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Full text of Gov. Bobby Jindal's Republican response

Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal, his wife Supriya and one of their two boys

Here is the full text of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's Republican response to President Obama's address to Congress tonight:

Americans Can Do Anything

Good evening. I'm Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana.

Tonight, we witnessed a great moment in the history of our republic. In the very chamber where Congress once voted to abolish slavery, our first African American president stepped forward to address the state of our union. With his speech tonight, the president completed a redemptive journey that took our nation from Independence Hall to Gettysburg to the lunch counter and now, finally, the Oval Office. 

Regardless of party, all Americans are moved by the president's personal story -- the son of an American mother and a Kenyan father, who grew up to become leader of the free world.  Like the president's father, my parents came to this country from a distant land. When they arrived in Baton Rouge, my mother was already 4½ months pregnant. I was what folks in the insurance industry now call a "preexisting condition." 

To find work, my dad picked up the Yellow Pages and started calling local businesses. Even after landing a job, he could still not afford to pay for my delivery -- so he worked out an installment plan with the doctor. Fortunately for me, he never missed a payment. 

As I grew up, my mom and dad taught me the values that attracted them to this country -- and they instilled in me an immigrant's wonder at the greatness of America. As a child, I remember going to the grocery store with my dad. Growing up in India, he had seen extreme poverty. And as we walked through the aisles, looking at the endless variety on the shelves, he would tell me: "Bobby, Americans can do anything." 

I still believe that to this day. Americans can do anything. When we pull together, there is no challenge we cannot overcome.

As the president made clear this evening, we are now in a time of challenge.  Many of you listening tonight have lost jobs. Others have seen your college and retirement savings dwindle. Many of ...

... you are worried about losing your healthcare and your homes. And you are looking to your elected leaders in Washington for solutions.

Republicans are ready to work with the new president to provide those solutions. Here in my state of Louisiana, we don't care what party you belong to if you have good ideas to make life better for our people. We need more of that attitude from both Democrats and Republicans in our nation's capital.

All of us want our economy to recover and our nation to prosper. So where we agree, Republicans must be the president's strongest partners. And where we disagree, Republicans have a responsibility to be candid and offer better ideas for a path forward. 

Today in Washington, some are promising that government will rescue us from the economic storms raging all around us. Those of us who lived through Hurricane Katrina, we have our doubts.   

Let me tell you a story.

During Katrina, I visited Sheriff Harry Lee, a Democrat and a good friend of mine.  When I walked into his makeshift office, I'd never seen him so angry. He was yelling into the phone: "Well, I'm the sheriff and if you don't like it you can come and arrest me!"  I asked him: "Sheriff, what's got you so mad?"  He told me that he had put out a call for volunteers to come with their boats to rescue people who were trapped on their rooftops by the floodwaters.   

The boats were all lined up ready to go -- when some bureaucrat showed up and told them they couldn't go out on the water unless they had proof of insurance and registration. I told him, "Sheriff, that's ridiculous." And before I knew it, he was yelling into the phone: "Congressman Jindal is here, and he says you can come and arrest him too!" Harry just told the boaters to ignore the bureaucrats and start rescuing people. 

There is a lesson in this experience: The strength of America is not found in our government. It is found in the compassionate hearts and enterprising spirit of our citizens. 

We are grateful for the support we have received from across the nation for the ongoing recovery efforts.  This spirit got Louisiana through the hurricanes -- and this spirit will get our nation through the storms we face today.

To solve our current problems, Washington must lead. But the way to lead is not to raise taxes and put more money and power in hands of Washington politicians. The way to lead is by empowering you -- the American people. Because we believe that Americans can do anything. 

That is why Republicans put forward plans to create jobs by lowering income tax rates for working families, cutting taxes for small businesses, strengthening incentives for businesses to invest in new equipment and hire new workers, and stabilizing home values by creating a new tax credit for home-buyers.   

These plans would cost less and create more jobs. 

But Democratic leaders in Congress rejected this approach. Instead of trusting us to make wise decisions with our own money, they passed the largest government spending bill in history -- with a price tag of more than $1 trillion with interest. 

