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A lone Republican leader defends Sarah Palin while McCain is mum

Yes, it's shocking, we know here at the Ticket. But there is at least one prominent Republican sticking up for Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Go figure. Her presidential running mate sure isn't.

The 44-year-old working mom singlehandedly energized the party's base with an electrifying speech and refreshing personality at the Republican National Convention and after.

Between her selection Aug. 29 and the Nov. 4 election,Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential Sarah Palin mobbed by fans Palin did 132 political events in 105 cities in 25 states. That's not exactly dogging it.

And who's heard any leaks from Palin's camp about the awful mishandling of her media rollout in September?

But in the, what-is-it-now, four days since American voters decisively opted for the younger guy from Illinois, one or two of John McCain's brave aides have been anonymously leaking uncorroborated charges about Palin's personality, knowledge, spending habits, etc., which the media gobbles up, in an apparent attempt to pin the defeat on the female half of the GOP ticket.

Good luck with that. Anyone who saw McCain and Palin work together, saw as the partisan crowds chanted her name during his speech.

Back home in her Anchorage governor's office, Palin defends herself, as The Times' Seema Mehta and Maeve Reston describe in an article this morning.

This issue isn't going away immediately. Love her or leave....

...her, win or lose, the media knows there's a voracious public hunger for almost anything about the Alaska hockey mom still. Especially in the complete absence of any other viable Republican Party leaders.

Palin will spend a chunk of this weekend talking to Fox News' Greta Van Susteren for a long broadcast interview Monday evening. And Tuesday night, Veterans Day, McCain will chat with Jay Leno on NBC.

Now, amid the deafening silence of other prominent GOP leaders, including Mike Duncan, the party's alleged national chair, at least the state chair of the South Carolina Republican Party is speaking out. Katon Dawson issued a statement Friday bemoaning the anonymous attacks:

"The disappointment felt by many Republicans following Tuesday’s election is certainly understandable. However, the attacks on Gov. Sarah Palin made by a disgruntled handful of political insiders are unacceptable. Their claims, made under the veil of anonymity, can never be verified and only serve as fodder for our opposition.

A late Florida campaign sign supporting Alaska Governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin without mentioning the top of the GOP ticket, John McCain

"The media has already demonstrated its propensity to discredit Gov. Palin, and the Democrats are undoubtedly rejoicing at the sight of this Republican cannibalism. 

"Now is the time for our Party to unite –- not behind any one individual, but behind our time-tested principles of limited government, opportunity for working Americans, traditional values, and individual responsibility.

"I respectfully ask my fellow Republicans to join me in condemning these divisive attacks so that we can focus on the task at hand -– moving forward as a Party and moving forward as a nation.”

While most attention is naturally focused on the presidential winner, let's see if any other Republican leaders speak out from one of their vacation homes.

Leno is no Tom Brokaw, but he might ask the Arizona senator, about the intramural post-game defamation of the running mate he himself so enthusiastically chose out of the blue.

Why can't McCain even seem to control a couple members of his own Apple Dumpling Gang?

-- Andrew Malcolm

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I see there is no more on the investigation of Obama's Campaign Funding, Where is the reporting on that,, Hmmmm 2.5 million people donated to his campaign for a total of 5 to 600,000,000.00 do the math.

John McCain continues to live up to his reputation. He is a professional loser who takes more pride in protecting his opponents so he can feel "Saintly" I have seen great praise for his speach as he conceded to Obama, "his president". McCain had been rehearsing this speach since the day he was chosen as the Replican candidate. This is why he seemed to miss every opportunity to advance his candidacy. Notice how quickly he trashed the North Carolina Republicans for their legitimate ads depicting Rev Wright and his relationship with Obama. Within 15 minutes he was condemming the ads and defending Obama. Contrast this to his total lack of support for his running mate, who he chose and who supported his campaign to an extent that he would not. Has anone heard him condemn the "leakers" or the press for spreading unsubstiated rumors? He prides himself a "Maverick" . Politically, I think John is a self serving Judas, who has a chip on his shoulder, is a contrarian who needs attention and reacts to pent up anger. Had he been all about Country and, as he professes and Republican, he would not have accepted the nomination. This said I must state that I respect his sacrifice in Vietnam, but that is all.

