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Sex. Scandals. Lies. Naked. Video. Obama. Clinton. Palin.

December 25, 2008 | 12:00 am
For holiday reading ambience, click on video, then read item below.

Nah, none of that here. Not today.

A lot of people think politics is what they watch other people do. Barack Obama. Michelle Obama. Sarah Palin. Hillary Clinton. Big Bill the ex-POTUS himself. John McCain. Rod Blagojevich. George W. Bush. Or Laura Bush.

Truth is, we're all politicians. What we see politicians do online or on TV, we do ourselves almost ever single day. The stuff we admire. They stuff we dislike. Campaigning for something. Conniving for something. Denying something. Convincing someone of something. It's just easier to watch them than confront ourselves.

The crowds aren't as large with friends, with co-workers or with family. So, the scale is surely different.

But politics is politics.

And today is one for family politics in homes all over the Ticket's world really. Remember the childhood magic of that holiday morning? (See photo.) SRemember the joy and magic of the holiday morning?haring the stories from past holidays -- and maybe fudging a few details for current audience consumption. Pretending to appreciate an incomprehensible gift. Pretending to listen. Being truly speechless over a surprise. Raving over squash.

So, today is the one day the Ticket is gonna leave the professionals alone. Let all of us amateurs do our own political thing with our own crowds of family in our very own political ways.

Click on the holiday video above -- if you haven't already -- and think for a moment about all that we have to appreciate on this special day, starting with family and moving on up through some other big F's -- friends and freedoms.

We appreciate all of you. Nearly 28 million of you from all over the world -- yes, even New Zealand! -- have stopped by here to share a story or three in the last few months. About 90,000 of you have shared your own comments and stories. We treasure every connection. We'll have plenty to write about in coming days, including the inauguration.

And because we made a political promise to a certain family member a few minutes ago to go online for just a few minutes, we're gonna go back now to our own family. And think of you. And appreciate them.

Happy Holidays to one and all.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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