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Tina Fey's back and Sarah Palin never left

Earlier this fall Tina Fey, the actress who mimicked Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin so brilliantly, said she couldn't wait for the hockey mom to go away, presumably by the Republican presidential ticket losing the Nov. 4 election.Actress Tina Fey on the cover of Vanity Fair photography by Annie Liebovitz

Palin and John McCain did, in fact, come in second that day.

But Palin, the losing vice presidential candidate, hasn't gone away. In fact, she's all over the place.

And it's the winning vice presidential candidate, Democrat Joe Biden, who seems to have disappeared.

Palin was all over Georgia today earning future political owsies by wowing conservative crowds behind incumbent GOP Sen. Saxby Chambliss' runoff reelection bid tomorrow against Democrat Jim Martin.

And now, it turns out, it's Fey who's come back. Though losing her Palin schtick on "Saturday Night Live," Fey is on the current cover of "Vanity Fair" magazine dressed as a, uh, red-white-and-blue Uncle Sam-antha. (For a trip down memory lane to watch some of Fey's Palin video performances, click here.)

For a revealing video of Fey talking with Conan O'Brien about the ordeal of portraying Palin, click on the "Read more" line below. (She actually has some nice things to say about the governor.)

Mark Silva, who cannot be mimicked, has more on the new Fey magazine story here in the Swamp.  And our own Elizabeth Snead has her own blogger's take on the Fey sexism charges on Dish Rag right here.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Cover photograph by Annie Leibovitz

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Good to see Fey is still on fire from the Palin campaign. Has anyone else seen this article about how uninformed voters of both parties were?
It's actually pretty disheartening stuff..

The American public is so informed that the majority couldn't even get the right answers to questions about Palin and Obama that were true and false.

Please help Georgia put the final nail in the Bush-era coffin. Call your friends in GA and encourage them to be sure to vote today! The Jim Martin website:

Yes We Will!

The greatest gift our country could receive would be for Sarah Palin to run and be selected as the GOP candidate in 2012. One must assume that the list of all viable GOP candidates have long since been depleted.
And God bless Alaska for allowing the handicapped to become so involved in public affairs. No other state has ever enabled such an intellectually challenged person to attain such a high office.

Years from today, Tina Fey will only be remembered as the woman who helped interfere in the democratic process in America. Reams will be written about the number of Obama supporters who believed that Fey's impersonation was the truth about Palin. The opinion, "Stupid Americans", will be reinforced all around the globe. History will be much kinder to Palin than it will be to the media which reported on and the media that mocked this election.

I don't expect any bloggers to understand this, because they have probably never read any of the hundreds of books which evaluate presidents and campaigns once the noise has died down and the real work begins.

a satire about obama's life from birth to election day
if you do not like obama this is hilarious

the secret thai files - you can start where the bold paragragh is to shorten story
I have another one about michelle


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