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Single mom lashes back at Ann Coulter, who loves it

Loyal Ticket readers with memories spanning all the way back to Wednesday may recall we had an early morning item then titled "Ann Coulter, our TV's guilty addiction, back again--and again."  (We'll wait here a minute while you click that line and read it.)

The item described how much many of us love to hate the conservative pundit with the very long hair and short skirts and stiletto-style speech, who says such provocative things that television can't resist her and her books fly off the shelves and viewers talk back at their TV screens as if Ann could hear them. Or cared.

Ann had just been on Tuesday's CBS "Early Show" and was scheduled for WednesdConservative author and pundit Ann Coulter on NBC's Today Show 1-7-09 click on the Read more line below to see the video of this appearanceay's "Today Show" because, you'd never guess, she has a new book out and, as usual, it has numerous declarative sentences. And she says pointed things too.

Before reading further, watch the NBC video we've added here on the jump (click the "Read more" line below.)

Well, a few hours after that NBC broadcast, into our e-mail box plopped a stinging rebuttal to Coulter's Theory on Single Parenting, which is that single moms, abetted by a cheering and enabling liberal media, are responsible for much of American society's ills, especially crime and violence because there's no male influence around to tame the younglings.

Her theory, perhaps not by accident we're just saying, is especially provocative given the impending inauguration of a new president who was raised by a single mom and grandparents.

The rebutter here today is Rachel Sarah, identified as a single mom from the Bay Area, who contributes to a mothers website. And we decided to give her some space to respond.

Dear Ann,

Do you mind if I call you by first name? I wouldn't want to insult you. After all, I'm a single mom and the cause of every societal problem out there today. It's clear that you've studied us for years, with all those surveys you compiled for your recent book, "Guilty: Liberal 'Victims' and Their Assault on America."

But I'm not sure how many of us you've spoken to in real life? I just watched your interview on the "Today" show with Matt Lauer. He read your excerpt:

"Look at any societal problem, and it is a problem of single motherhood." When Lauer referred to your claim as "outrageous," you replied: "It's not outrageous, it's a fact."

"Do you think that EVERY society problem is due to single mothers?" Lauer asked.

Maybe not every problem, but most. You went on to explain that single moms -- by giving birth to "illegitimate babies ... being raised without fathers" -- are responsible for daily murders and rapes, as well as 70% of the men in prison. Oh, you poor thing.

You must be really suffering since Barack Obama -- who was raised by a single mom -- won our presidential election. It's too bad you can't go back to the days of Dan Quayle, when he attacked "Murphy Brown," the sitcom, for featuring a lead character who decided to become a single mom.

You two would have been quite a pair, with all of your scapegoating of single mothers.

Sarah had more to say and she's posted it over here. Have your say too below in the Comments section.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credit: NBC, The Today Show

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Ann Coulter is so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is beloved in the Latino community!!!!!!

I can assure you if you had more loving mothers and fathers in the household raising their children as parents should do, there would be a lot less space for places like Facebook, MTV, and YouTube, feeding young impressionable teens a lot of mis-information. With a MON/DAD united community front, schools would be in much better shape going back to teaching reading writing and arithmatic. Parents would be in a much better position to shape their young ones idealogy.

Ann is not saying that a single parent can't sucessfully raise a (child)ren to be positive productive members of society. Though, I would agree that the success rate is very much lower doing it in this fashion. She is making a point that the breakdown of the family structure(mother/father/children) is what's causing the social ills in our nation. If it takes a man and a woman to produce a child, then naturally, it would take a man and a woman to raise that child to maximize the success of that child being emotionally stable and becoming a positive productive member of society. This is a very simple matter to understand if you remove all the spin from it. Plus, in my opinion, I think a woman who was married to the (child)ren's loving father when she became a widow, have a "better" success rate raising her children on her own than a mother who never married the father.

Hey lady all Ann said is single motherhood is not the best thing for the child! That is absolutely true!!!!

First, Andrew, thanks for posting my response here! I'm honored.

(By the way, my first name is Rachel.... Confusing, I know. It's like "Ray Charles.")

In response to the comments above, I'm VERY pro-fatherhood, I encourage men to be good fathers. In NO way do I advocate breaking up a famly.

While I have utmost honor for single moms by choice... I didn't choose this path -- but it's the one I'm on. Rather than pity myself and heading in a downward spiral, taking my kid with me, I've chosen the path of success. Wouldn't you?

Fortunately, I have an incredible family -- as well as friends -- who give my child much emotional stability. I will take credit for doing a darn good job, too.