While some of the projects in the bill make sense, their legislation is larded with wasteful spending. It includes $300 million to buy new cars for the government, $8 billion for high-speed rail projects, such as a "magnetic levitation" line from Las Vegas to Disneyland, and $140 million for something called "volcano monitoring."  Instead of monitoring volcanoes, what Congress should be monitoring is the eruption of spending in Washington, D.C. 

Democratic leaders say their legislation will grow the economy. What it will do is grow the government, increase our taxes down the line and saddle future generations with debt. 

Who among us would ask our children for a loan so we could spend money we do not have, on things we do not need? That is precisely what the Democrats in Congress just did. It's irresponsible. And it's no way to strengthen our economy, create jobs or build a prosperous future for our children.

In Louisiana, we took a different approach. Since I became governor, we cut more than 250 earmarks from our state budget. And to create jobs for our citizens, we cut taxes six times -- including the largest income tax cut in the history of our state. 

We passed those tax cuts with bipartisan majorities.  Republicans and Democrats put aside their differences and worked together to make sure our people could keep more of what they earn. If it can be done in Baton Rouge, surely it can be done in Washington, D.C.

To strengthen our economy, we need urgent action to keep energy prices down. All of us remember what it felt like to pay $4 at the pump -- and unless we act now, those prices will return. To stop that from happening, we need to increase conservation, increase energy efficiency, increase the use of alternative and renewable fuels, increase our use of nuclear power and increase drilling for oil and gas here at home. 

We believe that Americans can do anything -- and if we unleash the innovative spirit of our citizens, we can achieve energy independence.

To strengthen our economy, we also need to address the crisis in healthcare. Republicans believe in a simple principle: No American should have to worry about losing their health coverage -- period.

We stand for universal access to affordable healthcare coverage. We oppose universal government-run healthcare. Healthcare decisions should be made by doctors and patients -- not by government bureaucrats. We believe Americans can do anything -- and if we put aside partisan politics and work together, we can make our system of private medicine affordable and accessible for every one of our citizens.            

To strengthen our economy, we also need to make sure every child in America gets the best possible education. After Katrina, we reinvented the New Orleans school system -- opening dozens of new charter schools and creating a new scholarship program that is giving parents the chance to send their children to private or parochial schools of their choice. We believe that, with the proper education, the children of America can do anything. And it should not take a devastating storm to bring this kind of innovation to education in our country.            

To strengthen our economy, we must promote confidence in America by ensuring ours is the most ethical and transparent system in the world.  In my home state, there used to be saying: At any given time, half of Louisiana is underwater -- and the other half is under indictment.   

No one says that anymore. Last year, we passed some of the strongest ethics laws in the nation -- and today, Louisiana has turned her back on the corruption of the past. We need to bring transparency to Washington, D.C. -- so we can rid our Capitol of corruption and ensure we never see the passage of another trillion-dollar spending bill that Congress has not even read and the American people haven't even seen.

As we take these steps, we must remember for all our troubles at home, dangerous enemies still seek our destruction.  Now is no time to dismantle the defenses that have protected this country for hundreds of years, or make deep cuts in funding for our troops. 

America's fighting men and women can do anything. And if we give them the resources they need, they will stay on the offensive, defeat our enemies and protect us from harm.

In all these areas, Republicans want to work with President Obama. We appreciate his message of hope -- but sometimes it seems we look for hope in different places. Democratic leaders in Washington place their hope in the federal government. We place our hope in you -- the American people.

In the end, it comes down to an honest and fundamental disagreement about the proper role of government. We oppose the national Democrats' view that says the way to strengthen our country is to increase dependence on government. We believe the way to strengthen our country is to restrain spending in Washington and empower individuals and small businesses to grow our economy and create jobs.            

In recent years, these distinctions in philosophy became less clear because our party got away from its principles. You elected Republicans to champion limited government, fiscal discipline and personal responsibility.  Instead, Republicans went along with earmarks and big government spending in Washington.  Republicans lost your trust -- and rightly so.

