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Hillary Clinton reportedly accepts Barack Obama's Cabinet offer

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has decided to accept the role of secretary of State, according to several published reports. (See news video below)

The reports, if confirmed, mean that Clinton will relinquish her Senate seat from New York to become the nation's top diplomaHillary Clinton is said to accept Barack Obama's offer of the role of Secretary of Statet in an administration led by her former rival, Barack Obama.

The Ticket reported earlier today that talks between Clinton and the president-elect were progressing.

Obama asked the former first lady and runner-up for the Democratic presidential nomination to fill the role last week. Since then, she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, have undergone intense vetting.

Hillary Clinton made her foreign policy experience a selling point during the primaries, telling crowds that as first lady she visited 80 countries. During the battle for the Democratic nomination, she and her husband often criticized Obama for lacking the foreign policy credentials necessary to be president. Remember "Ready from Day One"?

But after Obama clinched the nomination, Clinton campaigned hard for him. She allegedly made Obama's short list for vice president but lost out to Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware.

Clinton would become only the third woman in U.S. history to hold that post, after Condoleezza Rice and Madeleine Albright.

We will update with official confirmation. Meanwhile, The Times' Peter Nicholas has a smart piece about the Clinton-Obama negotiations.

-- Kate Linthicum

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Photo: Michal Czerwonka / EPA

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I would be happy if Clinton Days are back. Look at the progress we made. I challenge any one pointing any thing wrong about his foreign policy or economy. Its because of McCain Bush politics we are here. Good job Obama for tapping into right resources. You guys keep whining. You cry babies....

Shutdown ops in Iraq & Afghanistan, then slash the DOD spending by 50%. Enjoy the peace dividend, pay down the national debt. Mission Accomplished!

why all the anger over Hillary as Secretary of State? I'm surprised she'd take it. Definitely a huge upgrade over Condi "bimbo" Rice- hard to understand why she'd give up her Senate seat & power to be an undersecretary...

All you Obama-idiots who are screeching that Obama is not bringing change are tiresome.

Duh. The whole "change" campaign was a gimmick, like he was running for 6th grade class president with those stupid posters and cheesy slogans.

However, Hillary Clinton is a great pick.

She should have been President.

Hopefully this appointment will not preclude her from running for President again.

Obama is showing his true colors.
He ran on a platform of "change", and "Change coming from outside washington".
Chief of Staff - Former Freddie Mac board member and long time lobbyist
Sec of State - Clinton
VP - One of the oldest senators who never did a damn bit of change in the senate
Who is next - CEO of Lehman brothers to fill the Federal Reserve slot??????

Obama has only one person he cares about - himself. He hoodwinked America with class warfare as his weapon - rob from the rich and give to the poor.
Don't believe me - follow the $$$. For every $$$ he raised by lying on receiving federal funding, he OWE$ someone a political favor. His word (McCain, I give you and the American people my word - is worthless. Try negotiating a deal with a foreign state when your word is worthless.
You had your chance with McCain - he really was for the people and never took the corrupt and bloodstained dollars like Obama$.

Look, I'm not a Hillary fan myelf. I was for Obama since he ran for Senate. But remember how many Hillary supporters there were? She lost, but not by much to Obama. Clinton supporters were crying foul and even saying they would vote for McCain. Some did. Foolish? You bet. But this signifies that Obama's the better person. Repubican's hailed Hillary as a potential Sec. of State. Clinton supporters have nothing to gripe about. Only the sad and STILL disgruntled GOP losers are wiping their tears. Obama's a smart guy. If you think he's going to be pushed around by Clinton, you don't know Barack. Frankly, I would have like Colin Powell back. But he did "trick" us into war. Thanks to G.W.

OH BARF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clintons have the morals of sewer rats that eat their young!

Barack Obama’s decision to offer Hillary Clinton the Secretary of State post could well turn out to be his first major blunder, for these obvious reasons:

First, there’s the inseparable bond with her husband Bill. Given the duo’s unquenchable thirst for power, they would not be content to play second fiddle. From day one they would be scheming to usurp control of the White House. Once they get a foothold, Obama would be hard-pressed to rein them in.