I'd love to hear what single parents have to say here.

(Rachel, welcome aboard! Thanks for reading and joining the discussion. Let's hear from folks.)

I want to hear more from Rachel Sarah.

Rachel is absolutely right. I am a single dad of three and my kids are well adjusted and have the love of both their mother and me! Yes, be are divorced and both agreed to place the kids first!

Single parents obviously have different needs and challenges than the nuclear family, but to insinuate it is the cause of the evil in the world is ludicrous.

Where is the pundit saying that wearing short skirts, tall black leather high heeled boots are the root of all the prostitution problems? Oh, maybe I just said that!

I am in Maryland and there was a recent case locally where a seemingly normal kid went and killed his entire family at age 16! I hate to think what might have happened had he been from a single parent? Can you imagine the horror?

Parents DO have a responsibility to raise children the right way and no one will argue that. The majority do!

I am a political conservative and a single mother. I was married to the father of my children, who after the birth of our sons became an alcoholic, became emotionally and physically abusive, and began having affairs with other women. I did EVERYTHING I could to salvage our marriage but in the end, I decided that it was better for our two young sons to grow up with one healthy, happy, sane parent than in this toxic relationship with two parents. Had I stayed in this marriage, my boys would have grown up thinking that their father's behavior was acceptable and the proper way to treat a woman and a family. Now that I am on my own, I refuse to let myself be a victim! Is this the path I would have preferred? Certainly not! Am I going to sit around and feel sorry for myself and lament the hand I've been dealt or make the best of the situation as it is? I choose to make the best of the situation. I do make sure that my children have strong male influences in their lives and they are thriving. In fact, I can't believe the improvements they've shown since their father and I separated. They are healthy, happy, well-adjusted young men and will contribute greatly to society.

The statement that all of society's problems are a result of single mothers is a broad generalization that can't be taken seriously by anyone. It is true that the decay of the American family is a huge problem for society but to place the blame on single mothers is just ridiculous! What about the "men" (and I use that term loosely!) who take no responsibility for their actions and abandon their families? Or the "men" who create situations like mine where the children are better off in a single parent home? I understand that despite my best intentions and efforts, my children do have a rough road ahead of them and they are at greater risk for all kinds of problems, but can you really place that blame on the mother who is doing the best she can to make a better life and teach them to respect themselves and others? Doesn't the blame belong on the father who created this situation to begin with? What good does placing blame do anyway?

I have a hard time with the idea that single motherhood is being exalted or glorified. I haven't seen anyone who thinks like that. I know a lot of single mothers (and fathers for that matter) who are making the best of a less than desirable situation and not allowing themselves to feel like victims but I wouldn't say they're exalting or glorifying single parenthood. And the notion that single mothers are attacking the nuclear family is ludicrous. My goal was to raise my children in a nuclear family but that didn't happen. In some ways I would still like to provide a nuclear family for my children but I will not abandon them to the system just to avoid raising them alone and I will not prioritize finding a step-father for them ahead of raising them the best way I know how.

Ultimately, I think that society's problems are not problems of single motherhood, but of lack of responsibility. When two-parent households don't take responsibility for teaching their children right and wrong, you have problems. When one parent doesn't take responsibility and walks away from a family leaving the other parent to struggle and scrape by the best way they can, you have problems. In so many cases, single mothers are the ones who are stepping up and taking responsibility when no one else does. I actually feel sorry for the high and mighty who can't see that!

Women like Rachel and I, who have persevered as single moms, not by choice but by circumstance, represent a large community of single moms. We don't promote single motherhood, but try to provide support and encouragement to those who are single moms.

Ann's book and interviews never addressed the issue of where these children's fathers are and what their role is in how we became single mothers in the first place.

I was appalled at this and the rest of Ann's blanket statements and judgements about single moms and immediatlely wrote about Ann's interview on my blog and then contacted Rachel. Thank God she has such a strong voice and can reach so many people with the thoughts and views so many of us single moms are thinking.

We should not be attacked for the job we do, but commended for it.

I caught a few minutes of Ann Coulter on Fox the other evening...during the ads on Rachel Maddow's show. Coulter was shrieking at the top of her lungs that she isn't "shrill;" says she talks that way because she's from Connecticut. Maybe she has a nutmeg stuck in her throat? She's the very definition of "shrill" to me.

Watching Annie is like watching a train wreck. Horrific, but so fascinating it is hard to turn away. She is amazing, really. A creature that is not capable of any shame, I think that is the title of her new book. Shameless.