Tonight, on behalf of our leaders in Congress and my fellow Republican governors, I say:  Our party is determined to regain your trust. We will do so by standing up for the principles that we share -- the principles you elected us to fight for -- the principles that built this into the greatest, most prosperous country on Earth.

A few weeks ago, the president warned that our nation is facing a crisis that he said "we may not be able to reverse."  Our troubles are real, to be sure. But don't let anyone tell you that we cannot recover -- or that America's best days are behind her.   

This is the nation that cast off the scourge of slavery, overcame the Great Depression, prevailed in two World Wars, won the struggle for civil rights, defeated the Soviet menace and responded with determined courage to the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.   

The American spirit has triumphed over almost every form of adversity known to man -- and the American spirit will triumph again. 

We can have confidence in our future -- because, amid today's challenges, we also count many blessings:  We have the most innovative citizens, the most abundant resources, the most resilient economy, the most powerful military and the freest political system in the history of the world.   

My fellow citizens, never forget: We are Americans. And like my dad said years ago, Americans can do anything. 

Thank you for listening.  God bless you.  And God bless America.


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Photo: Associated Press

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There is something about Bobby Jindal that I am not able to put my finger on. He is not coming across as a governor for his people. He is coming across more like an egocentric ruler.

Is not Sheriff Harry Lee the sheriff that sent his deputies out on the bridge and told them to shoot anybody trying to come into his domain from New Orleans after Katrina?

All this from a governor from a state with an economy resembling an Emerging Country?
I'd be reluctant to turn one red cent over to the state of Louisiana. So maybe his experience says something. Corruption has deep roots there.
Jindal sounds like the economy went to hell in a manner of just a few weeks on Obama's watch.
We all know that's not so.
It doesn't take much of a memory to figure out where this mess we're in came from, and when
Bush and his Republican, free-market, Ayn Rand radicals were running the country.
Maybe Jindal should try and figure out who got the $350 billion before he attacks Obama.
Jindal seems like a decent guy, but he's in the party of thieves.
And based upon opinion polls after the President's speech tonight, it looks like two-thirds of Americans may think so, too.

He's very obviously posturing for the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination.

i thought i was listening to Mr Rogers.

My sentiments exactly, Mr. Jindal. Our country has flourished in the wake of hard working, innovative and inventive citizens and not by rewarding those whom choose to just sit back and wait on free money. I am neither republican nor democrat. I believe in the principles written in our constitution that EVERY american citizen reguardless of race or ethnic background, has the free right to prosper by hard work and diligence. This massive government intervention will only add a burden to our children and their children. More government and less encouragement to get out there, be innovative, be inventive and be as productive as you can will only lead to more noncontributors to society. Also, the influx of non citizens from our borders must be curtailed. The overburden of free sevices to these individuals as their income for the most part, returns to their country, is not only criminal but, not fair to those that are paying income taxes in our country.

Outside of a blatant attempt to use the air time to his own advantage by recounting a large chunk of his personal history, Jindal's reply was just more of the same old 'tax cuts fix everything' rant that Republicans seem fixated on, ignoring what their behavior did in the last eight years to help get us into this mess.

I'm quite sure that some family in Louisians right now, whose breadwinner has lost his or her job through no fault of their own, is just overwhelmed to hear that Jindal's answer to their pressing needs is to reject any additional unemployment benefits (read: additional time to find a new job while not starving or losing their home). "We can do anything" is a fair enough statement, but pulling the financial support out from under hurting people doesn't seem to be the RIGHT thing. It's just a heartless show of political opposition.

Is it me, or did Jindal seem to try to blame Democcrats and Obama for the lack of response to Katrina? Did he forget who was at the helm during that rescue fiasco? And why does he repeat the myth about "'magnetic levitation' line from Las Vegas to Disneyland?" We all know there is no such thing, but Republicans are still saying anything, knowing their faithful will drink the Kool Aid. If anyone wonders why the Republican party is in decline, they only need to look at the hyperbole and lies as well as their lack of any real desire to help average Americans.

