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Hillary Clinton reportedly accepts Barack Obama's Cabinet offer

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has decided to accept the role of secretary of State, according to several published reports. (See news video below)

The reports, if confirmed, mean that Clinton will relinquish her Senate seat from New York to become the nation's top diplomaHillary Clinton is said to accept Barack Obama's offer of the role of Secretary of Statet in an administration led by her former rival, Barack Obama.

The Ticket reported earlier today that talks between Clinton and the president-elect were progressing.

Obama asked the former first lady and runner-up for the Democratic presidential nomination to fill the role last week. Since then, she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, have undergone intense vetting.

Hillary Clinton made her foreign policy experience a selling point during the primaries, telling crowds that as first lady she visited 80 countries. During the battle for the Democratic nomination, she and her husband often criticized Obama for lacking the foreign policy credentials necessary to be president. Remember "Ready from Day One"?

But after Obama clinched the nomination, Clinton campaigned hard for him. She allegedly made Obama's short list for vice president but lost out to Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware.

Clinton would become only the third woman in U.S. history to hold that post, after Condoleezza Rice and Madeleine Albright.

We will update with official confirmation. Meanwhile, The Times' Peter Nicholas has a smart piece about the Clinton-Obama negotiations.

-- Kate Linthicum

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Photo: Michal Czerwonka / EPA

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Some change. Obama's inexperience is showing through more than ever. His idea of change is more of the same.

What change? This looks like the Clinton administration revisited!

She'll finally get her chance to answer that phone at 3 a.m.

So what! It is just more of the same,she is now a sniveling nothing, a wallowing pig in the mud if you know what I mean!

Won't these Clintons ever go away??? Hillary YOU LOST. Barak just made his first HUGE mistake. Just wait and see.

haha so is this the change obama is giving us??..another clinton?? sounds the same to from new york and she hasn't done one thing for NYS....only used it as a stepping stone for her presidential her use this position just for a 2012 campaign...

And who would be your idea of change?

Clinton reprensents an about face from Bush's policies.

I was a Barack supporter all the way, from his support of Nuclear power, to his insistence that his vote for the war was wrong. I didn't hear Nuclear power mentioned in his Nov. 4th speech and now he nominates his top rival to head up the one area they severely disagree on. Nominating Hilary for State is completely unacceptable Barack!

Congratulations, Hillary. I think Obama made a wise choice. Why does everyone hate her so much? She is a smart, astute woman. I am glad to see Obama's cabinet picking intelligent people. This is about working together, people. Government, not politics. To all you haters out there: get with the progam.

I am very happy about this/ My main reason for wanting her to run for president was to restore America's image and credibility in the world. I think she will make a great Secretary of State and I think with Bill Clinton by her side, she should have some clout across the world. Neither of them just fell off the turniip truck. His humanitatian work should be an asset to her and to our country as well. God Bless her and our country!

Wonderful appointment! What a wonderful day! Like Abraham Lincoln before him, Barack Obama is unifying the country, starting with a cabinet with several former Presidential campaign rivals. In the words of Langston Hughes, "let America be America again!"

Oh well .. one day US politics will mature beyond the level of "popularity". I find it difficult to believe that this person actually made it to the senate .... from a state that she probably couldn't locate on a map 5 years ago. This is the same person that claimed to have been shot at in a war zone as her "experience" qualifier in global politics. Now she is to be the official representative in matters of state? Keeeriist! It is no wonder the US is the laughing stock of the world.

This is fantastic, just fantastic. She is a smart prepared and committed civil servant and this is the one thing that will bring me more into his camp. Outstanding decision on all fronts and for so many reasons. She is known and respected around the world and the example set by the Obama administration and thus US in the world for peaceful transition of power in a democracy is powerful.

Its all the people from the clinton administration some change im so upset!

When Obama said "change" he meant change from a republican administration.

Clinton, unlike Bush, appointed people on merit (even his choosing his wife this way). These people are very qualified and fit into a cohesive vision for this country.

