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Obama stimulus money for the arts? How to use it?

A singer of Opera, which is part of the arts scene

In case you're one of those simpy people who think a society and its members gain value and insight from frothy expensive things like the arts, instead of big, strong lasting stuff like steel bridges and concrete, the folks over at Culture Monster have something just for you.

The sometimes controversial National Endowment for the Arts got about $50 million -- a mere pittance in the ginormous numbers that President Obama and the rest of the crazy Capitol are tossing around now like peanut M&Ms -- in the $787-billion stimulus package.

So our blogging buddy Lisa Fung asked a bunch of people: If you were running the National Endowment for the Arts, what would you be doing with it or to it these days? The answers are over here.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Let's give the money to those who need it, like small business owners, etc. those who help to generate the economy! The arts can take care of themselves, plus isn't Hollywood part of the arts? they don't seem to be hurting!

Obama is making a very stupid move. He needs some wisdom from the Most High God. This money could be used for businesses that have taken out loans and can't pay them. There are so many different things he could use it for.


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