I agree with Mindy!! Single mothers should surely be applauded. I, however, am not a single parent, but I was raised by one and know many people who have been as well, and I turned out just fine. What about the 'father figures' out there? Why should the Mothers be punished for the father being such a deadbeat. My mother is an independant, fantastic, successful woman and I hope to become even 1% of the woman she is today! With no help from my father not even so much as child support because the deadbeat would rather run away than be a real man! Maybe it's the deadbeat fathers who are to blame!!

Single moms rock for stepping up to the plate and caring about their kids. I'm a single dad with half-time custody, and I'm deeply involved in raising my children. My ex and I have our own co-parenting, two-home challenges that are different from those faced by a full-time single parent.

My take: single parents are evolving in different ways than married couples. Maybe it's a good thing.


Smoking increases lung cancer risks. It doesn't mean because you smoke you will get lung cancer.

Raising children in single parent families causes the children to be at risk. It doesn't meant children raised in single parent families will become rapists, murderers, etc.

But don't believe Ann, this was first brought up by the famous Democratic Senator, Patrick Moynihan in "A nation at risk," in the 1970s.

Why anyone gives credence to what Coulter says is beyond me. To respond to her attempts to incite conflict rewards her nastiness. Ignore her. She's irrelevant.

On the other hand, anyone who invests their time, money and energy in raising children is entirely relevant. There are good parents and bad parents. Whether or not they are single mothers or single fathers or married parents or co-habitating parents doesn't have a lot to do with the ability to parent successfully.

Boy i would like to know where she gets her statistics? I have worked in the prisons with my church. You would be very surprised at how many grew up in the homes with their mother and father. So get your facts straight. I also am a single mother. And my child is milada which is bi-racial. He is a wonderful person inside and out. He is a chrisitian and earns his way like everyone else. He has a wonderful job in a hospital. Read the bilble, there is no such thing as an illegitimate child either, they are all a gift from God. Our children whether raised by one or both parents are a product of what you teach them. I have done the best i could. I have morals and values which have been instilled in my child and it shows now that he is an adult. He has never been in trouble and is a law abiding citizen. So before you go smearing single parent hood which by the way is not by choice but became of measure of protection from his father who by the way was raised by his mother and father you have not right to make comments until you walk in our shoes. I have worked harder and i guarentee a lot harder than you would or could ever know. The reward was a wonderful, compasionate, caring loving Christian man. I have seen (including friends and family) who have been raised by both parents. It has done severe damage to their children when there is not a strong marriage. I agree that children should be raised by their parents but there are also times when you must protect yourself and your child who comes before us and that may mean single parenting. So Kudos to all of us single parents who know what its like and do one heck of a job in raising our children to be upstanding, christian individuals. It doesnt take 2 to teach a child right from wrong. Morals and values and to respect and love one another you have to show it and give it. Something i would say this woman falls short of and likes to spout off at the mouth and blame the world problems on single parents. Find God my dear and you would be surprised at what you would learn.

I am a single mom BY CHOICE and I love raising my son. He is a healthy,happy kid who does well in school and respects his elders.

He sees me get up and go to work everyday. We come home and have dinner together every night. He does his homework and we talk about what he learned in religion class that. We take a vacation once a year..and visit museums and extended family. He plays soccer and t-ball, swims and is at the finish line when I'm done racing a 5K or 8K.

Oh, wait...much like a two-parent household. Sounds like he's missing not a thing.

Ann Coulter obviously has something missing in her own life as she spends so much time attacking people who haven't done a darn thing to her.

She doesn't rock my world one way or the other. I just feel sorry for her.

I buy Ann's books on Amazon for the cheapest used price only to tear the pages out to line my bird cage or start the fire in my wood stove. If this woman would spend as much time trying to make this world a better place as she does lambasting the "liberals", I might take her seriously. I primarily see her as the most vile name you can call a's a four letter word starting with a "c" and ends with a "t".

I almost hate to dignify this woman with my attention, she's a carnival sideshow. But here's what makes her laughable: only somebody who has never raised a child could acuse women who choose to become single mothers of being "selfish". Trust me, honey, there is nothing selfish about life as a parent, I can't remember the last time I did anything for me. You would not know that, you are umarried and childless, ie., living the most self-absorbed existence possible for an adult!

