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Obama quits Senate after 46 months--21 of them seeking another job

Well, Barack Obama's Senate career didn't last long -- about 46 months.

The other Jackson family Jesse and Jesse Jr who might inherit Barack Obama's Senate seat

But long enough to mount a 21-month campaign to move on to bigger digs. The Democratic president-elect announced today he'll resign his Illinois seat in the U.S. Senate on Sunday, just before the Senate is set to resume sessions. Something about a presidential transition period.

That means that the Illinois Democratic governor with the unpronounceable name will soon be appointing Obama's replacement, a Democrat. Speculation has centered on Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., who's made himself available in interviews and pointed out how few votes he's missed in the House (not that he's pointing a finger at Obama).

Vice president-elect Joe Biden is expected to resign soon too, giving his Delaware Democratic governor a chance to appoint someone.

The resignations before January will give both their successors slightly longer seniority over those taking office in January, which is a really big deal in that world because it involves which office and committee assignments and ranking you'll have. Kind of like merit badges without your mom having to sew anything.

We have a video report below. And the complete text of the president-elect's resignation statement is available by clicking on the "Read more" line below.

--Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credit: Associated Press

Statement by President-elect Barack Obama about quitting the U.S. Senate

“It has been one of the highest honors and privileges of my life to have served the people of Illinois in the United States Senate. In a state that represents the crossroads of a nation, I have met so many men and women who’ve taken different journeys, but hold common hopes for their children’s future. 

"It is these Illinois families and their stories that will stay with me as I leave the United States Senate and begin the hard task of fulfilling the simple hopes and common dreams of all Americans as our nation’s next President.”   November 13, 2008.         ###

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Well it seems Hillary is in the running for Sec of State, So it looks like their are going to be a number of changes. I wonder who Gov Paterson from NY will appoint if Hillary becomes Sec of State.

VJ Machiavelli

Yes, we do understand that Andrew Malcolm doesn't like or approve of Barack Obama, and that every item he writes about Obama will have a negative spin. We knew that all through the election, and we didn't expect it to change, especially once we noticed that "press secretary to Laura Bush" appears on his resume. But honestly, does the Times really pay him to churn out this tripe? Sorry, but I don't see the editorial value-add. Maybe he could do some actual reporting once in a while, just for a change of pace.

you people elected a celebrity and not even on with experience.

"Serve the people of Illinois"? How? The fifth highest UNEMPLOYMENT rate, the highest violent crime rate in the country, Chicago schools in the lowest 2% of performance.... this is the guy's legacy for the people of Illinois. An idiot elected by fools.

JJ Jr on a governmental panel a few years ago said that Federalism was a bad deal for minorities and important things like education, health care, housing, etc should be handled at the federal level regardless of what the Constitution requires. He'll be an excellent choice for the Senate where so many of his colleagues already consider the Constitution advisory at best.


Re: Obama Quits Senate

Good grief. You're just now getting around to waking up and discovering this amazing news? Most people with an IQ somewhere north of a doorknob's could have told you this at any point in his marathon campaign.

But then again, you and those of your ilk were so busy pimping for Obama, you probably didn't notice. We can only hope doorknobs such as yourself don't waste too much time wondering why the internet has replaced print media as a source of objective information.

Hey idiot elected by fools?
At least that is better than an idiot NOT ELECTED by fools but appointed President by the Supreme Court, right?
Too bad for you that there are about 64 million more fools who voted for Obama than those who voted for McCain.
Unlike 2004 and 2000, your side LOST this tme.
Guess the GOP couldn't figure out how to steal a third election...yet had the audacity to claim voter fraud during this one. Must suck to be such a hypocrite.

Must be Lock19 is one of those fools that voted for that idiot. He is either a fool or a lazy welfare receiving bum or a white person who feels guilty that he was born white. I bet his parents were flower children hippies who spread std's and idiotic opinions.

Hey lock19.
Your post just shows that inane catchphrases like - " bush stole the election" and "Bush was appointed by the supreme court" are really all the democratic party has going for them. Do a little research and you'll find repeating catchphrases is a very effective method of mind control and manipulation. Do a little more research and you.ll find that neither of those statements are true. But it seems clear you voted for obama a candidate whos whole campaign was nothing but a long string of cathphrases with a noticable lack of any substance. But at least we know he's pro change and supports dreams.

