign released to The Ticket a copy of the then-senator's Hawaiian birth certificate (see the jump below and also here). But stubbornly persistent critics demand to see the original, which the state has refused to provide, citing personal privacy reasons.

And the critics, including Keyes explaining here, cite Obama relatives in Kenya as saying he was actually born there in his father's native land when his American mother was too young to pass on her U.S. citizenship.

In December, as The Ticket reported here, the Supreme Court dismissed without comment a New Jersey lawsuit seeking to bar Obama's inauguration due to questions over his actual citizenship. The Obama camp has proceeded normally as if there was no controversy.

Obviously, the inauguration proceeded, although on the advice of White House counsel as a precaution against a verbal muff during the noontime Jan. 20 public ceremony, Obama did take the presidential oath again that night in private with Chief Justice John Roberts. His White House lawyer feared igniting another simmering legal controversy if there was any doubt about the oath's validity, although the Constitution stipulates the new president takes office at noon no matter what.

However, the dispute over his birthplace continues. Listen here to Keyes' rather strong language.

This simmering dispute, occurring online and in e-mails coursing daily across the Internet, seems unlikely to evaporate any time soon.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Barack Obama's birth certificate copy as released by his presidential campaign in June 2008

Click on the Obama birth certificate image to enlarge.

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how in god's name can a woman be too young to pass on her american citizenship, if she is old enough to have a child then she is old enough to pass on her citizenship, THESE IDIOTS ARE BEATING A DEAD HORSE AND DON'T KNOW ENOUGH TO COME IN OUT OF THE RAIN, THIS IS A NON QUESTION, HIS MOTHER WAS A CITIZEN SO IS HE NUF SAID, JEEZE

Keyes is a radical fool... Does anyone who matters really care what he says or thinks.

Obama has not been able to produce his long form
birth certificate, has sealed all reocords.
As quoted by Tim Comerford, State Representative of
New Hampshire

"It has become clear that the Congress is derelict in duty (not reading the porkulus bill), the federal government ignores the Constitution, and the President acquiesces to it all. The Supreme Court, in refusing to have the President prove his qualifications for office through his citizenship, is doing a great disservice to this country. If there is ANY question to the status of the person holding the highest office in the land, it must be throughly reviewed, not swept under the rug. Why would Obama be so resistant to providing all records if he has nothing to hide? Silence and lawyer threats are tantamount to a tacit admission of guilt." I agree.

Wow, I really respect Allen Keys, and if these are his thoughts on Obama and the economy, then it looks like we are in for trouble.

Keyes is insane and a poor loser.

He is also costing the state of California $$$$ with his frivolous lawsuit against the Secty. of State.

Read his suit:

It is so full of BS you will have to wash your hands after reading it.

Alan Keyes has got it right! I am so proud and grateful to him for speaking up for America.

Why Americans can't see that if we continue this way we are going to be owned by China and the socialist (communists). Furthermore, we are going to be in such a weaken stake then what?

Don't think the world doesn't know what is going on here. They even know we have a President that probably doesn't meet the qualifications of our Constitution and they are wondering why our media hasn’t covered it.

I am doing what Alan Keyes has suggested, I am praying that Americans eyes will be opened. Listen to the two videos with Alan Keyes on YouTube (embassy), they are absolutely excellent.

I am a non-us citizen and my husband is a US citizen which makes me a non-natural born citizen in this country. When I received the birth certificate of my children, it does not look like that of Hussein. That birth certificate looks as if it was just made yesterday. What a nice birth certificate from Hawaii. Its worth framing it but not my children.

Why doesn't Keyes use his energy to try to have a positive impact instead of trying to destroy people. If he continues this path and succeeds (which is EXTREMELY unlikely) then what will he have to show for his trouble? Joe Biden as president. I don't think Keyes can think past his personal agenda.

Let's see, now!

Keyes persists?

Of course, and it's all about political sour grapes.

If he truly believed that, than we'd also hear [from him] that there was no Holocaust, the Earth is [still] flat, Elvis is still alive, and well, the Yeti [or Big Foot] still romp through the forests, and snow covered glade, the Lock Ness monster was seen just yesterday, and on, and on, and on [feel free to add to this list].