Having dated many single moms, I agree with Ann. I think it’s a shame so many people get easily offended rather than looking at the source of the problem: poor choices in breeding partners. If these single moms would take the necessary precautions, maybe Ann wouldn’t have to write a chapter that “offends” you all so much. And if it were only one child that each single mom had, the ladies might have a point. But most are repeat offenders many times over. And what everyone here is afraid to break the statistics out on is how many of our US single moms are black and repeat offenders. That certainly would get everyone’s panties in a wad. I also think many women have children due to the ticking of their biological clocks but never intend to actually be wives.

"And what everyone here is afraid to break the statistics out on is how many of our US single moms are black and repeat offenders."
Well now who is playing the race card?

I think that the big root of the problem is not these stats. I say a woman could in theory have five kids by five different fathers and they could all turn out to be productive citizens. The thing that would probably be the real reason they succeed is their father being good dad and their mom being a good mom. Black, white, single mom, whatever I bet there is a common thread that most people who are "good" citizens have in common and that is what keeps the MAJORITY of all groups (single moms, black, teenage moms, etc.) produce people who don't go to jail, who work, who pay taxes, etc.
So, yes, the statistics are right but they are right on both sides. Single moms may be at the bottome rung of perfect situation for creating a child but they seem to churn out some pretty good damn people.

Some of you people baffle me. First of all, I didn't choose a "breeding partner" as suggested by Evan. I stood before my friends and family - and before God I took my wedding vows. When I said forever, I meant it.

We decided to start a family. Had two sons, 15 months apart, and when it became clear to my husband that he would have to hold down a job and support his family (even though I was working, too), he decided instead to leave us and begin a legacy of failure to pay child support and total absence from his sons' lives (despite my encouragement after the divorce that he stay involved in their lives).

I, however, never once allowed pity to keep me from the responsibility I so joyfully accepted when my children were born. I work as much as I need to in order to provide for my family. I have broadened my skills and worked my way into higher paying jobs to allow for the stability and long-term support that my children need and deserve.

Why is no one holding these men accountable who so willingly shirk their responsibilities? Why is it the mother's fault, who never ONCE thought of abandoning her children? Why do you continue to make excuses for these men?

(sorry single dads - I know there are many of you out there who are doing right by your children - so I should probably be generic).

My point is - the problem is not with the single parent, but rather with pundents like this lunatic who seek nothing more than to stir up a hornets nest in order to promote a book and line her pockets. By blaming something such as single parents for the ills of society, you are simply giving yet another excuse to those who would deliberately and selfishly walk away.

Here's an idea... and brace yourselves... it's radical...

Let's stop assigning blame and begin demanding accountability. How's that? Now, I know that this will not increase your book sales amongst those dead-beats who are glad to have you rationalize their choices for them - but then again - you'll be able to look yourself in the mirror with pride over having chosen right over revenue, unity over division, positive progress over counter-productive negativity, compassion over misdirected judgement.

Oh - and for those who are trying to make race an issue - I am white... My ex-husband is an able-bodied, educated white man... but none of this matters. We are parents, single or otherwise... one chose to love and raise our children, the other chose a life of leisure over the love and resposibility for his children. It's as simple as that...

Single moms are not THE problem with America. What does she think these woman CHOOSE to be single? Why does she not blame the fathers that leave their families high and dry? No one can control the actions of another person. What if he is an alcoholic or junky and will not get help or just will not sober up? Should the mother keep the child in an environment like that? Is it better for the child to grow up thinking that behavor like that is acceptable? What if the father is molesting the child? Should the mother stay there with the child because it is better for the child to have a mother and father regardless of abuse issues? If she is trying to say the breakdown of the family structure is the cause of most of our problems than she should just say that. Not put all the blame on single mothers. I would rather have one good parent than 2 that are suck at parenting.

There are plenty of criminals out there that came from homes that were not broken. Just because you have 2 parents at home (presumably she expects a mother and a father) does not mean that they are any good at parenting. They could be terrible parents. Now who do we blame for that?

She compares today to the 70's. Saying that single motherhood has increased over 300% since the 70's. (I am surprised she does not support abortion.) The problem that she does not seem to consider is even if a child has both parents at home they both have to work to pay the bills. It is rare to have a full time parent anymore. No one can afford it but I am sure if they could afford it there would be more stay at home parents AND POSSIBLY NOT STAY AT HOME MOMS BUT STAY AT HOME DADS.

A note to K son: just because it takes a male and a female to create offspring does not mean it takes 2 to raise that offspring. As a matter of fact since the beginning of time the mother has been the primary care giver to the child. Mothers have been raising children for centuries without input from the fathers even if they lived in the same household.