The speech "reads" better than his delivery last night. I've seen him on Meet the Press and some of the other shows. I wish he'd had that same sense of ease that he'd had on other shows. He looked like a deer in the headlights last night, which is unfortunate, as his speech is actually spot-on in terms of content.

Why would anyone support the GOP at this point? Oh wait, I forgot about greed.

Jindal may not be a good man, but at least he knows what he wants - Money!

Jindal sounds compassionate, but it's the same "cutting taxes, less government" approach. We need something else. It's not that I don't believe these ideas can work, but it's that OBVIOUSLY for the last 8 years they haven't. I don't believe in handouts. I believe in the hard work ethic of the American people, but when an overall spiraling economy is staring you in the face, the government needs to do something. We are obviously experimenting with this economic recession...this time around, spending on WWII won't get us out, because the Iraq war is a HUGE part of what got us in the mess. Historically, the government has to spend money to get us out. We have to pull together. If we continue to see the glass half empty, it will only take us longer to pull through, but we CAN and will do it.

Fine speech, but Americans are not going to view Republicans favourably for some time because of war, unemployment, deficits and loss of wealth that have occurred during a period where Republicans controlled the White House and House of Representatives for 8 years, and the Senate for 4 years. If I were Jindal, I'd continue to just work like a dog, and not think about a presidential run in 2012. Too early. He'll still be a young man in 2016.

One, I once was a resident of Louisiana (back when the earth was cooling). I attended LSU and I'm still mighty proud of that.

Two, I agree (or did until Gov. Jindal tried to respond to Pres. Obama) that finally Louisiana elected a governor that was both smart and honest. He was either (somewhat, a little, a whole lot -- take your pick) dishonest or at least (ignorant, stupid, comatose -- take your pick) on most of the alleged facts he threw at the public following Pres. Obama's address to both houses of Congress and to the rest of the world.

Three, I am still (at least for the moment) a registered Republican. I don't think you have to be told that I am now very uncomfortable with that label. My (current) political party is seemingly totally unaware of both history and basic economics. Either that or the GOP has forgotten honesty!

God bless the USA.

This guy is preaching his "Party" line to morons. Horrible speech. I'd like to debate him myself, but I'd rather watch someone like Naomi Klein tear him up. Personally, I'm tired of Republican Party treachery and deception and as they show their true colors, more and more will catch on.
I have closely watched this crisis build all my life as a dem, & as a repub, now as a person who realizes that both party’s are a sham. Nobody speaks the truth because of self interest. The truth is that our country is ruled by corporations and the wealthy at the expense of the “common” man. And the truth is that the perseverance, honesty, integrity, and hard work of the “common” American man (and woman), and the “small” entrepreneur is what made this country so great in spite of all the burdens placed upon him by the corporate rulers. The working families have been trampled and bled at the alter of money and power. As long as I have been alive, (I am 50), I have seen NO evidence of a country “For the People, by the People”, but a country “for Business, by Business” and all else be damned. Our country is hurting because the people who do all the hard work have no voice and the ones on the gravy train make all the rules and break them as they wish. “The People” do not make the laws of this country, they are kept in tight check while fraud, corruption, tax evasion, subsidies, and criminal activity at the top are allowed to be swept under the table by the wealthy and politically connected. I have seen many laws and tax breaks over the years help the Corporate elite and the wealthy drastically, while they would throw in a piece of bread for the common man and tell us that what is good for them is good for us. When the Republicans say “Tax break” they mean millions for each of them and fifty cents for the working families while they think up a new way to funnel money from the “working man” to pay for it all. DO NOT TRUST THEM WHEN THEY SAY “Tax Break”. We’ve all seen this game before.

The GOP is doomed....thankfully!

Bobby Jindal's Republican Response = Epic Fail

Barack Obama - FTW!

This man is my new hero. My only complaint is that he makes it sound as if the Republicans aren't as big spending as the Democrats. They in fact ARE, and believe just as strongly as a party that government is the solution. Bush was a terrible president, but it had nothing to do with supposed "free Market" or "randian" ideologies which he CERTAINLY did not have.

