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Asked about his new Dallas home, Bush replies: 'Why do you care?'

December 10, 2008 |  5:22 am

You may recall the little flurry of news last week -- chronicled here too -- about George W. and Laura Bush buying a house in the leafy, affluent area of north Dallas called Preston Hollow.

(We've got a brief video on the house and the purchase on the jump below; click on the "Read more" line.)

The future home of George W. and Laura Bush in the Preston Hollow area of north Dallas

First Family moving into new digs in just a few weeks. Nice story. Sort of underlines the impending end of eight tumultuous years in all our lives. Those who cover the president know that he's not been in Dallas recently.

So the purchase raises some featurey questions, especially for Texas media, about why the First Family liked the house, how they'll split time between there and the Crawford ranch and, in fact, if the president has ever even been on that cul-de-sac to see his new house. 

According to a revealing little item over on Todd Gillman's Trail Blazers blog, he sought to ask Bush about it at the end of a recent Pearl Harbor Day proclamation signing.

Gillman, who writes for the Dallas Morning News, recounts this very brief exchange with the commander in chief:

"Mr. President. You excited about your new house in Dallas?"

"Todd, why do you care? You live in Washington, D.C."

Ewh, we're a little grumpy, aren't we?

Or maybe he was kidding. (See house video below.)

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credit: L.M. Otero / Associated Press