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A little-noticed private curtain call for Sarah Palin after defeat

Alaska Governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin during the concession speech by her running mate Senator John McCain of Arizona in Phoenix 11-04-08

Sarah Palin, the 44-year-old governor of Alaska who burst onto the nation's political scene Aug. 29 with her selection as the first woman on a presidential ticket in the Republican Party's 164-year history, quietly walked off the Phoenix stage with her running mate, John McCain, last night after his concession speech. (See the complete text here.)

But a little while later, the rest of the country's attention was focused on Barack Obama's speech on Chicago's lakefront (see complete text here)

Thanks to the sharp eyes of The Times' Seema Mehta, Palin and her large, extended family were spotted walking back out onto the Biltmore Hotel's expansive lawn to what would have been the victory celebration site.

There, where McCain had graciously conceded shortly before, the Palin family posed with one another in front of the large U.S. flag hanging as the backdrop. A couple of dozen people nearby began chanting, "2012, 2012, 2012."

Palin smiled and waved. Was this the start of something? Or the end?

--Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credit: Jim Watson / AFP/ Getty Images

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McCain conceeded months ago......what a horrible campaign he ran. If he had spent less time praising Obama and more time pointing out the differences, he might have done better. And if it wasn't for Palin, he would have lost much worse than he did. She's the only reason alot of us voted. I hope the Republican leaders heard the message.....give us someone conservative next time!!

I liked Gov. Palin and it's too bad the MSM attacked her so much and did not give her a break like they did with obama.

I really really hope that the Republicans make Palin their leader.

That would cement the Democrats hold on power for the next decade.

McCain has to be lamenting on the selection of Sarah Palin. "2012". Are you kidding me? You'll see the Republican party starting to sprint away from Sarah Palin and never look back. She is the modern day Dan Quayle that the party should of avoided.

The last line of this article points out how sad Palin's popularity has fallen. - "A couple of dozen people nearby began chanting, 2012, 2012, 2012." - Wow, a couple of dozen. 24 or so people with no clue on the blunder of the party's huge mistake

RON PAUL 2012 more dumb-dumbs in the white house, please.....

It is the end of Sarah Palin. She cannot fight 62.3 millions American "terrorists, socialists, or Marxists" whom the whole world is cheering on! Good grief. I hope we never have to see her again on the national spotlight.

Just crawl back under your Alaskan rock and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more!

it's really the end ...

Sorry Palin. Hope to NOT see you and yr corruption again in four years!! Vive la liberte!!

In that Sarah Palin was the joke, if not the very downfall of the McCain campaign in 2008, why on earth would anyone take her seriously in 2012. There is no longer room for her mentality..well...anywhere.

Bye bye Sarah. Take your rapture and get out of here... preferably right away.

Let's hope it's the end. America does not need Palin's divisiveness or her very public religiosity. Been there, done that, and it didn't work. Time for a change.

2012? Honestly to what end? In spite of what she said, Palin's views represent a step backwards. The GOP got mauled last night and having Palin on the ticket had much to do with that. She could handily run for a Senate seat (and probably win), in Alaska but the lower 48 sees here for what she is. The dumb blond of politics.

Sarah Palin was an anchor for a drowning man. She revved up the base, whicis about the same group of people who still think America is on the right track.

She will be a trivia question in a couple months; if the Republicans think she is going to lead them from the wilderness they find themselves in, they will disappear as a party

Sarah might be the GOP's first thought right now... but while she's sitting behind her desk in Juneau over the few years, Mike Huckabee will be adding to his core following that started for him back when he was the only articulate and thoughtful candidate in the GOP primary.

My hopes are for his promotion of the FairTax, his ability to reach across party lines without being disagreeable and his common sense solutions for our nation's problems.

So gracious in victory -- such hope! such change! Welcome to Obama thugocracy.

"She is the modern day Dan Quayle that the party should of avoided. "

Are you kidding me? That gives too much credit to Dan Quayle.

She is the modern-day Joe McCarthy, Richard Nixon, Gordon Liddy, and Phyllis Schlafly all rolled into one disturbing little package. Good riddance to her and her brand of politikkking.

I was insulted as a republican when i first heard the Palin pick. you betcha, dogggonit, mavericky.. can it get any worse?

Sarah, your vision of america is exactly what made us lose. It is not a joe the plummer america you folks in small town america think.. grow up and look around, stop being whiteys, america is a colored nation.

The best of all outcomes. After the toppling of Bush who was drafted by the GOP for the same reason as Palin, the Christian US Far Right now has a new icon to cluster and pray around, and it suits her messianic ego to stay right there, unelectable forever.

See you in 2012, Sarah!