Lets bring back the gains this country made under Clinton, the gains Bush erased.

...people believed your words Mr.Obama, and I was one of them..."change","no more of the same", "time to shake up Washington", "no lobbyists"...all nothing but empty words. Four years is not too long and if there is one thing that Americans really hate is blatant have been given the chance, don't blew it or you will end up just like GWB in the garbage bin of the history...shame on you already

This is a good move, Obama is putting a good team in place. And the Clinton years were not that bad. Remember he put the US in the Black by 5 trillion dollars, until good-o- boy was elected.

Not that I'm a fan of Mrs. Clinton, but Barack Obama never said "change" meant something different than the previous Democratic administration.

It was always obvious during his campaign that "change" was referring to the current (Bush) administration. The so-called enemy during his campaign was "the last eight years," not all of U.S. Presidential history.

(Not that I'm a big Obama fan either... But after the previous comments, I felt it necessary to set the record straight.)

It's just as I feared. Obama is selling short the masses of the left that he had garnered in support. This is the Clinton administration revisited. During the campaign, many commenters noted hardly a difference between Obama and Clinton on many policy issues. There was little reason to choose Obama for those of looking for more positive change except his words. And now what?

AWESOME!! I think this is going to be great :D Obama is doing an awesome job picking a team that does what America wants and needs right now: 1) individuals with both a National AND Global outlook, and 2) individuals with the experience and credibility to make believable and rational changes for the better. You can criticize because you are uncomfortable with Hillary (unfounded, I think) but this really does round out a team that's got the grit, credibility and experience we need now. BRAVO!!

A woman of intelligence and tact--working with a man of intelligence and tact--that seems like change to me and seems to bode well for international relations.

Clinton is a talent and twice as smart as Candy. This is a shrewd move and those who say it's more of the same...same as what? the present no talent that's been dragging our country down for 8 years. I dont think so.

Give us the prosperity of the old Clinton days...and scrub out any lingering smell from the current administration

Yes she campaigned but I would not characterize it as hard...begrudgingly is more appropriate. I'd also venture a guess that she was never a serious VP candidate as she's clearly got her own agenda.

A fine article until you injected your own bias.

The Clintons are the most dangerous when working from the inside out. Having Hillary as SoS is absolutely beautiful.

This is change but you Republican do not embrace change unless it comes from you; which has never come. Unless you figure it out; you will do nothing but hurt this country and try to belittle people that do not agree with you. Totally Un-American and you say you put America first. Just another byline; how stupid

People are free to complain about Hillary and say that this will be the Clinton Administration all over again. I am fine with that idea. I did well fine under the Clinton Administration - bought a house, saved for retirement, and put my kids through college. Now I have to scrape to get by, my wife hasn't had health insurance in 3 years, and I haven't saved money in the past 4 years.

This is change but you Republican do not embrace change unless it comes from you; which has never come. Unless you figure it out; you will do nothing but hurt this country and try to belittle people that do not agree with you. Totally Un-American and you say you put America first. Just another byline; how stupid

Big Mistake Barak.
B I G Mistake!!
I voted for you - NOT for Hillary BECAUSE she is trouble - as is her husband as are her aides. You are surrounding yourself with Clintonites and now with the lady herself. What a wasted vote - I could have voted for McCain or change like this!

C'mon people, seriously, your comments are pretty far off point.

The "Change" everyone wants is from the disasterous policies of the Bush administration. This is that change on foreign policy. If we can revisit the peace and prosperity of the Clinton years, would that really be a bad thing?

Sure there are other changes Obama supporters would also like to see that would differ somewhat from the Clinton years, like reduced influence of lobbyists, a serious effort on alternative energy, and successful passage of universal health care. And appointing Hillary to Secretary of State does nothing to preclude any of those.

It's a good move that will let us hit the ground running on foreign policy. You all have every right to be skeptical about things if you want to, but at least be skeptical over something well reasoned!

