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Alan Keyes stokes Obama birth certificate controversy

The controversy over the validity of Barack Obama's birth certificate is back on a burner with firebrand conservative Alan Keyes making serious new charges.

In a video (see below) released Friday, Keyes, who lost to Obama in the 2004 U.S. Senate race in Illinois that launched the new president's national political career, calls Obama a communist and usurper and says he refuses to acknowledge the validity of Obama's inauguration over lingering questions in the minds of many conspiracists about the 44th president's birthplace.

The U.S. Constitution requires any president be born an American citizen.

In June, the Obama campaign released to The Ticket a copy of the then-senator's Hawaiian birth certificate (see the jump below and also here). But stubbornly persistent critics demand to see the original, which the state has refused to provide, citing personal privacy reasons.

And the critics, including Keyes explaining here, cite Obama relatives in Kenya as saying he was actually born there in his father's native land when his American mother was too young to pass on her U.S. citizenship.

In December, as The Ticket reported here, the Supreme Court dismissed without comment a New Jersey lawsuit seeking to bar Obama's inauguration due to questions over his actual citizenship. The Obama camp has proceeded normally as if there was no controversy.

Obviously, the inauguration proceeded, although on the advice of White House counsel as a precaution against a verbal muff during the noontime Jan. 20 public ceremony, Obama did take the presidential oath again that night in private with Chief Justice John Roberts. His White House lawyer feared igniting another simmering legal controversy if there was any doubt about the oath's validity, although the Constitution stipulates the new president takes office at noon no matter what.

However, the dispute over his birthplace continues. Listen here to Keyes' rather strong language.

This simmering dispute, occurring online and in e-mails coursing daily across the Internet, seems unlikely to evaporate any time soon.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Barack Obama's birth certificate copy as released by his presidential campaign in June 2008

Click on the Obama birth certificate image to enlarge.

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Quite obviously, Keyes is a psychotic. But in the vision of the party elders, he is the perfect black Republican. Just as Palin is the perfect female Republican. In both cases, of course they are utter whack jobs.

Andrew Malcolm writes "The Obama camp has proceeded normally as if there was no controversy." Yet Obama has a phalanx of lawyers suppressing access to his early records and has reported spent over $1M in doing so. Is this "proceeding normally?" As an historian it is clear that while Obama may have two creative autobiographies, he will never have an authoritative biography until he allows access to his records. And by the way that Certificate of Live Birth you post above is not authoritative and is not a vault "birth certificate." I have the latter and will gladly show Obama mine if I could see his. In fact I think concerned Americans should laminate theirs and have such a birth certificate rally in Layfayette Park in DC!

Wow. Obama is not just a Communist, but a "radical Communist" (if he were a moderate Commie it would be okay). The Manchurian Candidate! And if we don't stop him he will destroy (not just harm) the country. If some people made statements like that they'd be investigated by the Secret Service. Sure, no proof about the birth certificate thing, but if Obama is a Commie (probably getting orders from Beijing and Havana daily), one needs to try anything they can. Keyes craves attention. Fox News, of course, loves the guy (and would never criticize even such statements-- they did have a Chicago radio host on a year ago who also called Obama a Communist, and no one at all criticized the guy). Poor Keyes. A real nut case, but still getting press coverage.

Why is this man on the LATIMES web site? Why not grant the UNA bomber an interview, or a member of the US NAZI party? Or your cousins poodle? Is this paper becoming a freak show?

I'm glad to see one man in CA has a backbone.

Get liberty.
Stop the insanity.
The solution is simple, get rid of the lifers in the fed.
Get out the constitution, read it and stick with it.
Back the currency with gold.
Listen to Ron Paul and the Austrian school of economics.

Come on L.A. Times! You had a couple of years to investigate the citizenship question haunting our new president. This story is nothing new. The only thing new is the Times asking questions about the issue instead of stone-walling it as the Times and liberal media did before the election. Why now?

