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Barack Obama meets Spider-Man in just four more days

January 10, 2009 |  2:44 pm

Ten days until the presidential inauguration.

But only four more days until the special Marvel Comics issue with the cover portrayal of American popular culture's newest superhero, President-elect Barack Obama.

Good luck living up to these expectations in coming months.

Obama has been on the cover of numerous publications in recent weeks, seeking to capitalize on his current popularity.

For now, it's probably fun to be portrayed this way. Geoff Boucher over on Hero Complex has the full story on Super B or whatever they're calling him. And, interestingly, some comic portrayals of past presidents, including one that might surprise you.

A hint: his initials are RMN.

Also, in the interests of equal opportunity offending, we're adding on the "Read more" jump here a female super-heroine from the other side, except she lost.

--Andrew Malcolm

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The cover of the upcoming Spiderman issue of Marvel comics with Democrat president-elect Barack Obama

Alaska Republican governor and hockey mom Sarah Palin Miracle on Ice poster that didn't really come to pass for her, yet anyway