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Don't worry. All's well. Joe Biden got to the right German city OK

Now that's a pretzel-Americans from the same country as Vice president Joe Biden enjoy some beer too in Munich

Don't worry. Everything's fine with Vice President Biden.

As The Ticket reported, he was just a little confused earlier today when he referred to going to Berlin.

Fortunately, his Air Force pilot knew where the party was really going -- Munich.

No, not for a funeral yet. There's a military security conference going on there and Biden's speaking. He landed in a dense fog about 2 a.m. local time Saturday and went straight to his hotel. No beer gardens for the VP.

Earlier in the day in Virginia, Biden appeared at the same Democratic retreat as the president last night. Biden shared with everyone his impression of his new travel digs, no longer Amtrak, but Air Force Two.

"That's a nice plane," he said. "I always voted for public housing. Who knew it would be this good?"

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Why cant Obama make this Biden fellow redundant ?I cant believe that the current POTUS is so naive as to accept the wildest odds that Such a incompetent
clown is just a heartbeat away from the presidency.Biden just not meaures up to even the lowest standards.


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