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Official White House photo of Barack Obama, the 44th president

Official White House photograph of Barack Obama

Coming to a post office near you very soon.

The official presidential photo of Barack Obama, 44th president of the United States, released Wednesday.

After all that on-again, off-again campaign talk about silly symbols, Obama decided to go with the flag pin after all.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Pete Souza / White House photographer-designate. His website is here.

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Is he the most photogenic president EVER? Seriously -- I've never seen a bad picture of this man.

This might be worth a trip to rural Mississippi or Alabama or Georgia. I want to see those old racists standing in line while this guy stares at them from the wall.

So many risked so much for so long for this to happen.

Best of luck, Mr. President!!!

I would have chosen a better tie...

That's my President. Looking good. Looking real good.

All the best Mr.obama.

I would have chosen the shirtless Hawaiian photo :)

He should have a pair of glasses perched on the end of his nose like Malcolm does. It adds an air ne sais quoi, M. Curry.

What the heck is that flag pin doing on his lapel?

I thought The One said that flag pins were fake patriotism.

Flag pin?

Must have found his in the last couple of days. Maybe he'll start placing his hand over his heart during the national anthem.

Up next: saluting the military.

...and he shaved his profuse ear hair for the occasion! Bravo!

So you really think the flag that I proudly worn in Iraq and saw draped over colleague's coffins is just another silly symbol?

This was the 1st photo taken by digital camera. They could have added the pin and removed wrinkles, etc. Is anything about this guy real?

Altar Eggo---this might be the best ever---knocks the real Marlboro man out of the saddle!!

Gee, what's that you say: Obama (blessed be his name )is a lying hypocrite? Who could have guessed?

Not MY president. I will give him the same respect the libtards gave my president over the last 8 years...NONE. A Chicago thug with no qualifications buys the presidency and the MSM fawns all over him. Yeah, something to be real proud about. Good grief.

Hmm... looks like he borrowed a suit from Ralph Nader. Wish the photo looks a little neater. A white shirt would've been better - go classic.

Love the flag pin, but since he says it's a meaningless symbol displayed by those who feign patriotism but have none, why do you suppose he's wearing it?

You should all be ashamed.

The most inexperienced POTUS ever. God help us all. I bet Michelle tied the tie. Look at that it, you can see the shirt above the tie. Sloppy.

Whatever happened to: "The truth is that right after 9/11 I had a pin," Obama said. "Shortly after 9/11, particularly because as we're talking about the Iraq war, that became a substitute for I think true patriotism, which is speaking out on issues that are of importance to our national security. I decided I won't wear that pin on my chest," he said in the interview. "Instead, I'm going to try to tell the American people what I believe will make this country great, and hopefully that will be a testament to my patriotism." ?

This guys wears his principles like he wears his flag pin. Whenever it suits his needs.

If you are not a liberal at age twenty, you have no heart. If you are still a liberal at age forty, you have no brain! Winston Churchhill

Wasn't to long ago he wouldn't even wear a Ameircan flag pin. What a hypocrite!! God help America.

Does anybody notice how his chosen one's seem to all be corrupt? No problem because the acorn does not fall far from the tree....I'm quoting Obama. Illinois is full of corruption and he is nothing but a corrupt politician. If we are attacked on US soil, I will blame all who voted for this weak Dem of a loser man.

Love the snarky comment about the flag pin.

With Bush/Cheney out of office, the flag pin will no longer be an implicit symbol of support for right-wing, neoconservative chest-thumping, but will return to being a simple symbol of love for this country. How many Fox News reporters will now stop wearing their pins?


He went with the flag pin bcs he's trying to play the centrist role & not piss everyone off at the get go. It is a more respectful tone to those who have died & fought for liberty.
But should you trust a man who would choose not to identify with the outward trappings of liberty on the outset, and then later identify with them for a photo op?
Methinks not.

"I decided I won't wear that pin on my chest" - Barack Obama

THE THIN MAN. Good to see someone that looks so fit in office. Sets an example for us all.

I finally (after 40 years of waiting, I'm 60 now) have someone representing me to the World that I feel great about. THIS is the new face of America and he really represents us all. WE the people! Thanks Thin Man! Thank-you America! You have done yourself proud!

America the beautiful!

This is the most proud I've ever been of my country. Possibly the first time, ever. It's just that the bad has so outweighed the good until this point. Now things are looking up.

Am I the only person who thinks he has a massive head in this photo?

Beats the heck out of any photo of GWB. Thank God we have an intelligent man in the White House, not to mention his amazing partner, Michelle Obama. Nothing but optimism here.

Karsh is missed!

Nothing will "change" under Obama!
It is my belief things will probably get worst,
because of Obama's inexperience and socialist leanings!
Don't be fooled by the media's or Hollywood's nieve outlook.
Tough times are ahead for America!

Mr. Cool Hand Bary. He was confused about how many states are in the union. His birth certificate was safely hidden away in a state vault. And he has less experience than the governor of Alaska. He brings to the White House nothing of his own but a bluff. But sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand. It did, afterall, get him into the Oval Office.

Wow! I have read the comments here and it seems to me people are condeming him before he has a chance to lead. Most politician have their own agenda they all want to help themselves. You hope that you voted for the one least corrupted. I believe Obama will do his best to turn this country around, it is not going to be easy and it will take time but what was our alternative? I expect great things from this president. Only time will tell. But we need to give him the opportunity.

Well we got rid of one bunch of crooks and put in another bunch only worse this time...Good Luck America!!! We are gonna need all of Gods Blessings we can mustard.....

Is that a 57 star flag on his lapel??

God, some of you are just so stuck in your own ways! Can't you see how he is a great man and no matter what it is an HONOR to have him as our President. Someone who is so passionate about the good of the United States? Which it doesn't seem like has been going on for the past 8 years? He will make this country believe in itself and will make us to be proud to be Americans again. I haven't felt that in 8 years either.

For all the people who have negative things to say of how President Obama looks or what he wears or what his politics or experience is, please take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself, 'what am I doing to move forward to make this country a great place to live'; or, 'am I am just being stuck on stupid, inspiring no one, learning nothing'???

Grow up and move forward!

The "mess" is getting cleaned up fast..gone are the days of secret government....America returning to world leadership through example...

January 22, 2009
1. Review and Disposition of Individuals Detained at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base and Closure of Detention Facilities
2. Review of Detention Policy Options
3. Ensuring Lawful Interrogations

January 21, 2009
1. Presidential Records
2. Ethics Commitments by Executive Branch Personnel

now thats what i call the face of AMERICA

this is scary.


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