Keyes and other nut-ball republicans are, justifiably, scared to death. The public is laughing at them -- no longer listening to their rantings. All they have left are people like Mr. Keyes, the idiot Palin, the angry old McCain, and the small sea of ignorant, ill-informed and hateful true believers at the base of the party.

They have driven our beloved country into the ground. If they won't shut up, they should at least congregate in the deep south where they can all rant to each other, harmlessly, until death.

Mr. Keyes himself should probably be investigated for treason and incitement to violence. If anyone is stupid enough to believe his lying slanderous idiotic remarks, that could lead to attacks on the greatest president we have seen since FDR.

Alan Keyes charges are about as credible as this quote from Joseph Mccarthy:

'Joseph Mccarthy' Quote

"I have here in my hand a list of two
hundred and five [people] that were
known to the Secretary of State as
being members of the Communist Party
and who nevertheless are still working
and shaping the policy
of the State Department."

Talk about sore losers.

Our country has been falling fast ever since we first outsourced, and now we have technically outsourced our president. Now look what he's doing to further destroy this country.


Alan Keyes is a loon. The only controversy is the one occurring in the barren wasteland known as his mind.

This certificate means nothing!!
I know how the public service in Hawaii works and with a couple dollars under the table you get anything you want.

No, YOU'RE trying to stoke a meaningless "controversy" by giving platform to this nut. We've got hard work ahead to put the US back on track. As a nation we're nearly on life support. Nonsense like this helps nobody. Let's push forward with SOLUTIONS please, not misguided rants.

Why does a newspaper of your stature even give a NUT JOB like Alan Keyes the time of day?

On Janurary 4th the United States Senate certified the election of Barack Obama. All it would have taken is for ONE Republican Senator to stand up challengin the election on this issue. Had this occured there would have been a full blown hearing on the matter before the election was certified. Not one Republican senator stood up.

These claims about Obama's birth certificate have been investigated by the Republican Annenberg Fact check. They were given access to the long form birth certificate. They said it is legit.

There are also newspaper birth announcements in both of Hawaii's papers from August of 1961 that can be seen at any number of web sites.

Alan Keyes is a certifiable NUT. Not even the Obama hating Limbaugh and Hannity will touch this birth certificate nonsense.

This Birth Certificate is obviously a forgery. Who put down "African" as the race back in 1961. The Obama political machine is as dumb as he is - but probably not as dumb as the FBI or the American people.

What a disgrace this country is.

Oh please.
The regurgitated grumblings of a sore loser does not a "simmering dispute" make.
Seems to me that the supposedly reputable L.A. Times running this non-story is what helps with the "stoking".

Alan Keyes is an also-ran political narcisist who can't stand to be out of the spotlight. Just one more futile attempt to tarnish Obama's name.

Those charges are pretty scary. Why cant the democrats clear his name. this needs to be pursued until it is clear.

Why do you invite comment on an article but fail to provide access to a comments section?
Same logic that compelled you to put up a video of this kook Keyes, I guess.

Why do people give this man any attention? He is incapable of winning anything, including love from his family. His ideations seem so far removed from reality as to make him a danger to himself and others.

Wasn't it Joseph Goebbelswho perfected the "Big Lie" technique of political maneuvering? You've fallen RIGHT into the trap, Mr. Malcolm: "Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Alan Keyes stokes Obama birth certificate controversy" -- the more people hear or see something, no matter HOW untrue it might be, the more they're likely to believe it (cf. Saddam Hussein and 9/11, specious, but widely believed). Shame, shame, shame!

Why do the media persist in pretending that nutcases like Keyes are legitimate and credible and responsible by reporting on their wackiness as if has some truth?

That is NOT responsible journalism and the so-called 'presenting all sides.'

That is reporting as if there might be legitimacy to someone's claim that the world is flat and they say it msut be true because someone else told them so.

Ignore the nut jobs who screech and scream and make claims with no evidence to support them - and when they have been tossed out of every court around, it is quite clear that they are loopy - and so is the LAT for reporting their craziness as if it has anything to do with reality.