Palin... McCain... the election is over, so let's keep our eye on the ball: WHERE'S THE 2003 OBAMA VIDEO AND WHEN IS THE LA TIMES GOING TO GIVE US A FULL TRANSCRIPT? Surely the elected ONE has not done anything that would question his landslide victory!

People may defend Palin, but I think she ended up hurting McCain's bid for office. She comes across as ignorant and unqualified to people who aren't hardcore republicans. She was well received at the Convention, but in the end she became a liability to the campaign of a great national hero.

People may defend Palin, but I think she ended up hurting McCain's bid for office. She comes across as ignorant and unqualified to people who aren't hardcore republicans. She was well received at the Convention, but in the end she became a liability to the campaign of a great national hero.

First, you are right Mia, we did get the president we deserve. Too bad we have had to suffer for the past 8 years with a president

McCain lost not only because he had a poorly run campaign, but he deviated from what he has done in past elections when running for senator. Instead of running a campaign on what he will do and what he has done, he ran a negative campaign, knocking Obama every single chance he got with false alligations. His first presidential type decision was picking Palin. If he makes choices like that, how can he be trusted with running the country?

McCain screwed McCain....time for the media and everyone else to realize that!

The media is just self feeding. We are NOT interested, as a public, in Sarah Palin anymore. Please stop trying to tell us that we are.

(And yet, hmmm, here you are reading yet another article about Sarah Palin and taking the time to leave a comment, like thousands of other readers and scores of commenters today.)

This kind of stuff usually happens after a losing presidential campaign anyway. No doubt McCain will show his support on his first public interview with Leno, however where this is smoke there is fire. Yes people love Palin, but you cannot deny her ridiculously high negatives by the end of the campaign. The failure of the McCain campaign is that for all their talk about being "Mavericks" neither McCain or Palin portrayed he personalities that got them the respect they had prior. When you act of character people can tell and it cost them the election (just look at Palin's approval level in Alaska Now) The republican party just needs to leave all the Rove tacticts behind and let their candidates be themselves but that's just my oppinion and i'm a democrat for the record.

Palin was not qualified to be V.P. let alone President of the United States. it any wonder that she was vetted in the public eye? With the new media firmly in place we no longer have to trust one or two news sources and that is one of the reasons we learned so quickly how unqualified Palin was. She was Bush with lipstick, incurious, dogmatic and ignorant. Thank you to the modern media for exposing Palin for what she is.

If you have to go all the way down the Republican ranks to Katon Dawson - one state party chief out of fifty- before you can find an example of a "lone Republican Leader" willing to stick up for Palin, then you're digging pretty deep. Going after the anonymous "cowards" from the McCain campaign who spoke up about about Palin's conduct as VP candidate is merely another case of attacking the messenger we see far too often from the right when they've got nothing else to go on. Let's not forget the folks like Colin Powell and Chris Buckley who came out on the record and jumped ship in no small part due to McCain's choice of Palin as a running mate. Powell and Buckley came to their decisions based on far more substantive reasons than Palin simply not following the orders of her boss' campaign. But think about it, if Palin so completely refused to follow the orders of the man who would be her boss in the White House, actually WAS her boss, in fact, then how could she ever be trusted to follow the American people's wishes and not her own were she to assume the Presidency one day?

Let me get this straight.

The head of the South Carolina Republican Party is upset about cowardly. anonymous political attacks based on what he says are unverifiable allegations?

THAT is precisely the sort of attack the South Carolina GOP has mired its reputation in over many years, repeatedly waging rumor and innuendo campaigns against Democrats and even Republicans considered "too liberal" by the Dixiecrat-tainted standards of the state party.

McCain, the self-identified hero, again demonstrates that he is in fact a man of little character. He makes no attempt to defend his running mate. Instead he throws her under the bus. Thankfully, he didn't make it into the White House

"This issue isn't going away immediately. Love her or leave.......her, win or lose, the media knows there's a voracious public hunger for almost anything about the Alaska hockey mom still. Especially in the complete absence of any other viable Republican Party leaders."

Good grief. So the writer believes that the best the GOP has to offer in terms of "leadership" is the uninformed, divisive, anti-science, lying, abusing of power, overspending, overreaching Palin. How shameful.