He should "get a life", as it's sad that this is the only way that he can keep himself in the public eye.

Hello All:

The above document has been proven to be a forgery and the other major ten questions are as follows:

1. Long Form Birth Certificate( name of doctor,assistant, father,mother signature,time of birth, weight, height)
2. INS forms from return to US. He was a Indonesia citizen because of marriage. You couldn't be a citizen of the US and attend school there?
3. Passports. He travel to Pakistan in 1981 US citizens could not travel there is 1981.
4. Selective Service Registration
5.Documents on changing his name from Barry Sertoro to Obama
6. Income taxes on property he did own in ILL. that his law firm is on title

And many many more. It is just our constitution does anyone care any more. The President of the United States needs to be a Natural Born Citizen to be President. His father was from Kenya? Anybody getting any of this?????????

And just what is the age at which the mother is too young to pass citizenship to child?

References, please.

Let's see, now!

Keyes persists?

Of course, and it's all about political sour grapes.

If he truly believed that, than we'd also hear [from him] that there was no Holocaust, the Earth is [still] flat, Elvis is still alive, and well, the Yeti [or Big Foot] still romp through the forests, and snow covered glade, the Lock Ness monster was seen just yesterday, and on, and on, and on [feel free to add to this list].

He should "get a life", as it's sad that this is the only way that he can keep himself in the public eye.

Well maybe silly rumors like this would die if journalists would just ignore them. Or at least explain exactly why rumors like this are so silly. For starters:

1) Nowhere in the Constitution is "natural born citizen" explicitly defined.

2) Since President Obama's mother was a US citizen, Obama is automatically a citizen regardless where he was born.

3) It's customary for state agencies to issue copies of birth certificates due to privacy concerns.

4) A notice of Obama's birth appeared in a Honolulu newspaper.

Alan Keyes is a washed up political hack trying to keep his name in the paper and the LA Times is a rag for allowing it to happen. No wonder I get my news from blogs.

this is most ignorant and foolish animal i have ever seen , in my life. i think mr allen keys is insane.what ever his name is.

Ordinary people have to present their birth certificates for many reasons -- school registration, obtaining or renewing a driver's license (here in Maine and other states), applying for a passport, applying for Social Security number, requesting government benefits, certain job applications, security clearances, to name some. Would a digital image of our birth certificate posted online be acceptable for any of these occasions? NO. But it's OK for the President of the United States? It shouldn't be.

If Obama was born in Hawaii as he claims, why doesn't he present an actual certified copy of his long-form birth certificate? Why is he spending so much time and money (on lawyers) keeping his birth certificate, school records, and more under seal? WHAT IS HE HIDING?

COLB lists father's race as African. When did African become a race? IMO a valid COLB would list father's race as Negro. This looks to be a forgery or hoax

This is the worst drivel I've seen yet in the L.A. Times. Are you guys really that desperate to fill space? What's next, dispatches from a deranged street person?

I've like Mr. Keyes since his early run for president. I'm beginning to wonder if this is a case of being a sore loser or has the GOP finally decided to really support him in a future run.

Our country has numerous problems, is this the best the GOP can offer in solving them?

How sad!!!

Why would you dignify a rant ("radical communist"... will "destroy this country"..."united states will cease to exist"), from someone like Alan Keyes, as "serious new charges"?
What is serious or new about recycling a slur that was thoroughly debunked during the campaign?

There is no controversy - just the Times giving free publicity to discredited fool Alan Keyes. This stupidity isn't news, and it isn't newsworthy. Wise up, TImes.

Mr. Keyes is ranting false accusations against President Obama for many selfish and jealous reasons as a result of his own failures. It appears that most republicans who now have access to the media are using this vehicle to show contempt for President Obama and pour out touts for Former President Bush and Vice-President Cheney. The former administration was never criticized by the republicans for the Iraq War, Gitmo, or the economic mess, and wiretapping of U.S. citizens that these two men put this country in. They refused to say we were in the beginning of a recession before December 2007.

So as far as I am concern, Mr. Keyes and any one of his fellow republicans can shut up until they can suggest sound viable solutions that will get us out of this mess.

