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Greta argues with O'Reilly over that Carl Cameron 'gossip' on Sarah Palin

Greta Van Susteren, as a woman who has fought her way through the mostly-male ranks in the legal profession and the mostly-male world of journalism and the mostly-male broadcast world, has made no secret of her concern over the different standards that apply to news coverage of women in the mostly-male world of big-time politics.

Example: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. And before that New York Sen. Hillary Clinton.

You know, all the coverage of their hair, up or down, how it's parted, the pantsuits, the alleged Nieman-Marcus trips, etc. With virtually no attention paid to superficialities involving the male candidates' makeup, shoes, tailor-made suits, transplanted hair, etc.

So Van Susteren scored the initial post-election interview with Palin, spending most of Sunday in her Alaska lakefront home with the family and taping a long interview in the governor's Anchorage office Monday.

The Ticket reported on Part I of those interviews here including some video. Part II airs on tonight's "On the Record." Video from Part I is available by clicking on the "Read more" line below.

But even before the Palin tapes were rolling Van Susteren got in an on-air argument with Fox News colleague Bill O'Reilly over the coverage, especially involving their colleague Carl Cameron, who reported the latest unsourced allegations against Palin last week.

According to Van Susteren, Cameron now has serious doubts about his own Palin coverage. Listen to the audio here.

--Andrew Malcolm

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Is it gossip or truth, that is the question thats needs to be answered.

VJ Machiavelli

You tell' em Greta. Way to go!

Cameron was off base. It was and is GOSSIP. When there is no confirmed source, it is gossip. O'Reilly, you are wrong. You are usually fair. You were not fair to let Cameron continue his tirade from "unamed" and unidentified sources.

Matters little if it is the truth or a lie, once out it stcks.

A lie travels at the speed of light, but the truth to correct just dies a lonesome death.

Palin 2012
Change you will beg for.


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