One wonders why she would be considered a viable GOP leader over someone like Bobby Jindal who is a Rhodes Scholar and has a stellar record of accomplishment.

And yes, McCain's silence has been deafening especially since he used to defend her up and down during the campaign. What a bunch of phonies.

None of this matters. Who knows if any of it is true and who cares? Palin showed who she is through her interviews and speeches, NOT hearsay. Any objective, intelligent American can see that she isn't knowledgeable about important issues. Her speeches were ultimately very short on substance but energized those who were predisposed to love what she had to say as long as it was simple and expressed the tired mantras of a portion of the electorate desperately frightened of those who don't look, act, and sound just like them. I've yet, for example, heard anybody explain to me which values they have in small towns that they don't have in cities and suburbs. Yet when she mentioned small town values, mobs of transfixed supporters gleefully, mindlessly cheered. The irony here is that even her supporters treat her like a characature, as they demand little or nothing from her beyond her appearance, superficial information about her background, and overused platitudes. As a result, when her clear lack of understanding of the simplest of issues showed in interviews and statements, her supporters had to defend her because it meant defending their own limited view of the world. If their newly-crowned icon was wrong, then they might be a wrong--an uncomfortable position. So, they fell back to the trusted conservative standby: if you don't like the answers, blame the questions and the questioners. There are far too many bright Republicans who will stand in the way of her becoming the new image of the Republican party, perhaps they already are.

Yes, Thank God we got the President we deserve. The people of this great country spoke, and spoke loudly. Change is a beautiful thing. Axelrod ran a wonderful campaign- there was so little negativism and pettiness from the Obama camp; mostly in their own defense to the despicable distortions. Palin personified as the only bright spot can only mean that you live in a very dim perception of the world...In recent elections can you recall people openly celebrating? dancing in the streets, crying with joy, laughing, hugging strangers- with no regard to race, gender or age. President-elect Obama is responsible for the elation. I respect John McCain, but truly believe his time had come and gone to be POTUS. He is a good and honorable man, just got caught up in a huge sellout, dog & pony show. Now wonder there has been no word from him- he is probably reeling from it all! May God Bless him and us all.
Come on People Now- Smile on your Brother, Everybody get Together Try to Love one Another; Right Now!

If John McCain can't shut his people up, maybe he wasn't presidential material after all.

Maybe the McCain staff should spend some time cleaning up mud being slung at John Mccain by the John McCain Forum rather than slinging it at Sarah Palin.

Just a suggestion.

The sole question is:

Is Sarah Palin as stupid as the leaks indicate or not?

As a US citizen, who faced the possibility of this woman becoming president, I think the question is valid and important.

Why did she do so poorly in the interviews then? Her debate performance was simply scripted statements that repeated common themes. She had handlers that protected her and refused to allow open interviews ( the ones she did have she bombed). They shielded her from others. I think the media got this one right and am glad they exposed her intellectual deficits.

Maybe a false one, but who knows. I mean the woman thought Africa was a country.'s_grade_point_average_in_college

She is eye-candy and a great looking women. She is a dynamic speaker that riled up the Republican base. But its an easy base to inspire and look how much they loved another intellectual giant, George W. Bush. They are against abortion, yet worship, an all powerful God who couldn't come up with a better way to save souls than killing his own son once he was 30. Ironic, isn't it, but all you have to do is repeat some lies and you got this base ready to go. They are already brainwashed by the likes of Sean Hannity and Limbaugh daily. They are devoid of the reasoning and questioning the status quo that led us to revolt and draft the Constitution. I am sick of being a country that was founded on liberal ideals and thought and these people demonizing it. Their rallies had a mob like feel to them that reminded me of Hitler's rallies with people shouting kill Obama. If your God is so great, then how come you lost? Oh, was it Satan?

I don't think she is qualified to be Governor of the State of Confusion. Who couldn't govern Alaska with all its wealth and resources? They pay their citizens there with their budget surplus.

Questioning someone's acumen should be considered bashing. We should want the best and smartest in office, not the best demagogues or best looking. Let's see those transcripts Sarah?

