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A double O moment: Oprah and Obama together in D.C.

Shortly before the Nov. 4 presidential voting closed, noted Obama-backer Oprah Winfrey announced that she'd already picked out her inaugural ball gown, a sign of overconfidence that she did not have to pay for in the end.

Now that Barack Obama's inauguration is virtually certain (unless the Supreme Court's ponderings lead it to get involved), Oprah has announced she's taking her Chicago talk show to WOprah had Barack and Michelle Obama on her nationally syndicated TV show which she's taking to Washington for the inauguralashington, which is also famous for lotsa talk. (And that'll allow her to write off the gown cost as a business expense.)

She's rented the 2,300-seat Kennedy Center to do two shows there right around Jan. 20.

You may remember Oprah came out early for her fellow Chicagoan. She held a huge celebrity fundraiser for him at her Montecito house.

And she emceed giant primary rallies for him in Iowa and North Carolina, which he won, and New Hampshire, which he lost to Hillary Clinton, the first serious female presidential candidate who many former Oprah fans thought she should support. Winfrey's ratings took a hit.

We don't want to let anything out of the bag and spoil the screaming.

But wouldn't it just be a perfect television moment if, while Oprah is talking to the excited Kennedy Center audience in January, a certain someone who's about to become president and maybe his wife too walked out on the stage behind the show host?

Everyone would cry, except those execs watching the ratings.

--Andrew Malcolm

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I love Oprah. She actually inspired me to support Obama in the first place.

When did the LA times become a tabloid?

If Oprah "inspired" you to support Obama, you shouldn't be voting in the first place. Crap like this is how this snake oil salesman got elected. How about using what little brains you have and make your own decision and stop letting "hollywood" make up your mind for you? Movie stars get paid to make movies or TV shows, not to run this country on their own biased ideals, This is how we got into this mess. Wake up and if you refuse to wake up, stop voting.

What a pathetic little article. I guess you had to fill the white space with something.

You sound like someone I wouldn't want to know!

Oprah controls the women of america. women out umber men 40 to 1. thats why obama won.
and Bush reputation helped.

"the red dragon who gave the beast power"

oprah to obama.

Oprah looks grrrreat in that photo. Is that a recent one? She looks quite sexy and seems to have lost some weight. She has a real pretty face and when she's slimmer, she's quite hot. And now for something completely different........
Watch a crazy white retarded cowboy transform into an eloquent humble black statesman.
He's a good friend of Oprah's : )

The Spider Woman meets the Has Been Meets the We-Know-nothing-about-you-Pres.Elect.



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