Shut Up! ! ! And let President Obama do his job which he has demonstrated he is up to the challenge with the help of those who voted for him for "CHANGE".

honestly, i love having a newspaper delivered to my door each morning. i'm a citizen of los angeles, and i love my home. i have very good friends who work at the LA Times.

having said all of that, if the Times going under (which seems inevitable) means no job for andrew malcolm and one less outlet carrying jonah goldberg's idiocy, the world will be a better place.

i wonder what it is like to have to work with two such useless hacks.

That so-called "birth certificate" has been debunked all the way back in July as a forgery. It has been altered and is invalid as it has a black mark over the number. A child can't get into little league with one of those certification of live birth. Besides those were given to people in Hawaii who had children outside the country or outside the state, if it were real. So, factcheck argument is moot and laughable.

Someone please post the constitutional requirments to be a President of the United States. it is NOT just born a citizen-- it says natural born citizen--and not naturalized either! sooo many dumb americans do not know the US Constitution.

Even in Obama was born in Hawaii or in Chicago, he would still not be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN as a natural born citizen must have an American Citizen Father and Mother, either naturalized or born in America. Since is Father was not an American citizen then no matter where he was born he would be a citizen possibly, but not a Natural Born one according to the requirements of the United States Constituion. He is an Usurper and not the President as he does not qualify.

Slow day at the Post, eh?

Is the LA Times in such sad financial shape that they resort to covering bull$hit like this and treating the lunatic Alan Keyes as someone worthy of listening to? Where are the black helicopters and unicorns?

I would vote for this man in a heartbeat! Amazing...finally someone talks common sense and tells us all how it is! We have got to stop this insanity now and impeach this usurper who is tresspassing illegally in our countries highest office. We then need to try him criminally and all those who have illegally helped him frauduently commit these crimes against the USA. Think! We need to Do!

these people are just crazy. Alan Keyes is a loser. So, he is just a voice of a loser already.

I lost a dog once.


Based on what I have seen and heard so far, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama (aka Barry Sotero) is NOT
a natural born U.S. citizen and therefore is not eligible to be a US President, despite being elected to
the post. His presidency is null and void as a matter of law.

It is very unfortunate Obama was not removed earlier by the lower Courts, who have failed this
nation and shown their disregard for the law. I admire Mr. Berg, Keyes, etc. for what they are doing,
i.e. preventing a person from assuming the Presidency illegally and protecting our nation against the
greatest assault on our Democracy and our Constitution.

This is truly a historic event in history that a person not even legally eligible to run has swindled an
entire nation and fooled the entire world, and managed to "win" an election. Mr. Berg, Mr. Keyes and others will make history by preventing this most atrocious violation of the Constitution ever. The U.S. Supreme Court must
follow the law, and nullify Obama's fraudulent "Presidency", if he is unable to prove U.S. birth and citizenship. It is a shame the US Supreme court has refused to have a full hearing on the merits in this matter. I guess it is because they are afraid that a hearing, which would be a public record, would show that Obama is not legally eligible to be President.

Even in third world countries, Judges and Courts (at great risk to their own lives) stand up against tyrants and thugs who illegally seize power or steal elections, to protect the nation's democracy and violations of the Constitution. The 3rd world Judges know that they are the wall between tryranny and democracy. They know that they are safer in a democracy and they face personal dangers when criminals and thugs usurp power by criminal tactics. Also, if the military realizes that the civilian govt. is illegal, they are more likelty to disobey orders and try to take power for themselves. We are becoming the lauging stock of the entire world due to our judicial anarchy that seems to now reach the US Supreme Court.

The judiciary's (including the US Supreme Court's) brazen failure to hold hearing on the merits has raised the public's doubts about our the Judiciary's integrity and independence and make people wonder about judicial corruption. Why else would federal judges and US Supreme Court be
afraid to even hold a hearing on the merits when meritoritious challenges have been raised on this
most serious issue of national and international importance? People would suspect corruption.

And don't forget all the voter registration fraud ACORN did for Obama, the registration of
aliens to vote for him, the brazen violation of campaign financing laws which enabled him to illegally extract over $500 Million from the public and overseas, the bogus alterable voting machines, etc.