The media has done a public service by SHOWING the public who Sarah Palin really is instead of TELLING – so the media has not DISCREDITED Palin. Instead Palin has discredited herself. There is no need to discuss or corroborate Palin’s knowledge and judgement as everyone can see and hear the “uncut” interviews and the prank call. Anyone can easily make a conclusion on Palin’s character based on the numerous fact-finding reports and investigations provided by various reputable media organizations on her track records and validate these facts with what she said and did during the 132 political events since her nomination. With the election outcome and the exit polls on Palin, the conclusion is clear. The IRONY now – Palin is getting a taste of what SHE started and aggressively promoted during the campaign – divisive attacks and the resulting hatred (the problem now is not aimed at President-elect Obama but Governor Palin herself with “Republican cannibalism”). No wonder there is “official” silence but “a lone Republican leader defends Sarah Palin.”
The seriousness outcome of her attacks is discussed as “Sarah Palin blamed by the US Secret Service over death threats against Barack Obama” today and other news media.

Because they were never HIS team, they were the Rove/Bush attack team, mercenaries.

He sold out to them and is reaping the 'rewards'.

To people calling McCain aides to identify themselves:

1) Bill Ayers got numerous death threats after she whipped up the terrorist rhetoric.
2) The Alaska state trooper had threats as well, causing the police dept. to assign him to a desk job pushing papers.
3) President Obama himself got threats since she started bad mouthing him.

This woman is poison and very dangerous. I am glad the aides are being anonymous - God knows what would happen if she went around with them in cross hairs.

The Republicans are toast, frankly. This may be a right-wing country. But it's not a Republican country. No-one in their right mind will support Palin, she will become the next Ann Coulter, and McCain, it's a shame he let his hardline advisers talk him into that disgraceful campaign, as he was clearly uncomfortable the whole time, but I hope he's learned a valuable lesson. He has always been better than that. It's unlikely the Republicans will have gotten their crap together by 2012, so we're probably looking at another Obama win. As much as his conservatives detractors want him to fail, I don't think it's gonna happen. It will be a great test to see if they've gotten it together by 2016. If they haven't, and they still can't win, I think it may be bye-bye Republican party.

not surprising at all about political infighting and back-stabbing after a lost election - look at the hillary campaign after the primaries! - republicans should let the chips falll how they may - palin coulld not mention a single supreme court case without prompting, or one newspaper she reads, in her katie couric interview!! - if there is blame to be passed around, and she wants to be on the national political screen, then she deserves to be criticized!!...the bitterness and partisan politics of republican strategies is simply reflected in this type of internecine fallout - deal with it!!

First I am Canadian and am so glad that Obama won but I think Palin has every right to be angry at the cowards who refuse to name themselves who are making these allegations. I find it hard to believe she didn't know Africa was a contintent. Name yourself or shut up!


Almost all the Republican presidential candidates in the primary last year were signed on to extreme foreign policy agendas that basically included more invasions of more country, no matter, or maybe because we were having so much trouble in Iraq and Afghanistan.
When Giuliani brought out his agenda, he was roundly denounced as a nutcake.
When the Republican presumed and later confirmed nominee echoed the former mayor, the news media was strangely silent.
How to make Americans forget what was revealed about the GOP this year? The virtual drawing and quartering of "the woman”. Thank you GOP for showing us your true colors, once again.

This is what's going on - Palin represents a threat to all the blue blood republicans who are trying to move the party to the center. Of course the center is where this party failed so miserably this election, but the dum-dums just won't accept that. So they are trying to destroy her so that she won't be a problem for them in the future, but I think they are burying themselves in the process. The truth is McCain dragged Palin down. The Republican base knows it, just like Barack was the new rising star 4 years ago at the Dem convention, Sarah is the Republican's same star.

An Obama comment - funny how all the media is now starting to water down expectations for him, it's already everywhere you look - what a non-starter this guy's going to be.

If Sen. McCain believed what his aides are now saying anonymously, he owed it to the American public to say so during the election. We deserve to know the truth when we're voting. If he doesn't, he should some out and say so now. His silence on this issue shows what we already knew. He is not cut from the cloth of presidents.