I have read and listened to apologists within the GOP say Bobby was usually much better than he was last evening etc etc....but he weakly said what the GOP presently says: govt is big (they made it the largest in our history); we are spending too much (they gave us the huge deficit); and
tax cuts are the solution (they gave tax cuts to the wealthy and Obama wants to give tax cuts to 95% of Americans.

Sad to say if the GOP must now choose between Sarah and Bobby has their next candidate to run in the presidential election. They are both without much merit or ideas or stature.

Whoa there.....people are a bit critical of Mr. Jindal, without commenting on the CONTENT of his speech. This is usually a sign of a "prexisting condition" known as Inattentive Blindness. This condition is an epidemic and cause one to become unable to read and think while attacking characters rather than content. But there is hope.....
A vaccine is available for those who wish to use their intelligence, rather than their emotions. The vaccine can be formulated in the comfort of your own home by ingredients you probably already have! Here's the recipe:
Daily review content from a VARIETY of sources, including but not limited to: left leaning publications (NYT) and talk radio (NPR), AND conservative publications (WSJ) and talk radio (RUSH). Then, because you are an adult, THINK!
Love Mr. Jindal ~ look forward to his running for a much BIGGER public office in the near future!

Bobby Jindal, hypocrite, talks big about rejecting a $3.8 stimulus for his state, but doesn't mention he accepted $3.7 billion of stimulus:

Louisiana needs that money just like the rest of the country. We alreay have a president, did he miss the election or even the primaries? He sounded like he's trying to run for office. The Republicans raise so much hell, lying on President Obama, trying to say he's not American. Obama is way more American than this clown. Louisiana needs to send this man a message and tell him to enjoy the time he's in there because he won't be Governor there anymore. Trip!

The ignorance of those who think that this all came to be in the past eight years is a contributing factor to why the world at large views Americans as lazy, short sighted, uneducated philistines.

Way to go. Keep up the good work.

So buddy is against volcano monitoring? Something that could, and has actually saved thousands of lives in your country?

Does he know that you have 65 active volcanoes? Does he realize that one of them has actually erupted within the last 30 years, and that it was monitoring that saved thousands of lives?

Coming from a guy who's state was smoked by a hurricane... you'd think he'd know better.

Oh... whoops, he's a Republican. I take my last point back. Republicans don't actually learn from their mistakes. They stay the course.

No wonder the US is such a mess.

Is this guy the GOPs new Dishonesty Czar?

He seems to be a good match for the job.

Lol...I love that the radical right sees NPR as 'liberal'. If there is anything approaching balanced coverage, NPR is the definition.

great speech. Of course the liberals don't like it. Won't matter in four years what they like when they see that their star hasn't fixed anything and their views on a utopian society cannot be accomplished without bankrupting the country and putting it in the hands of the government. So typical the comments on here. Hurry now, Rachel Maddows show starts soon. LOL

We are in middle of a huge recession. Consumer confidence is too low. I am un-employed. If I get tax break of 6k dollars, will I start spending like there is no tomorrow. A definite NO. As against that if I get a job at an infrastructure project say highway maintenance and I am assured that job will be stable for atleast 2 years, will I increase spending then. An absolute YES. Guys, pick your choice. Republicans keep ranting tax cuts. But will that bring back consumer confidence. Will it spurt spending.

The rebuttal was an articulate answer to the comments of Mr. Obama. The country needs to have respectful dialog between well intended men and women of strong coherent convictions. The results of the dialog then need to be presented to our deliberative bodies and in a democratic manner voted upon.

Republicans are a part of this process. Presently the republican view is in the minority. Minority views are not necessarily wrong (remember Martin Luther King). It is in the best interest of our country to maintan a balance of power with a diversity of views being presented and debated. All Americans should be given access to the debate, including republicans.

The comments on this blog regarding the republican response were in large part not respectful. They lacked coherent rebutall. Unfortunately for us all they represent the type of responses that continue to polarize our political process. These responses demonstrate a profound lack of thoughtfullness and insight into the political values of Mr. Jindal.