No, Shirley, we do not know what you mean...but YOU are mean--mean-spirited and stupid. Hillary will make a great Cabinet member. And, yes, Shirley, there really is a Santa, and he gave us CHANGE and PROGRESSIVES for the next 4 years, at least...

I sure hope that she doesn't get us into trouble by falsely reporting being under attack and ducking for cover when she visits other countries.

Wow! Conservatives and the "old" guard must be fuming with rage at these news. Just when they thought their nightmare could not get any worse! I LOVE IT!!!!

Putting "SOS" next to the Clinton name is a good idea, but this is going a little too far!

The American Troika; Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, like every other totalitarian regime in history, need a serviceable minister of propaganda. Who better to represent the new American paradigm to the world than Hillary Clinton? The terraforming of America by the leftists has begun, we will be remade into the more acceptable likeness of Western Europe. The long suffering, liberal turmoil is at an end. America can at last take it’s place at the adult table beside the other more progressive socialist leader nations of the West. ‘Tis a consummation Devoutly to be wished.

Change? What change. I am so disappointed. I want to see new ideas and people, like OBama promised. Not corrupt politics as usual. The name on the door may have changed, but what else? I think Obama duped us. Another stuffed shirt lying politician.....doing favors to payback the special interests that ponied up the cash to buy his way into the white house. Our country is doomed.

3am phone call payback

This is the best thing could ever happen to this country
More of the same staff but with new policy, that is the difference.
It is a known fact that republicans mess things up and the democrats clean it up.
Well done Barack for choosing Hilary as our next secretary of state.

Good decision - Obama is picking the best and brightest, he isn't intimidated by former rivals, for these key positions. In the long run, this will be a great advantage for the country.

Stage managed...Does the Casino management prefer "Senator" Bill Clinton or "Senator" Al Sharpton? Bet on the house..."Senator Bill Clinton.

@ Shirley
Do you mean a United States Senator?

Hillary is a good choice for the job: she's well liked overseas and has as much credibility as any of the other leading contenders (and certainly no less of it than Condie did when she got her cabinet post). This decision also demonstrates unity (as did Lieberman's "pardon"), burying the hatchet, and might be a very wise way to preemptively avoid potential internal division in the future. I really don't understand why some fellow readers react so lividly to this news!

all of the information concerning Hillary Clinton's supposed nomination for SOS was leaked (reported) by Andrea Mitchell. Who gave her the press release? Is she and her group still campaigning????? Hillary and her people just won't give up. I will not believe anything that the media says since the only person reporting is AM, HRC, and WC.

The Clinton's LOST the election!!!!!!! GIVE IT UP...

Hillary is a great choice. She would have been a good President, but she will be a great Secretary of State.

I think it's great! She will sure do a much better job then Ms. Rice!

The best of both worlds! What a positive CHANGE from the past 8 years of Bush's destruction.

Once announced as President Elect Obama’s choice for Secretary of State and before her Senate confirmation Hillary Clinton will begin to publically reinvent herself. She will clearly demonstrate her readiness and willingness to serve her country as Secretary of State under President Obama and will present her vision and indicate what her approach and her goals will be as head of the State Department. I can only wonder if the new Hillary will sport a new hairdo and wardrobe as well.

I voted for McCain, but wish President-Elect Obama all the best.

I actually think Senator Clinton will do a good job as Secretary of State. Like everyone else, I want the war in Iraq to end ... but just pulling out our troops would result in a bloodbath.

I actually would rather have Hillary (and Bill) involved in foreign rather than domestic policy ...

Ninety pound weakling boy President Obama needs Clinton ideas and Clinton leadership and Clinton trained people. He could have had Hillary as a new-role power-Veep but he passed. WE could have had Hillary if not for John Edwards. The world can use Hillary as SoS.

You guys are haters! Obama is acting like any person in a leadership position would, get the best and brightest to complete the difficult jobs ahead.

The candidate of change is loading up on Clinton retreads. At least this position will keep HIllary away from domestic policy.

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