I hope readers will take action. Donating to Mr. Berg's fund, writing to newspapers,
posting comments on websites and calling radio talk shows and letting them know about this case
and questions of Obama's citizenship will all help bring justice in this case. If people who know
attorneys or RNC and can persuade them to file more lawsuits in more states against Obama on this
very issue, that would help too.

I greatly admire Mr. Berg and Mr. Keyes. I hope they keep fighting for our constitution and
our nation. This nation needs them at this dire moment.

But if the Judiciary continues to ignore this critical issue, I believe the public will have a
right to expose our judicary's descent into the 3rd world gutter of judicial anarchy and rampant judicial corruption.

Thank goodness President Obama is our President and not some total looney bird like Alan Keyes.

Cliff Friedman

I have always believed and still to this day Alan Keyes is a product of Satan and Mrs Bush affair that has never been investigated thourly

Malcolm is pathetic. Headline: Malcolm uses Alan "butt a** crazy" Keyes as pawn to mask tin foil hat inner conspiracy child. Malcolm belongs on Red sate, not the LAT.

If Obama is a legal citizen of the U.S. why not allow the State of Hawaii to show the document in question?

Obama is hiding something and the media and press is protection him.

Why is this even newsworthy? Suck it up and deal - it is President Obama now and for the next 8 years.

Is this a joke? Did you actually write a story about something Alan Keyes told you as if were true? Did you know that if you check the Hawaiian paper in the town he was born in you will find the birth announcement stating he was born on that date in that town in Hawaii? What do you think they did? Do you think they sent the birth announcement from Kenya to Hawaii stating he was born in Hawaii on the off chance he would run for President one day? Are you kidding me? I don't remember you writing conspiracy theory stories about Bush when he was President. As far as the birth certificate--I lost mine and had mine replaced and his looks exactly like mine and I'm from Alabama. You have to be looking at the original at the Hall of Records in order for the system to spit that one out and it has the seal on it. Maybe you should have done some actual investigating BEFORE you wrote a bogus story about the President. Everyone on the internet is laughing at you for being so stupid--you realize you listened to a guy who is stark raving mad, right?? What a joke.

so the fathers race was african and not black? seems to me that they should just show the original document and not a copy. kinda looks like a bogus certifecate.

republicans have lost any semblance of power...rationalization, and ideological trust.
alan keyes underscores these deficiencies.

Why don't all you losers just SHUT UP!

Mr Keyes is a sad "left-over" from a time that is just starting to appear in the rearview mirror. He reminds of the comment "any news is better than none. Mr Keyes there is a opening on the ticket for "attack dog" in a town called (fill in the blank). I'm sure that you could get some support from the party of "NO" if you asked nice with your hat in your hand!!!!!!!!

God, Andrew, I am embarrassed and

...for you...


"The U.S. Constitution requires any president be born an American citizen." Wrong it says 'Natural Born Citizen'. Born of US citizen parents, that is both parents, on US soil. There is a big difference. Get it right.

Does anyone really care what Alan Keyes thinks?

Well... If Alan Keyes said it, it must be TRUE. It's not like he's cRaZy or anything. Except... well... never mind.

"This simmering dispute, occurring online and in e-mails coursing daily across the Internet, seems unlikely to evaporate any time soon."

And thanks to the LA Times, it now festers in print editions as well -- way to go!

"Listen here to Keyes' rather strong language."

Wow, now the ravings of a lunatic can count as actually news, because they contain "strong language" -- guess I better listen more closely next time the guy on the street corner tells me he is Napoleon.

Another example of how bloggers have polluted 'reporting.' Keyes is clearly mentally ill, and it serves no purpose for the LA Times to add credence to his rants if there are no facts to support the story.

It is quite evident as to why Keyes lost to Obama. Keyes is a knucklehead. He is a loser from way back and anyone who might listen to him needs to consider the quality of the source. This sounds like sour grapes from a big time wannabe.

It really doesn't matter...Obama is our president and Keyes is never going to be anything more than a loser whose opinion is insignificant at best.

this is so true, there re people who sued in federal court for this information and it was dismissed. He is a communist, just read his book Memories of my father, carefully.

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