If we are to believe that Mr. Obama's idealism of bipartisanship is necessary at this time then these sorts of remarks need to change. Calling each other names or demonizing each other will not result in thoughtful policy or law.

I live a few miles from the Mt. St. Helens (Cascades) Volcano Observatory in Vancouver, Washington. I'm aware of continuous operations on the mountain and in the caldera to monitor something that can burp with the force a nuclear weapon. If Governor Jindal thinks volcano observatories are superfluous, perhaps he wouldn't mind also blocking all US Government weather data reporting systems (airborne, spaceborne, etc.) accessible to *his* state?
Cute speech - that's if he had been giving it to his peers in an eighth grade classroom. Being folksy and critical is not enough to lead. Good luck in 2012, pal.

The reason our Economy is in the dumper is very simple, we have exported our jobs to third world countries like China. The Democrats and Republicans have allowed H1B visas that eliminate American jobs in favor of Foreigners. We have unlimited Illegal Immigration.

No country that destroys its own Economy will prosper and you can thank our Congress, past Presidents and current Presidents for this depression.

No amount of borrowed spending will create new jobs. We need to stop the outsourcing and insourcing of Foeriegn labor to rebuild our Economy.

90% of the people here are so ignorant.
I'm 18 and i know more than alot of you.
Yes, Bush was a bad president but to place the blame completely on him and forget other peoples roles is ridiculous. Outsourcing of jobs, democrats constantly blocking Bush.
and for the guy who claims that he's running for office in 2012, 1) you're wrong he'll wait til 2016 unless Obama loses a significant amount of popularity 2) Obama Hillary and McCain all started campaigning four years ago.

I think Jindall's right. We need to get rid of Bureaucrats, not add more. I truly love America and i hope Obama can get the job done, but i don't believe his policies are correct, unfortunatly.

Pay attention to Logan.
History, a novel concept.

All politicians at this point fall on the greed radar... but after this $787billion stimulus and several more billion, I can not say that any one party is at fault. An overhaul of all of Washington D.C. is necessary; clean out Congress!

Relatively larger welfare and stimulus programs have always backfired. Ignorant fools, learn from LBJ's mistake!

This guy is an idiot. What? Don't monitor volcanos? He should know better. He might as well said "don't monitor hurricanes".

To defeat Barack in 2012 will take an act of God. You cannot fault Bobby for trying. Bobby's issue is appearance. He does not use TV well. He has a hard look, and his diction did not flow-he rushed the speech. He's got to breathe easy and soften his looks. He'll get better with time. 2016.

The winner here is America. We've got a black President, we've got a black GOP Chairman, and an Indian guy has a good chance of winning his party's nomination for presidency. There's something happening here.

God bless The United States of America.

cool man, No worries.

Jindal is a major stellar media sellout Joke; he is so happy with taking $374 mil of $375 of federal taxpayer money for his wrecked state, which is the bottom 5 in our country; but preaches against stimulus for rest of U.S., whines about our 'barely one month in hardest job in U.S. or world, right now' Pres; and how well has Jindal done? not even a little bit wonderful; and since when is it open season to deride our POTUS on nat'l tv and live broadcast an "opposition/rebuttal" to a Presidential State of the Union????? WTF?!!! that is our elected leader, who not only warrants more than a barely month old job performance eval. but also a modicum of respect/restraint from worldwide tv "opposing state of the union address"; another emptyhead negative token puppet too, he and palin together would be twilight zone

to 'Philip', well said;
Jindal is a major stellar media sellout Joke; he is so happy with taking $3.7BILLION of stimulus taxpayer money for his wrecked state, which is the bottom 5 in our country; but preaches against stimulus for rest of U.S., whines about our 'barely one month in hardest job in U.S. right' now Pres; and how well has Jindal done? not even a little bit wonderful; and since when is it open season to deride our POTUS on world tv live broadcast an "opposition/rebuttal" to a Presidential Address????? WTF?!!! that is our elected leader, who not only warrants more than a barely one month job performance eval. but also a modicum of respect/restraint from "opposing nat'l address"; another emptyhead negative token puppet too, he and palin together would be twilight zone candy

This was a speechless moment fo every or the majority of americans who watched this response of a robot or a total space out person. My 6 year old daughter thought it was a special on Barney as she sat with me on the couch watching.