As a student in Indonesia, He is registered as an Indonesian citizen. This makes sense, as indonesia requires citizenship to go to school there, and does not allow dual citizenship. Obama has refused/failed to show he naturalized in the US as an adult. If he hasn't his childhood citizenship was relinquished, he is an indonesian citizen, and any certificate he waves around is as good as Confederate money.

Sour Grapes

Why give Keyes ink and, worse, a microphone?

Why not just station a camera in a mental hospital?

Note that the certificate being shown is a RECREATION and that the form version of the birth certificate is dated Nov 2001 and post Mr Obama's win to the Illinois House of Representative. Where is the original certificate since this IS NOT THE ORIGINAL being displayed on the LA Times article? I've seen old birth certificate from Hawaii and this is not the original and highly suspect. The original certificate should have a form date equal to or older than the birth date. Which Hospital in Honolulu was he born in and at what time. Queens hospital, Kuakini Hospital, Kapiolani Hospital and Tripler Army Medical Center, the primary hospitals at the time all kept excellent records of births. Lastly, Mr Obama had to have been declared to be a US citizen in order to get a Secret Security Clearance or higher and to review sensitive materials as a member of congress. I wonder if this modern style birth certificate was created such that Mr Obama could obtain the security clearances. This certificate being shown was produced after the need for such a document. Maybe the doubters and Mr Alan Keyes are on to something. It makes me very suspicious and concerned. After all, Mr Obama lied or on purpose with held pertinent information about his illegal aunt being in the US.

The Constitution doesn't say native born, it says natural born. If the Messiah has nothing to fear then release the document sealed in Honolulu and embarrass the critics. If he has the goods then show them. Wonder why not? Remember, last year there was the short-lived controversy over McCain having been born in Coco Solo in the Canal Zone when his Dad was stationed there. Smokescreen?

Right on Mr. Keyes -- a perfect analysis of the situation.

If Obama were a natural born citizen, there would be no problem of handing over the original birth certificate. People should demand it too because when any ordinary person applies for a job, he or she is required to present a valid birth certificate. Obama has taken the highest job in the land and refused to produce that birth certificate.

This President has as much trouble with official documents as Bill Clinton had with his zipper. His Selective Service registration is reported to be a forgery too -- check out reporter Debbie Schlussel's website at

The big question is, WHY is he allowed to get away with it? What service is he doing for the rich and powerful? We know he's not a socialist or a communist as many in the media are trying to make us believe because he had far too many extremely wealthy supporters in his campaign. What is his real purpose then?

Could it be that Obama was installed to protect the interests of the wealthy and powerful in difficult times? Who better to put in office than a so-called "community organizer" and a "person of color" to make ordinary folks believe they are being represented when, in fact, they are not.

I can't stomach the commie Obama, but this guy Keyes is a certified nutball.

Case closed.

So where is the birth certificate? You can't even get a driver's license with a certificate of live birth. Have some more Kool Aid.

This is not a birth certificate. Its a Cert of Live birth which is totally different because it doesnt list the doctor or hospital etc that a birth certificate would list. This writer needs to get his facts straight. There are many out there who question Obams birth and he has spent millions to get lawsuits thrown out. Why ?? Just provide the proof !! How did he get into Pakistan years ago when it was illegal for US citizens to travel there ?? Why has he sealed his school records ?? - our Prez who talks about TRANSPARENCY , except when it applies to HIM. Keep up the good work Alan- something is not right here.

this guy is an idiot

If the above Hawaii birth certificate is a forgery and Obama is foreign-born, then a few amateur, highly partisan bloggers have deduced something that the FBI, CIA, Bush White House, and research teams of both Hillary Clinton and John McCain could not. The likelihood of that happening = nil.

But the bigger question is, why is anyone taking seriously a man who, time and time again, has proved himself to be the most insane person in politics?

I can't help but wonder why his birth certificate lacks the baby footprints. My Hawaiian BC has my footprints on the lower right. On Obama's BC this spot is blank which is why there is a large blank spot on his BC. His BC is formatted for the footprints but they are not there. His certificate number is blanked out too. Why?

