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Election over, Jeremiah Wright is talking again, now on media and Obama

November 7, 2008 |  9:37 pm

Here's a name from the not-so-dim past:

The retired Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whose incendiary video sermons caused such a furor last winter/spring when his parishioner of 20 years, Barack Obama, said he'd missed the bad ones and could no more disown his pastor than his own family.

But then Obama did a few weeks later. For a sample video of Wright's past sermons, click the "Read more" line below.

Anyway, in a sermon in Connecticut last night, according to another video just below, Wright suggested that he was a pawn of the media to get at Obama, which sounds kind of like what Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was saying about the media attacking Sen. John McCain through her.

So that can't be right.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Now, click the Read more line to see Rev. Wright's words in action.