If this is the kind of talent pool the Republican Party has to throw out there with Gov. Sarah Palin, Sen. Michelle Backman, GOP Leader Steele, and now Gov. Bobby Jindal, all I have to say, is Wow and Wow. To support these people as a leader and vote for them is a representation of yourself and how far out you are to even send anybody up there with lack of understanding of whats happening today.

This man was totally clueless and seemed lost with everything and a viewer responded very well by calling him a cross between ''Mr. Rogers and Elmo'' and that was being tasteful by that person who sent that to CNN and Jack blog. I cant believe that the Republican Party are trying to sell the american public as being totally brain dead. What I see is them losing more and more crediability and will lose more seats come 2010 for this kind of non sense and lose of grip on reality.

For any person to agree with what Bobby Jindal layed out and can even say, he was talking about today instead of yesterday. I will say, you need immediate medical help and somebody need to rush you back to school and stimulate your mind because thats a terrible thing to waste. Many Republicans are wasting there with no creative ideals nor a plan to go forward, basically stuck on stupid.

Be prepared to lose more seats even in the south come election time because all of america is watching how slow and how many ideals all of them have which is none.

Why are people concentrating on what Gov. Jindal looked and sounded like? I believe that Gov. Jindal is a very intelligent person, and truly has the American people, and their best interests, at heart. He did not bash democrats, but simply stated that the American people weren't involved in the process of this "stimulus" package. Had this been presented to the public, It most likely would not be an issue now.

Most of the comments on this forum are focused on the unemployment portion. Why do hard working Americans have to pay a penalty for people who are not working? Granted people get laid off/fired everyday, and I am not saying that those people should not get compensation, but at the same time there needs to be a GOOD program in place that can track their progress in procuring another job. Extending unemployment is only going to cause more problems at a "local" level, and where will Washington be when it comes time for the States to come up with this money out of their budget?

Governor Jinal is looking out for the American taxpayer (because if you aren't a tax-paying citizen, do you really have a right to comment?) and safe guarding the funds that the American people work so hard for. It is American's like Governor Jindal that are the future of our Country.

Before commenting on someone's "character", please do the research. Governor Jindal has done so much for the people of Louisiana, and the State of Louisiana itself.

Governor Jindal has made tremendous strides for Louisiana, and I believe he is well respected across this State because of his hard work and dedication to the people.

the guy sounded like he was telling a night time story to a 6 year old. If i heard him say we can do anything one more time, I was going to puke. one of his prime examples of waste was 140mil on volcano watching. uh that's alittle oginization known as the usgs. it has been inadiquitly funded for years. this dumbo did not realize that it is the same orginization responsible for advanced notification of all disasters like....HURICANES. ASSHOLE

Let's do away with this dreck about "Republican ideas didn't work for the past eight years. It's time for something else." What "something else"? Big Brother & so-called benevolent government?
You're exactly right. The Republican ideas Jindal is talking about didn't work for the past eight years. They didn't work--because they weren't tried! We tried being too much like you spendthrift libs and look where it's got us. Get real.
I don't agree with Gov. Jindal on one thing--our best days are definitely behind us with this clown now in office. The Socialist States of America--that's what we'll be.

Who gives Jindal power to decide what money we get from the Federal Government? Is it true that we (taxpayers) pay for everything anyway? I will campaign AGAINST Jindal for the next election and God knows I hope he doesn't run for president!!!!!!!!!!!!

His previous public service includes time as the Louisiana Secretary of Department of Health & Hospitals, Executive Director of the National Bipartisan Commission on the Future of Medicare, and Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation in the U.S.

Instead of trusting us to make wise decisions with our own money, they passed the largest government spending bill in history

Very well said. I agree with others who said that this speech is much better. I think he's getting better and better.


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