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Daily Show's Jon Stewart, loyal Ticket reader, wraps up his holiday shopping

December 4, 2008 |  7:31 pm

Screen grab of a Top of the Ticket blog item Dec 2 2008 from on Indiana's Planned Parenthood offering holiday gift certificates good for abortions

Gee, here's a really great video below about an amazing blog item, which may look quite familiar to loyal Ticket readers, from one of television's greatest cable channels and truly creative programs, "The Daily Show."

It's about Planned Parenthood of Indiana now offering special festive gift certificates good for its services. Nothing says the year-end holiday celebrations of life like a real professional abortion.

That Jon Stewart is a funny guy too, who can spot a good story when he sees one. And tell it with tongue in cheek excellently.

Obviously, he's also got excellent blog-reading taste. Thanks, Jon! (Now, why won't this video go in the middle where it's supposed to?)

--Andrew Malcolm

No doubt Jon gets cellphone alerts on each new Ticket item after registering here. Or maybe he gets the RSS feed by registering here.

Photo credit: Lindsay Barnett