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Election over, Jeremiah Wright is talking again, now on media and Obama

Here's a name from the not-so-dim past:

The retired Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whose incendiary video sermons caused such a furor last winter/spring when his parishioner of 20 years, Barack Obama, said he'd missed the bad ones and could no more disown his pastor than his own family.

But then Obama did a few weeks later. For a sample video of Wright's past sermons, click the "Read more" line below.

Anyway, in a sermon in Connecticut last night, according to another video just below, Wright suggested that he was a pawn of the media to get at Obama, which sounds kind of like what Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was saying about the media attacking Sen. John McCain through her.

So that can't be right.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Now, click the Read more line to see Rev. Wright's words in action.

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An observation from the 2008 primarys and presidential race. Associations matter, but what matters more is not verbally attacking an associate of a political leader who is a different ethnicity than the person doing the attacking.

Once white America made a bigger deal about Obama's associations with his non white supporters than they did with Obama's associations with equally suspect white supporters, the accusations became less of an issue.

Barack Obama has built up a rainbow coalition of supporters with less than stellar records, however, crossing racial lines to attack them was the wrong thing to do.

This is news?

Personally, I am glad that Obama has been exposed to numerous thinkings even if they don't align with mine. If he disagrees, it helps him articulate his point of view. If he agrees with some aspect of what he's hearing, he adjusts his thoughts. This is what intelligent people do. Exposing himself to numerous views also helps him understand what he is dealing with as a leader. We really have to get away from this, "The only thoughts I want to hear are thoughts that agree with mine."

I think most aging pastors are a little bit insane. After years of talking to God and having their congregation treating them like anointed spiritual leaders, they go a little nuts and forget that they're just ordinary, fallible, sometimes idiotic human beings like the rest of us. Wright takes himself too seriously, as does the the media and the people who pay him to come to their churches to speak. No doubt, some of his gripes about this country were legitimate, but he method has hardly been Christian.

Wright curses white Americans often, and now he will have the opportunity to see what a cursed America looks like with an African American president. His prayers have been answered and Obama will carry the curses as well. When Obama realizes that the fruit of Wright's curses have rested on him, he may want to repent and lead the nation to repentance. Healing is available, but it won't come through curses.

It's funny how racism by black people is tolerated and explained through long history of culture and religious worship, while racism by any other group is immediately castigated and roundly condemned. I could never understand why McCain never publicized that Obama sat and watched and prayed with Wright all that time.

What can be said of the LA TIMES ? Your candidate has now been elected. It is amazing how you seem to have just "noticed" that the Rev. of hate has been missing for months.

Newsflash LEFTANGLES TIMES (you need one!): The Rev. of hate was locked in a closet so he didn't screw things up for your candidate. You should have just checked your basement he might have been there all the time ?!?

I hope people continue to drop their subscriptions to your worthless rag, where real news is not to be found/divulged until weeks (months ?!?!) later. What a joke.

J. Galt

Being that Obama's upbringing didn't expose him to the typical "Black Experience", he took a quick refresher course by joining Wright's church.

All the best.

This is the exact reason I didn't vote for Obama (or McCain just to clarify)

How could you NOT know? People I know in Chicago know of Reverend Wright's Racism. Obama is in certain videos, listening to the Reverend speak. Crossing racial lines to point that out has nothing to do with anything - Obama is half african, half caucasian.

But somehow, and this IS thanks to the media, Obama was given a free pass for having a 20-mentor and spiritual advisor who happens to be an aggressive pro-black, anti-white racist.

There is a saying made into history by one wise Greek, "Know thyself", he said because he knew that the most difficult thing to do is to know and not to hide our shortcomings. What Rev. Wright said, except, maybe, the AIDs calim, was and is true, but by quoting Jack Nichols, America can't handle the truth and since we refuse to know ourselves, we don't and can't accept the truth. The controversy lies, not on what Rev Wright said, but on the failure of Americans to accept the truth if is not of our liking. The truth shall set us free, but in this case it did not.
Will rather criticize the truth than confront it.

I'm not black, but I am of color. And while Wright's earlier hyberbole maybe over the top, let me tell you that I have been the target of racism. I seen it and felt it and I know the ungliness that it (racism and bigotry) represents. It's hard not to be angry. Jesus' message was to love all. It wasn't about tolerance. That is a condescending word. Howerver, Wright needs to understand that hatred against hatred negates itself. But let know one ignore that this country has a long and ugly history of opressing people of color. From the first time Europeans set ground on thi s soil. This manifest destiny that THEY alone would have dominion over this country. And that it was their priveledge. The same arrogant mentality as a nation pervaded the world as we exercised our might. While World War 2 could be considered a just war, it was fought with segregated troops. Sure, Wright could blame the media as diid Ms. Palin. I don't think they were pawns but simply easy fodder for either liberal or conservative media to use and pick up on. But there is a difference between Palin/Joe the Plumber in their stupid remarks as opposed to Wright's message which put into context had a bigger meaning. Incendiary? Hardly. But his pain is that of all black men and people of color who have lived under white opression. Unfortunately, he does not have the wisdom and eloqunce that Martin Luther King had nor Obama where their spirit was to unite people rather than divide. Wright should sit down and re-read MLK's speaches and writings. It would do him some good.

My mother -- a 75-year old white woman from South Africa) and a one-time Hillary Clinton supporter -- watched Jeremiah Wright's interview with Bill Moyers last spring -- and told me the next day she'd agreed with everything the Rev. Wright had to say!

Now that he's no longer forced to keep out of sight, we will all no doubt get to know Rev. Wright a lot better over the next few years. I predict that by the time the 2012 campaign rolls around, he will overcome his "boogeyman" image and emerge as a positive figure.

First Bill Ayres and now Jeremiah Wright. Keep speaking folks, because the American people deserve to know the truth about Mr. Obama and his association with both of you and others.


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