Sarah, Sarah, that your 15 minutes of McFame is over, you can go back home, clean up your assault rifle, sit in your moose blind, and wait for Bullwinkle.
You can also:
* Sell the new wardrobe on QVC
* Complete the "bridge to nowhere
*Join Huckabee as a FOX celebrity commentator
* Get a clue about how badly your divisive comments will play out in this country post-Bush

David & others that supported Palin you earn respect from the media. Palin was by far the least qualified to ever run for our second highest office in my 40 years of voting.It didn't take much to figure out Palin is not that bright! Obama shown he has the character & wisdom to run our country. Its not going to be easy regardless of who would of won. Proud I supported Obama-Biden & hope all Americans unite to support our 44th President of these United States.

Sarah Palin will go down in history as an indication of what long and desperate odds McCain was facing. Even the Republican "dream girl" couldn't save what George W. Bush has laid to waste.

The Republican Party should make a quiet exit--a permanent one. We have no need for an ol' party anymore.

burst onto the nation's political scene - was thrust upon the unsuspecting public.

start of something? Or the end? - a return to obscurity.

While I voted for Obama I feel compassion for Palin. SHe was plucked from relative obscurity, put in an impossible situation and given a script to read. Sure, she read it with conviction, but those were Rove's words, not hers. I hope she finds peace in her return to Alaska. And I wish her the best as she raises her family.

I'll bet Mrs. Palin ignores that Alaska used to be part of Canada once.

For all that i've seen her on television, she surely lacks experience for vice-presidency and needs maturity.

We need politicians who are informed, who can think and talk intelligently, who abide by a well constructed vision that they can articulate with conviction. Palin is none of these things. She is a performer not a leader and republicans are smart enough to know thay they need credible leadership. Palin is gone for good.

If anyone is paying attention to the election returns from Alaska, he or she will see that Ted Stevens has been reelected.

However, he will NOT be seated in the Senate (or more precisely, he will be forced to resign) due to his felony conviction.

The State of Alaska now (after the former Gov. Murkowski apppointed his daughter to the Senate) fills empty Senate seats by holding special elections. You wanna bet that Palin runs for that seat!?

Since Palin has appeared to be a born demagogue, her probable election to the Senate is not a development that would serve the country well. But maybe she might mature in the position; I hope so.

As an Englishman I send you a hearty WELL DONE AMERICA! and heave a collective sigh of relief on the election result. You've come through your dark times and now can stride, head held high, back into the light again. I only wish we had someone in English politics as inspirational as your new 44th! Good luck and I wish you all the luck you need to see your country evolve and change. Obama never sunk to the Republicans level on the campaign trail and deserves respect for that alone, he is a shining star for all to follow.

"And if it wasn't for Palin, he would have lost much worse than he did. She's the only reason alot of us voted. I hope the Republican leaders heard the message.....give us someone conservative next time!!

Posted by: Dave J | November 05, 2008 at 03:10 AM "

Perhaps, but realize that your contingent is about 20%. Palin almost certainly put the nail in the coffin for McCain. She is perhaps the most divisive running mate ever chosen.

She certainly helped drive a big number of people to the polls, but overall lost more votes than she gained.

First off the media did not ruin Palin or John McCain's campain they did that all on their own. Anything the media said was true, don't talk like no one ever said anything bad about Barrack Obama. McCain chosing Sarah Palin shows his poor judgment skills and ability to lead, maybe he was not as experienced as everyone thought. With that lets stop blaming and whining for campaign losses and just work together to make America better instead of being bitter for the next four years.

Sarah Palin is / was a good governor for Alaska. She is very knowledgeable about oil and energy and ran the State of Alaska very well. Unfortunately her inexperience was glaringly obvious when it came to dealing with and understanding world issues. Choosing a running-mate just to try to gain the evangelical Christian vote was unwise on McCain’s part and patently unfair to Sarah. I doubt she would be able to get up to speed and function competently on a world stage in only 4 years. I am sure most Alaskans will embrace her with open arms and she will continue her successful career there.

Sarah "strawberry shortcake" Palin doggoneit you made fun of a community organizer, and his skill in community organization was one of the reasons that helped him become the next president of the United Stated of America.

Now, go sit on your front porch and keep a watch on Russia.

Your era is OVER!

A quiet unnoticed exit is appropriate. She is the past. And it's a bright, new day in the world.

Yes we can!

Sarah Palin is / was a good governor for Alaska. She is very knowledgeable about oil and energy and ran the State of Alaska very well. Unfortunately her inexperience was glaringly obvious when it came to dealing with and understanding world issues. Choosing a running-mate just to try to gain the evangelical Christian vote was unwise on McCain’s part and patently unfair to Sarah. I doubt she would be able to get up to speed and function competently on a world stage in only 4 years. I am sure most Alaskans will embrace her with open arms and she will continue her successful career there.

