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First Couple's First Dance on Obama's Inauguration Night

President Barack Obama and new First Lady Michelle Obama have their first dance at the first of 10 inaugural balls in Washington 1-20-09

Long day turns into long night.

The nation's newest President, Barack Obama, took his wife Michelle out dancing tonight -- 10 times.

They'll hit 10 different balls across Washington after his inauguration as the 44th president today at noon. We've got video of the dance and Obama's dance remarks on the jump (Scroll down or click on the "Read more" line).

Or blogging colleague Mark Silva has some more info on the balls and The Dress over at the Swamp.

--Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credit: Alex Brandon / Associated Press

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Mr. President and First Lady Obama:
Congratulations to you and your family. Congrats to the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. Truly a new day has dawned. It would be hard to imagine, if at this moment you're not nearly frained for the day. I am. Up since 5:30 am. Recording, praying, printing, praying watching, and Praising.Celebrating your taking over the helm. Haven't even begun to watch what I taped. Here, home in Ohio. It feels as though I was literally there. Thank you technology! It's as though I'm being driven to log this historical occassion. For my deceased parents, the past, the future? Don't know . Don't care. The joy is over powering. Our difference? You are the Leader of this great country. I merely only have to do my part in renewing and reconcilliating.
Enjoy Dear Ones. Tomorrow is an even bigger beginning for us all.
May God continue to bless this journey. May HE bless all, HIS mankind.
Good night.

I was disappointed in the choice of the dress. tooo fluffy, and was getting in her way, and did not flatter her figure.


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