Then, there’s the Clintons’ long history of corruption, deception and sleaze—Whitewatergate, Pardongate, Cattle-futuresgate, Chinagate, Filegate, Fellatiogate, the impeachment and near conviction, the punitive IRS audits, the violent deaths of potentially incriminating witness. This alone would provide Obama’s enemies with all the grime they needed to smear his presidency.

Consider further that unlike a Condoleezza Rice or a Madelaine Albright—not to mention bona fide statesmen like Henry Kissinger, Dean Rusk and John Foster Dulles--Hillary Clinton lacks the educational and cultural gravitas to represent our nation abroad. Her lawyering in Arkansas and stint in Congress doesn’t quite cut it. She did get 18 million votes in the Democratic primaries, probably more than Obama, but a large proportion of those votes were cast by diehard feminists and the less educated, hardly the constituency whose support lends credibility to a Secretary of State.

Barack Obama should recall the reasons why he didn’t choose Hillary as his VP running mate. For his and the nation’s sake, let us hope that she doesn’t accept his Secretary of State offer.

Musical chairs, baby!

When the music stops, who won't have an appointment?

A big mistake, Mr. Obama. There will not be a second term for you.

So much for change you can Xerox. Will Hillary, we get the Ego-maniac dirt bag Bill. Dump the both of them. Remember those famous words: "I never had sexual relations with that woman" This is not change, this is rehashed Billy-boy. She should have dumped him long ago.

This is ... "change"?

Let's see, 3 Senators, ie 3 "insiders" so far. 3 whom have done nothing to prevent the economy from taking a down turn.

How is this "change"?

Both sides of the aisle, Dems and Republicans, the House and the Senate are ALL to blame for where we are at today.

I will say this.. I feel a tad better, actually knowing she is going in there.

I am Conservative, and given the choice between Clinton and Obama, I would have voted for Clinton. She is a realist.

But this is the "change" he campaigned on?

We were getting "change" - it was going to be him or McCain.

Whatever.. country is going down the toilet, and all those a!@ clowns are to blame.

President elect Obama is gathering a team that will do the job. The US has prosperity under the Clinton adminstration. They knew how the run the country. Bush was a disaster and undid all that!

Its sensible to pick people who know what needs to be done, when to be done and how to be done.

Already people are whinning about appointees and possibles from Clinton administration as no change.

You people need a reality check. Im glad the replublicans have been removed because they are so outdated in thinking!

Obama has yet to take office.

Change will come slowly and not overnight!

I finally get over it. I am totally supporting Obama now. I love Hillary Clinton. She is the best choice if Obama even needs to pick up a woman in his top administration. We have better hope now for a strong team work.

Way to go Obama! Finally, a well thought out approach to team building-reaching across party lines. President Bush -aka "the great uniter" turned out to be the "biggest divider" in history. I'm so very proud of my country right now. We've finally earned respect from the rest of the world. The choice of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State is an excellent choice.

Is anyone here even old enough to remember the Clinton years? How the US was seen around the world? The budget? Geeze, you look at who is the best qualified and pick them. Those of you complaining, who would you chose differently for these positions? I think he is doing a great job selecting folks.

I wonder if we could figure out a cabinet with just 'progressives' what that would look like. That could be very entertaining ... would Ralph Nader be the commerce guy? Maybe we could bring back Jimmy Carter for secretary of state ... : ) Change. What does that actually mean? That we change everyone else? My relationship is about the OTHER person(s)? Maybe he will use the knowledge base he already has there ... and look for a higher order of being in them ...

Jeez.. I sure can see how Hilary might make a good Secretary of State, but Obama would have a lot more credibility if he also got a restraining order that didn't allow Bill within 500 feet of any public building in Washington.

What a change Obama has brought already. I see a Clinton administration all over again. Only difference is they are all 16 years older now. There is no young blood in his administraion. All old farts and hags whose ideas are 16 years in the past. The worst one of them all is Hillary. She finally got her chance to bing true her dream to wake up at 3:00am and answer the phone. Well now we have Hillary keeping awake at 3am to answer phone calls, and Sarah Palin keeping an eye on Putin from her ktichen window and asking all Alaskans to wake up early to shoo away those Russians. Now our country is safe.

speaking for Gen X LOVE IT!

Yeah, and the republitards have been doing such a smash-up job until now. They should make a new law that if you ever voted for "W" you should just "STFU" Just sit down and be quiet while we fix the health care and schools. Oh yeah, we're gonna fix science too. Retards.

