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Asked about his new Dallas home, Bush replies: 'Why do you care?'

You may recall the little flurry of news last week -- chronicled here too -- about George W. and Laura Bush buying a house in the leafy, affluent area of north Dallas called Preston Hollow.

(We've got a brief video on the house and the purchase on the jump below; click on the "Read more" line.)

The future home of George W. and Laura Bush in the Preston Hollow area of north Dallas

First Family moving into new digs in just a few weeks. Nice story. Sort of underlines the impending end of eight tumultuous years in all our lives. Those who cover the president know that he's not been in Dallas recently.

So the purchase raises some featurey questions, especially for Texas media, about why the First Family liked the house, how they'll split time between there and the Crawford ranch and, in fact, if the president has ever even been on that cul-de-sac to see his new house. 

According to a revealing little item over on Todd Gillman's Trail Blazers blog, he sought to ask Bush about it at the end of a recent Pearl Harbor Day proclamation signing.

Gillman, who writes for the Dallas Morning News, recounts this very brief exchange with the commander in chief:

"Mr. President. You excited about your new house in Dallas?"

"Todd, why do you care? You live in Washington, D.C."

Ewh, we're a little grumpy, aren't we?

Or maybe he was kidding. (See house video below.)

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credit: L.M. Otero / Associated Press

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Dubya's true colors shining through? What a guy!

Kidding? I think not.
And the 4 million or so Iraqis who became refugees after the U.S. invaders were resisted by insurgents?
You don't have to live in Iraq to care about THEM.

"Sort of underlines the impending end of eight tumultuous years in all our lives."

Only because the media like you have made it so. I have enjoyed this presidency. I have not enjoyed the lack of objectivity from critters like you.

You were surprised that W is a jerk? After all the excessive and unnecessary secrecy, the incessant stonewalling and refusal to provide information to Congress, the issuance of executive orders that have rewritten important laws (like Bush’s virtual repeal-by-executive-order of the Presidential Records Act of 1978), the politicization of the Department of Justice, the striking disregard for civil liberties, their exclusion of Congress from the necessary national security information when it votes on legislation like the FISA amendments (leaving Congress with no idea what the changes do or do not do), their the Congress about the reasons for war in Iraq, their relentless expansion of purported executive prerogatives, the ongoing politicization of the federal judiciary, the violations of longstanding treaties in order to embrace a policy of torture, their utilization of the concocted theory of executive power known as “the unitary executive theory,” and the endless signing statements accompanying legislation and claiming the right to not enforce laws enacted and signed by the president?

Where you have been the last eight years?

The residents of North Texas, especially in the Dallas area (Plano myself) are excited about our soon to be former president living here.

We will honor him and his family and probably have the same attitude about all those other reporters who have been so vile the last 8 years.....

Ya'll don't come on back!

"why do you care?" is there no end to the depths of idiocy for this man? as a former U.S. president, "we the people of the United States," the tax payers will be paying for the security detail on this place just to mention one little detail. if he is here and now giving up all rights, priviliges, benefits, and payments resulting from his appointment as president, then he can ask "why do you care?" evidence that he is not renouncing, relinquishing, or recusing himself of these perks is his desire to reinvent himself for posterity, rebuild his image for donations to his presidential library, and renew the fearmongering attitude that gave him false credibility as a leader. anything he receives as income, benefits, or privilege that is funded by U.S. taxpayers makes anything he does our business.

That's very rude. President Bush shouldn't be acting like that.

Come to think of it, why would we care?

After 8 years of POTUS, I think we can give the old man a rest.

Obama looks like he's aging fast and he has not taken office yet.

Relax people.

I have to agree with Bush. You media guys have spent 9 years trying to destroy him. He is under NO obligation to talk to YOU about his post office life!! If I were him I probably would've had a few choice expletives to add to the response of "Why do you care?"

No, Bush wasn't "kidding." He's a rude bully who just bought a house in a neighborhood that, until recently, didn't allow Blacks. There, in a nutshell, is the reason that he doesn't want to talk about his new house, and why he gave such a graceless non-answer.

Well, why *does* he care? He and the rest of the MSM didn't care before about anything that didn't cater to their sick agenda.

I don't blame Bush for not answering.

I agree - why do you care? Nobody at the LAT cared about Al Gore's energy hog of a house nor Johnny-boy Edwards' mega-complex he built. Get off it - leave GWB alone - you've had eight years to crucify him, time to take his body off the cross and move on.
You know, you liberals get more stupid and hysterical as time goes on. Maybe Obama-messiah can deliver you.

"The residents of North Texas, especially in the Dallas area (Plano myself) are excited about our soon to be former president living here."

I also live in Plano (the OC of Dallas) and am not at all excited about GWB returning. I believe he is nothing more than a carpetbagger and I doubt he will keep the "ranch" in Crawford.

BTW "hill country ranch" in Texas is the equivalent of "country manor" in England or "vacation home" in Aspen. The only livestock raised there are for tax purposes.

There are none so blind as those who will not see. Bush is rightly afraid of the consequences of his many crimes. He knows any information he shares with the public will tend to reveal his weakness and perfidy. He knows his new neighborhood is as un-american as his presidency. But Bush forgets that silence is like an algebra equation: it reveals what it conceals. Why, for example, does the Military Commissions Act absolve the Executive Branch of all crimes going back to 1989? What happened in 1989? People who support this criminal think they are going to get away with something. But sooner or later, everybody will know all his little secrets.

I am a resident of the north Texas area and I am NOT looking forward to Mr. Bush coming to live in Dallas and disgrace the good name (whatever we have left of it) of Texas. Being a Texan, I feel extremely uncomfortable that the name of our great state will forever be associated with W. and all the questionable deeds his administration perpetrated on our nation and on the world.

Someone whose policies directly lead to thousands of innocents being killed can't honestly claim to be a true Christian - especially if that someone says Jesus Christ was their favorite philosopher. Jesus was a man of peace not a man of war.


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