The GOP threw this election, but it also wanted to show it was going down swinging. They didn't fix this election because they didn't want to be in office while the crap hit the fan. However, it hit sooner then after the election. It back fired, now the GOP was seen as a party (thanks to Bush II) that couldn't arrange water in a swimming pool. Bush killed the party, McCain finished it off.... The Democrats just pushed Obama better then the GOP pushed McCain. It should be noted, that most GOP voter had to hold their nose to vote this year.

hi Truth be told. I'm not American, so no vote here, but here's a view from abroad. Obama's campaign lacked content, and it was very much full of catch phrases. Most campaigns are. I'm not sure Sen. McCain's had much content either though, just overuse of the the word Maverick. Quite unfortunate, he is a great man. A good man with poor judgement not just because he votes in line with W., but also as he would have continued to embarrass you, not so much by what he says or does but by putting people like S. Palin in front of a world audience to continue another at least another 4 years of Bush like speeches. Poor judgement displayed in his selection of vice-pres allowed for a so-called (Obama) campaign to look extra special compared to McCain's. You should be embarrassed of Pres Bush and Palin. You should look forward to having Obama in there, you're likely to get an uplift to a tarnished global image that Bush is very responsible for. An image that was potentially about to get much worse after electing the woman who can see Russia from her house, and just got her first passport (in her 40's) as VP.

The TV is overrun with blacks, government jobs use blacks way beyond their representation in the population as a whole. Now we have a new black president, well America isn't RACIST it's just stupid. Soon all cities will rival those of the black run cities such as, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago. This guy CHEATED the people who made him Senator out of a fair days work for a fair days pay with his abuse of time devoted to seeking a new and better job. He should have to pay back what he was paid, but he won't be.. Look at what he did for Chicago and you will be viewing a Preview of Things To Come for all of America. Enjoy what you wanted and got..

Lenin, Stalin, Mussollini,Hitler , Castro and Pol Pot had a very high IQ. You know the result of their intellect - terrible crimes against humanity, death of miillions innocent paeople. Yours and listed above heros intentions were good but we all know where good intentions leed. I appologize for my not prferct English. I came to USA 50 years old from former communist country and I know what Im talking about. Only free spirit could make a diffirence. Only slaves could follow a communist, socialist, and fascist ideology.

OMG not another Jesse Jackson, how many of them are there? Just when one gets ready to die another one appears. This is torture! Didn't they ever hear of birth control in the 60s'? Jesse Jackson Sr. hated this country so much, he had to go and have another one. What's next Al Sharpton Jr.?

Hi spectator.
If you're not an american then its understanable that you have a very limited grasp of what went on in our election.Personally I don't think mccain is a "great man". I and many others think of him as a media whore and probably the most disliked man in the republican party. And your statement that he votes in line with bush is another example of a democrat catch phrase with very little connection to reality. One of the reasons he was so despised by the conservative base of the republican party is that he spent the last 8 years sticking a knife in the back of his own party every chance he got. He even became such a darling of the liberal media by these actions that 4 years ago they were speculating about getting him to change parties and running him as a democrat this election. But along came their messiah and mccain went from the anti-bush to another bush even though he has sided with democrats on 80% of the issues. Secondly Palin was probably the best thing that ticket had going for it. And she never said she could see russia from her house that was a cast member of saturday night live doing a parody of her. And finally as an american and I know I speak for most when I say I couldn't care less what anyone in any other country thinks about anything that has to do with the US. If you're not an american citizen then you have no stake in or concern for the wellbeing of this nation and should really just worry about the corruption at home.

All the liberal media outlets preached about for months was Sarah Palin's "inexperience" and her "not being ready to lead". Lack of political experience? Why did no one ever mention the fact that Obama has only served in the senate for a grand total of 46 months, and 21 of those months were spent campaigning for the office of president? Reghardless, He did win fair and square, and I'll try not to be a sore loser and accept this. I'm not too worried about the 2012 election though. 2 years from now the republicans will regain control of the house and senate, and Obama will be pointless. Until then, Obama will fail miserably in office because of inexperience. He has built up false hopes for americans everywhere. Speaking of ending the war immediately, and fixing the ecomony as a top priority. Why then has every person he has appointed in his cabinet, people who will help make critical decisions, been pro-war? He wont be able to please the Left because of this, and Lord knows he will never please the right because of obvious political differences. And why has he refused to meet with economic strategist to start working on a plan to fix this economy? Claiming our country has 'one president at a time' Do you want to know why? Because he is scared, in extremely over his head, and suddenly realizing "hey, I didn't sign up for this!" So, in my opinoin, 4 years from now instead of hearing roaring chants of 'yes we can', I think it will be more along the lines of "No we didn't!"


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