It's a change from Bush. Clinton as a husband failed yes but as a president, his admin. was great. we finally had a balanced budget. Just as I was beginning to feel the joy in my country and a hope that my family would have a better life, George Bush was elected and it has been a hard road ever since and getting worse by the day.
There was 2 people running, Obama was the only choice that I can see.


When reading all of the negative posts about Obama offering H. Clinton the position of Sec. of State --- please remember to consider the source. These critics are the same individuals who thought that Palin was a great choice for the next Vice President of the United States!

We have no offical word that any offer has been made. NONE. Let's all just relax and get a grip.

This just doesn't sound like "No drama Obama" to me.

Hey don't blame Hillary, He choose her!

Pres-elect Obama the honeymoon is over!

The complaint that Obama's appointing "too many Clinton people" is just about the lamest in the history of lame GOP talking points. Back in 2000/2001 I don't remember a lot of complaints that Bush was appointing too many Reagan/Bush I veterans. If you're a high-profile Democratic political figure, there's a good chance you worked for or with the Clinton administration at some point in your career. It's a ridiculous proposition that working for Clinton should disqualify someone from working for Obama. Barack merely wants to appoint the best people for the job, regardless of who they used to work for.

The worst possible choice for Barack. Are we willing to relive all the scandals of the 1990s? And what about Bill Clinton? He's obviously going to be playing a role, regardless. And Hillary is too ambitious, she is not someone who will take a subordinate position and will likely push her own foreign policy agenda rather than Barack's. By taking this position, she will forfeit any chance at the presidency, unless, Obama, Biden, and Pelosi all manage to pass away in 4 yrs. Last secretary of state to become president was Thomas Jefferson, and that's because Secretary of State is someone who obeys, listens, not lead. If Hillary wants to continue her overinflated, selfish ambition of being president, she will not accept this position, and instead work in the Senate, where she can lead Congress into forming a new healthcare bill, an area where she will be far more useful and successful.

Everyone is bitching and complaining before he even gets a chance to actually take the President role....chill out people! He said we need a change and that's exactly what we're what if Hilary will be Secretary of State....she's not the freaking President!!! I'd rather have a house full of Democrats then the same Republican ways that we've been suffering through for 8 damn years!!!! If what Barack's doing isn't a HUGE change, then I don't know what is!!!!!

I'm aready severely disappointed and Obama isn't even sworn in yet. Hillary Clinton for SOS? She's like a cockroach. We can't get rid of her. We reject her and they keep pushing her back in our face. Maybe it's time to just turn on and drop out like we did back in the 60's. At least that got us out of Vietnam....kind of.


RE: India terror situation. We have been begging India and Pakistan to get serious about terror.

What does Obama say? "The United States must work to strengthen ties with India and other nations to "root out and destroy terrorist networks." somehow it is OUR fault...

I knew he would be like this...

Condi has been begging these guys to take it seriously and those foes won't even get over their bickering to come up with a solid border plan...and we, across the globe are supposed to be responsible, Barack? You America hater.

Now we have Hillary...

I can hardly even picture her handling a situation like this...getting our people out of there, knowing what to do and say...

what will she say when there really IS sniper fire? What a bunch of amateurs.

WOW....she is crazy for accepting this. Well, now Obama has her out of the way. Would be hard for her to run for president now. I thought she would be smarter than this.

YESSSS at least Hilary gets that.
That was nice of Obama. I think i'm finally warming up to him. I was for Hilary ;)

i think its stupid how obama is receiving so much criticism..The media is being runned byrepublicans who make it their job to make Obama look bad. I'm sure Bush has made several mistake yet we don't hear about it as much as we should.Obama barely got elected how can anyone expect change so quickly...obama himself explained that change will not come immediately but withing time. if you look at things carefully he's done nothing wrong what kind of change do you expect you have to be realistic and patient.

the article makes Obama look bad, as if he doesnt know how to make a wise decision. It discritetly critisizes how Hillaryand her husband once criticized Obama for lacking foreign policy credential that are neccesary for presidency and yet once she was nominated she changed her opinion all of a suddent. so its basically saying how Hillary was a choice to run for Secretary of state. Barack is just appointing people who truely have the potenital regardless of what they once said

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