Responding to a point made in this article, though, Democrats take no pleasure in the Republican infighting. We welcome vigorous debate, and we want to work with Republicans, period. This is not the time to delight in the failure of others, this is a time to come together and work for the common good. The President-elect understands that.

What a dream it would be if the dieing Republican Party decided to run a halfwit who couldn't even construct sentences properly as their candidate in 2012. It appears as though they have depleted their list of viable potential candidates and now are choosing to run cartoon characters.
It could be argued that GWB is responsible for the demise of the Republican Party, but I believe that it it just decayed into an irrevelant behind the times cult.

The Republican Party is baffling. Anti-just-about-everything. I thought it was about less government (unnecessary laws), supporting business, local control and giving people a helping hand, not just a handout.

If there is a Republican Party that still is guided by those principles, I'd sure like to get in touch with it. As a Republican, I am feeling mighty isolated.

Wait a minute. Can somebody please explain to me the Republicans' platform of "our time-tested principles of limited government" - in view of the Patriot Act rammed through by Bush and company, and the $700,000,000 rescue plan (of taxpayers' money) rushed through that gives the government free choice to do with as they like? Is this the definition of "limited government"?

Well done Andrew Malcolm ... an L.A. Times story worth reading ... a miracle ... now, if you can just continue actually reporting, as you did here, rather than simply re-pubishing every matoid story from the 'uptown daily worker' on the other coast ... you guys might actually look like you work at an independent NEWS paper. I applaud this story ... 1st thing I've read from L.A. Times in YEARS that made any damn sense.

"Refreshing" is not the word many of us would use to describe her personality. "Threatening" is more like it, in the context of a possible ascension to the presidency. Leno may ask McCain what he thinks about all this, but it's unlikely he'll get anything but a diplomatic non-answer. I'm certain that McCain regrets his daring choice now. On the other hand, he was probably bound to lose, in the face of an exploding economy and a bright, charismatic opponent, so he took his chances. Yes, anonymous shots are cheap shots, but perhaps Leno will ask Andrew Malcolm whether he thinks it unlikely that Palin really didn't know Africa was a continent and not a country. Sounds plausible to me, since a lot of people probably don't know it either.

Mia, you got one thing right. We DID get the president we deserved.

It's important to keep bashing Sarah Palin so that the American public understands how dangerously close we came to electing this moron to an important position of leadership. I'm torn... I'd like to know who is leaking the truth because I believe they should be honored as heroes if they are telling the truth. BUT... Unfortunately, they are like a lot of OTHER Republicans: they are back-stabbers rather than whistle-blowers. Considering the irresponsible things she said during rallys, as well as her horrible interviews, I have no reason NOT to believe the rumors... let's keep digging and get to the WHOLE truth so this woman never rears her head on the national political scene again.

the uneducated, inexperienced Palin got exactly what she deserved. It was like nominating Brittany Spears for VP. Hope she goes onto being the voice of the defeated Republicans, we can continue to use the joke...stay up there in the land of poorly educated drunks, Alaska.

Go, Palin! You are the president-elect of United Rednecks of America

As to McCain - I think he is an a lukewarm, wishy washy tip-toe in the tulips - mealy mouthed sad-sack - who by his timid - "I don't want to be a racist" - "I want the media to like me" -"I'm not like the others - who run a dirty campaign" -made up his mind NOT to win!- He threw Sarah Palin under the Bus right when it was apparent that she was the star - not him! - And he made the most incredibly stupid decisions NOT to play HARDBALL; he was too chicken and too cowardly to win! we know the man is not a coward so what was HIS motivation?????

Actually, you DIDN'T get the President you deserve. What you deserve is Bush, or McCain or Guilliani or Romney.

In Obama, the President you got is far better than the President you deserve. The rest of us -- those that enthusiastically supported and voted for Obama -- we finally got what we deserve. You get to come along for the ride. Watch what happens when the country is led by a capable, intelligent, pragmatic leader. When you see how that works out, perhaps you'll vote for Obama in 2012.

Gee folks. I think the attacks probably originated with McCain himself. After all, HE was the one who went on Saturday Night Live, opposite Tina Fey playing Sarah, and made fun of Sarah! And there were plenty of jokes about Sarah's expensive clothes, about her "going rogue" and trying to make a name for herself on the 2012 ticket.