How sad that democracy by the people is on it's deathbed. The far left decided on who their candidate was going to be and promoted him through the liberal MSM, There was no questioning of Obama's Marxist background. Nothing. We did have, however, media trucks camping at Sarah's 17 yr old daughter's house; media questioning every dollar spent by Joe the Plumber - but not a word on Obama's alliances with unrepentent terrorists; racist ministers; Chicago thugs and felons. Nothing. Nothing. America is now a Stalinist regime with a Marxist media acting as it's enabler - Pravda style. From each according to his ability - to each according to his needs, Comrades!

She ran a Nasty Campaign just like Mccain did!
We have had enough of the Republicians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank God Barack WON!

agree. The Pailin supporters on here are obviously "faith" based and reality challenged. They'll believe any Republican propaganda that's put in front of them.
Sorry theocrats. America's had 8 years of armageddon administration. That's quite enough thank you.
Guess you'll have to wait a little longer for jesus to come back and wrestle the bear.....

Palin is a huge threat to the liberals. You can tell by all the hate they shower on her. They're trying to do what they always do to threats to their primal desire to snuff out freedom in America; they try to shut her up by demonizing her. What a thug mentality which we will certainly see lots more of with the Obama. "Oh, she's dumb" this from voters for gaff a minute Biden who can make 10 wrong statements in a minute and make them with such authority. Try just once to put a few words together (besides hope i change) that amount to a counter argument, you know free exchange vs. shut up so that liberal statist dogma doesn't get exposed for the anti freedom bs it is. GO SARAH! DOWN WITH FREEDOM ROBBING SOCIALISM! DON'T SHUT UP! She won't.

Palin is the reason my Republican husband voted for Obama. He just could not stomach someone with such wacked-out values and lack of experience being a heartbeat away from the presidency. Rel Republicans are for fiscal responsibility and personal liberties, not legislating religious values.

Quietly, noisily, softly... It doesn't matter how she goes. As long as she goes. A dreadful stain on our election process. A small-minded, vacuous, and dim-witted reactionary who thinks mankind walked alongside living dinosaurs.

John McCain destroyed his credibility as a reformer and leader when he caved into the dark side of the GOP and chose Sarah Palin as his running mate. Had he wanted the token woman, there were several bright and more moderate Republican women -- many with national experience -- from whom he could have chosen. That he opted to pander to the reactionary constituency exposed him as either a fraud and bogus "maverick" or weak. Sarah Palin's "family values" are not mine and the more quickly she disappears, the better for all of us.

Let's hope that after the United States of America goes forward under a President with an I.Q. above 95, no one from either party will again entertain the idea that a Sarah Palin type could possibly fill the role of Commander in Chief of our great country. Whoever influenced McCain in making such a decision must have been a closet Democrat.

I find it unfathomable how anyone could in any way, shape, or form find anything remotely resembling leadership qualities in Palin. She is a medieval throwback on par with any Inquisitor, Crusader, or Nazi. She is an inarticualte, unintelligent, fundamentalist cheerleader who believes nationalism and patriotism are one and the same. So much for intelligent design.

It's unfortunate that the country had to fall into such a miserable state before enough people figured out that it might be wise to have some intelligent people in charge. Let's not forget it - Sarah Palin should crawl back under her rock,,,,,,,,,,,,and stay there forever. .

Call Sarah Palin what you want to, I still think she is smarter and more qualified to be our president than Barack Obama. He lied, stole votes and has fooled many americans into voting for him. Now, let's see what he can really do. There should be no more wars. He said he can save the world. I want to see Obama do that.

i wonder what will become of the $150,000 designer clothes now? since she didn't win, does this mean she will get to keep them ?

If Palin has the sense I think she has, she will pursue a different career after Governorship ends. Television is her thing, soft news.

Put on your seat belts, the first "real" (to steal a term) presidency of the millennium starts in only a few weeks.

The way John McCain quickly shook her hand after conceding the race , then turned and walked away seemed like his way to say, "thanks for nothing."

it was sarah palin that turned the campaign into a joke.

i firmly believed in john mccain but his pick of palin shook my decision to the core.
american politics are increasingly spiraling towards the bottom, the pandering to populism and the lowest common denominator, which is both frightening and despicable

its pathetic and it applies to both parties.
congratulations to mr. obama. although i dare say many of you will be disappointed when you find the world is not quite as amenable to change as you were promised. nonetheless he seems bright and dedicated and i wish him luck.... for all our sakes.

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