This is not a birth certificate. Its a Cert of Live birth - there is a huge difference !! Get your facts straight. Obaams spends milions to stop lawsuits -why ??? Just provide the proof and they will all go away. Obama traveled to Pakistan years ago when it was illegal for us to go there . how did he do that ? Why did he have his school records sealed ? Because they show financial aid given to a FOREIGN studetnt perhaps. ?? THE ONE who talks about Transparency unless it involves him. Wake up !! There is something wrong and sinister here and thats why he is hiding things. Go alan go and get to the truth. The media wont do any investigative reporting- they just keep cheering him on no matter what he does or doesnt do.

Keyes is a moron. This nation does not need this sideshow. The economy is in shambles and all Keyes thinks about is the whuppin he received in the senate race.

The issue is who delievered BHO II and what hospital did the birth occur?????

Keyes is a moron. Covering his rant about Obama is just lame journalism. Don't we have some other things going on that are more important?

Oh come on.

Everyone who's followed politics for awhile knows that Keyes is a extreme right-wing fruitbat. He can't figure out the basic rights of the Consitution, never mind the finer points of citizenship.

I've also never heard that you could be "too young" to pass on your citizenship as a parent. That would imply that every teenage mother's child "possibly maybe isn't" american.

Yawn... clearly this guy Alan Keys needs to get over his loss back in 2004.

This reminds me of all the wack jobs on the left who think 911 is an inside job. Pethatic.

Alan Keys is right on target! I'm glad he is speaking out because I see a revolution happening soon. Obama is a communist and the collasp of the US is on it's way. Russia is now capitalistic and the US is now communist. Go figure how we stupid people fed into this damn hope and change.
PS. The Birth Certificate that you show here is simply a registration that any foreigner can apply for when they are in Hawaii. The Birth Certificate that is being hidden is the one from the Hospital that Obama was born. The mother should have medical records there... But... none has been provided. Obama has requested the information closed when it could resolve the issue immediately.

Obama could very easily end the questions if he were to stop fighting against making his full vault-copy birth certificate open and public to the American people.

That he is unwilling to do so is of concern - it's to be expected that Americans will keep asking "What has Obama got to hide?".

There will always be nutcases going on about this. It's silly and not worth responding to.

Maybe this is why he Killed E-VERIFY and is supporting Illegal Aliens over Americans !!

Obama has paid almost one million dollars to keep the official birth certificate secret,, why? Why should anyone have to take the word of a website that he is born a natural citizen? I want a court to tell me not some website. It's not me he is hiding it from, but from you, his supporter. Not one case has been 'won' on the merits but rather through sophisticated maneuverings of high priced lawyers. The truth is no one has ever seen the Birth Certificate needed to prove he is a citizen. To make matters worse, all but one of SCOTUS met behind closed doors with one side of this lawsuit. That to me is reason to ask all of those judges to resign immediately! For a supreme to discount law is inexcusable. The MSM is protecting a man they know isn't eligible or they would be all over this story. No, there is definitely something wrong here.

This Far Right Wingnut is really nuts - the only insane thing is him.

I am sorry, how is the ranting of a mentally deranged man news? This a story for the national enquirer, not an established newspaper. Stop giving this guy media attention.

Why does Obama have a team of lawyers whose sole duty is to prevent access to his immigration, U.S. naturalization, passport and college records? Why has he sealed those records from all public access? Why has he spent over $800,000 in legal fees already to hide his personal records? What information is he so desperate to hide from the American public?

Is there a cliff Alan Keyes can quitely jump off for our satisfaction: we can cheerfully urge the clown. Why does he not vanish? Keyes has been a failure on the political scene from day one and not having anything else to do with his life he harps on this issue that has been settled by the Supreme Court. Keyes a conservattive? If only he knew and understood that these hard core conservatives do accept the color of his skin: they are racist. Keyes is pathetic and a fool at best and this site gives this idiot space to continue this nonsense. A reason why the LATimes is losing ground--when will you people wise up and print important news and leave the tabloid crap to the New York Post which is toilet paper.

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