A note to Pharoah: you said "I can assure you if you had more loving mothers and fathers in the household raising their children as parents should do, there would be a lot less space for places like Facebook, MTV, and YouTube, feeding young impressionable teens a lot of mis-information." I highly doubt that parenting has anything to do with today's technology. There have always been social networks either people meeting in public, people meeting over the phone and today people meeting on the internet. It is inevitable. And if you think that the internet is feeding children misinformation maybe you should stop posting misinformation on it?

Amy S. GREAT POST!!! Wow. :)

I didn't choose to be a single mother. I strove to keep our family together but it wasn't going to happen. My son's father abandoned him and he chooses to abandon him every single day he wakes up. I can't do anything about it. I work so hard and take all the responsibility of two parents. Like many single parents, selfish is a word that isn't an option.

Stop the blame of single mothers. Start making irresponsible parents accountable. Anything less is pure ignorance and Ann Coulter is a glaring reflection of that. Ann Coulter is also an attention hound who LOVES to stir the pot for cash. Ann Coulter LOVES to fight with people. She practically squeals with joy about it. It's bizarre and pathological. IMO, she doesn't deserve to be taken seriously.

Do you people really believe that Ann Coulter is attacking single parents who are raising great people who will contribute to society? She is talking about the mothers (and fathers) who do not raise their children but expect them to raise themselves. The people who do nothing for their children. And the people who mooch off of the government expecting others to take care of their problems and pick up the pieces of a nasty life they have lead and (pro)created. It's ridiculous that no one has the sense to look at the statistics and realize what she is saying rather than just the words you hear. Is it or is it not true that children who have two parents have a better and more fulfilling life than children who have just one. And is it or is it not true that there are plenty of people who have CHOSEN to be single parents rather than were forced into the situation. COME ON!!!!!!!

If you like the blog about the single mom opinion of Ann Coulter - then you may enjoy the letter I sent to her Friday:

I was outraged by the Second Hand Children article in today’s paper. My first question is: whatever made you think that single motherhood could in any way be related to smoking/second hand smoke? Second was: what qualifies you to be judgmental of those who are less fortunate because of the difficult selfless decisions they have had to make?

By way of background, I am a happily married, full time Legal Assistant, and mother of two. I am also a casual smoker. My brother and I were raised by my young single mother. At the age of 21 she felt that leaving my then looser drug addict father would be better for herself and her two toddlers. She has remained a simple bartender at the same bar for as long as my memory serves me.

This article was offensive to all the single mothers in the world who aren’t single by choice, they are single because they have no better options. It was a mess of an article, full of nonsensical comparisons and closed minded gibberish.

Are you a mother Ms. Coulter? If you are, then you can understand the challenges each day brings, whether big or small, when you have children to care for. If not, then you have absolutely no business writing about motherhood in any case.

I realize that not all single mothers are as dedicated as mine was. Your article, however, failed to recognize that there are many single mothers that want nothing more than to give their children the life that they missed out on, a better life, and will give up anything to give it to them, even if it means being shun by society and opinion columnist’s who have rune out of worthy writing material.

This article is flawed in so many ways; I don’t even know where to begin. How about the unsuccessful married couples? Many single mothers are single because they could no longer get along with the father. Do you feel that being raised by a mother and father who can’t stand each other and do nothing but fight would make for any less of a turbulent childhood? And what is the ratio of single mothers to single fathers… why did you only blame the mothers? Don’t you believe the risk of poverty is worth taking for happiness?

How can you possibly compare smoking to single motherhood? You can’t quit being a mother. Smoking is a selfish choice, being a mother, single or otherwise, is an unselfish sacrifice. And the issue you wrote about the billions spent on single mothers compared to smokers, what was that? How can you compare money spent on making lives better to money spent to save people who did themselves in? Being a single mother doesn’t always lead to poverty, and poverty doesn’t always lead to crime… so what point are you trying to make here?

All women have a right to experience the love and joy that comes with being a mother, even if that means doing it alone. Choice or not, anyone who is willing to take on a two person job all on their own is strong and brave.


Shannon Banks
There isn’t a day of my life that goes by that I don’t wonder how my mother managed to care for my brother and me all alone and work full time. It is difficult enough to have the energy and pay the bills with a partner, let alone manage to get out of bed and face the days alone.

I have two things to say. One, I love Matt and his excellent skills in this interview.

Two, I hate Ann Coulter. She is a four letter word that begins with a C that I don't write or say but I can think it.