Now WHY, if McCain was really that fond of Sarah, WHY would he make fun of her on Saturday Night Live the weekend before the big election? It's no surprise he's been silent since the election... he said it all with his comedy performance. That McCain: he's an old codger!

I hope to forget McCain as soon as possible. As for Palin, she enjoys the attention. Whether she can actually learn geography, and the reality with it, who knows.

The only one I feel sorry for is John McCain's wife, who is obviously and observably a victim of spousal abuse.

In other stories, Palin has called some of McCain's anonymous advisors "cruel" and "petty" and "cowardly." Sorry, but she didn't know this about McCain's advisors BEFORE she was picked as VP candidate?

If Sarah Palin is the cause of the loss of the election let her accusers be man (or woman) enough to stand and be known, other wise they are working for the far left democrats. I think that they are part of the problem instead of part of the solution.

As for the republicans need to be the opposition to what needs opposing. It might be necessary when some law comes up for a vote that is detrimental to the US and there is no chance of stopping it to walk out of congress in protest. Any other forms of protest might also have to be used to stop bills that need stopping.

Why are we surprised by the Palin affect? The republicans gave us "W" didn't they? Stupid, arrogant, and greedy are required traits to be a leader of the religious radicals of the far right fringe. In the vernacular of the political wonks these types are called "terrorists" when they attack us but evangelicals when they kill and maim others.

As we return from the land of bible thumping crusaders perhaps we can stop financing fairy tales and put science back to work for the betterment of the ENTIRE world and not just the well healed republicans. BTW, listening to the talk radio morons since the election has prompted me to wonder if my references to them as sharks in a feeding frenzy might just be correct as they begin to devour their own now that the intelligent crowd has reasserted it's superiority over those of spoiled privilege.

Egotistical idiots are so much fun to watch when they run out of lies to tell on their "enemies" and they turn on their allies as we see the real character of these lowlife pretenders. Palin was the right trying to pander to their base who are known to be somewhat less that having enough oars to man a life boat on a smooth ocean.

Now we have another chance to regain the moral high ground and care a little for those who are not as well healed as a republican. To do so is as Christian as the evangelicals claim to be. We are called socialists for such compassion but an honest assessment of the actions of the republicans and their mental mindset is as pure a form of communism as ever practiced by Stalin.

If it is to be scocialist to work for the benefit of those around you then I guess I am to be a socalist but thats alright as long as we are all God's children.

NOTE: To Rush and all his pretenders, you rail against those who take advantage of "hand outs" as you practice insider trading and other forms of abuse just as criminal in nature. You live in glass houses and wonder why others mimmick you behaviors and attitudes, look in the mirror before you condem others.

Now that we know what she's all about, it is clear that we need to search for another candidate for Governor of Alaska, ASAP. What a coniving, naive bimbo.

yes, thank god, america did vote for the president this great nation deserves. that said, on to sarah palin's wardrobe malfunctions--i'm not just talking lipstick here. president elect obama spent a diva's ransom of $1,300.00 per suit on several custom tailored, top brand suits. out of his own pocket, not dnc money. soon to be first lady, fashion trendy michelle is reported to wear whatever she feels like out of her closet. compare this to “Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast.” a comment from the mccain inner circle. this is what happens when you take a small town girl and boost her way beyond her pay grade. she became just a bit giddy at the sudden heights. thank god no accidents dropped her into the oval office. that said i agree with ms. palin. whoever made these comments should come forward and restate them for the record. to do other wise is cowardly, though in character for certain elements of the republican party. all this ruckus shows me that the dirty tricks mentality cultivated by the republican party over many elections has finally come home to roost. scurrilous robo calls and sarah's dirty laundry all hung out to air on the same petard, so to speak.

I[m sick and tired of hearing about McCain's past. So what if he did 4 1/2 years as a Viet Nam POW. He's the one who got shot down. It's time for him to get off the public payroll, which he has been on since he was a cadet at the Naval Academy, and do what a lot of us senior citizens do. Retire!

She's the new Britney Spears type celebrity.

Palin is a true Republican. If you don't like the message, attack the credibility of the messenger. Pathetic.

Don't go away mad, Palin. Just go away.

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