She needs to realize that a lot of single moms want other lives but we live the best lives we have and we raise our children the best way we can. I take offense to her theories in the sense that my daughter is an honor roll student, she is kind, she is sweet and she isn't a deviant (as Ann says she is or will be).

Given the fact that she implies that my child will be a deviant, does that mean that I should have stayed in the horrible marriage I was in because I think that seeing her father beat the crap out of me on a daily basis would have made my daughter grow up to be a deviant.

Ann Coulter, screw you and heaven help your family if anyone becomes a single mom.


It is very easy to talk when you are not a mother and do not have a family of your own to raise. Lots of words and no substance.

Ann, I recommend you take off your glasses and open your eyes. There is no use in complaining unless you plan to find a solution. Either make worthwhile recommendations or keep your negative and appalling comments to yourself.

Thank you.

This woman seems to be a very angry, bitter and lonely person who is in desperate need of some kind of attention. She obtains it by denigrating and using scandalous criticism towards others; while she makes use of unfounded and fabricated statements she alleges to know about.
Her scholastic and professional backgrounds as well as public exposures have not provided this woman with proper etiquette.
We all know that proper manners are learned at home. We all know that a proper lady knows how to talk using the proper tone of voice even while leading an argument or a discussion especially in public.
A proper lady knows how to dress, and how to wear the hair so that it looks tidy; also a lady knows how to sit down.
When these basic manners are not taught at home then any intelligent professional would attend the school of etiquette.
Once you read what it is written about her early and personal life as well as her career you will understand where all her madness and psychosis come from.

Ann Coulter is the root of all of societies ills.

Ann's book, which I have read, isn't talking about women who've divorced or widows. She is referring SOLELY to those women who can't keep their legs closed and then claim "victim" status. Sex is a volitional act, people. They are NOT victims.

If you can't afford your child, then you should allow someone to adopt them that CAN afford them. Condoms and birth control are located at the exact same place that these women go to pick up their welfare checks, food stamps and Medicaid. It's time that we stop viewing loose women as victims. They are NOT.

Yes, it's the men's fault, as well. However, as so many pro-lifers point out, it's a woman's body and HER choice. Then be responsible for those choices!!! You can't have it both ways. If you CHOOSE to open your legs to a man that is NOT your husband, then stop acting surprised when he doesn't hang around and you're left with a child. Not to mention the women who have 3 and 4 kids by mulitple men. Those women should be sterilized. When they begin to live for free on MY tax dollar, you're infringing on me and you do not have that right.

Please consider these things before spouting that she was referring to ALL single mothers. Women who are widowed and divorced women aren't who she was referring to. People DO make mistakes and people do find themselves in bad marriages. However, women don't accidentally become pregnant. Pregnancy isn't like the flu, you can't "catch" being pregnant. You made a choice. You are NOT a victim and you should NOT be treated as though you are! The children are the victims. Where's THEIR protection from parents who refuse to make good choices for them?

DIfficult selfless decisions.... repeat that over and over. Now say it again. How many single moms do you think are doing that ? Is paying for a manicure/pedicure while receiving free lunch at school a difficult selfless decision ?You can always tell a single mom but you can't tell them much. Hey is botox really necessary or should you really be maybe starting a college fund ? Oh, you are going to remarry for that, sounds par for the course. Peleeeaaazeee.. everyone makes decisions that produce and outcome, everyone has choices, everyone can make changes. Stigmas exist for a reason, single moms are soooooo defensive. Put that energy into your kids and a job, it might change your attitude.. for real. Oh if you work, you might have to be responsible for always working....what a concept. Welcome to the real world, that is what all of us do MOMMY.

How is giving one positive example to the contrary disproving Ann's point? She didn't say every single mom on the planet raises a serial murderer, lol :D She simply said they contribute much worse citizens to society... And that is fact.

Sure, you can find a kid from a full-home that's much worse that kid from a single mom. That doesn't change the *fact* that on a societal, general level, single moms produce much worse citizens.

I know people who have driven while drunk, but never had an accident under those circumstances.

Using Rachel Sarah's logic, I've just proven that driving drunk is no more dangerous than driving sober.

Attention "Wondermom", and others in her situation.

You might want to READ what Ann Coulter has written, rather than simply accepting the description of her writing as given by her ideological opponents.

Ann does NOT use the term "single mother" to refer to mothers whose singleness was forced on them by death or divorce. Rather, she's referring to the women who choose to conceive, bear and raise children without benefit of marriage.


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