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Final Rove electoral map sees large Obama win over McCain

Well, the final day before the official presidential voting and the final version of Karl Rove's exclusive national electoral map sees a strong victory for Barack Obama, gaining the most electoral votes since Bill Clinton's lopsided win over Bob Dole in 1996.

According to the research of compiled state polls by Karl Rove & Co., the hypothetical electoral college numbers suggest an Obama win over the Republican ticket of John McCain and Sarah Palin of 338 electoral votes to 200.

For the final report, Rove has allocated each state to the candidate leading there in state polls today.

According to these calculations, Obama takes hard-fought Florida. But McCain edges ahead in Indiana, Missouri, North Dakota and North Carolina.

Rove notes that Obama and McCain are in dead heats in North Carolina and Missouri, but the most recent polls over the weekend show a trend toward the Republican ticket. "Florida, too, could end up in McCain’s column," Rove adds, "since he’s benefited from recent movement in the state." But it's not enough for the Arizona senator to capture the necessary 270.

For an explanation of the research methodology and for a chart showing the study's movements week by week since July 1, click on the Read more line below. The Ticket's appreciation to Rove & Co. for its permission to publish these polls simultaneously throughout the recent hotly contested months.

--Andrew Malcolm

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For each state, the map uses the average of all public telephone polls (Internet polls are not included in the average) taken within 14 days of the most recent poll available in each state.

For example, if the most recent poll in Montana was taken on July 15, the average includes all polls conducted between July 1 and July 15. States within a 3-point lead for McCain or Obama are classified as tossups; states outside the 3-point lead are allocated to the respective candidate.

There is no polling data available for the District of Columbia, but its three electoral votes are allocated to Obama.

Published by Top of the Ticket with permission of Karl Rove & Co.

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Hi, I'm a hick living in AlaBAMA, YEEEEE HAWWWWW, and I've decided to change my mind. I thought of going mccain but realized I was being a sheet head. Some of my buddies wanted to shoot em.. But Heeeeeck, I love the guy! So I went into that there booth ya'll and pulled that lever whammy thing for Obama. Yes sir!

when did Rove release this? because if it was sometime today, then his "predictions" are just a lazy rip off of the eletoral split of 338-200 on real clear politics' electoral map (the "no toss-up" map) that I saw at 8 am this morning. what is fox news paying this has-been anyway?

I am not buying it. Polls are trending towards McCain in all Battlegrounds and 8% still undecided.

Farrakhan+Auntie+Ayers+Wright+ACORN+Killing Coal+Obamitable Taxman=last minute McCain win.

Whoo Hoo!

Dear Friends,

Many of us are concerned about reports that Obama is in the lead for this presidential race. However we do know that God is in charge and that prayer changes things. We invite you to join us in standing in agreement this day, that the path of America is guided by God's light.
We are calling forth the power of God's all knowing spirit to intervene in the confusion of the day and to bring forth the revelations that will allow for this confusion to be removed. There are issues that can come to light, that will give many a chance to awaken to the understanding of the significance of their decisions.
See God's hand in this moment revealing all that needs to go forth as you recite the following prayer:

To all that stands in the way of God's love, I command you to be removed and to be dispelled. The Spirit of the Lord reigns and it will go forth in lightening speed to bring about all that it is sent to do. I send forth this Spirit to command all that is about, to be in the light of God's presence and only to move forward if deemed by God to do so."
Do not walk in fear for there is no fear when you trust. Rather, see it as so and be assured that what you so call forth is heard.
Prayer is always the path. Unite together and do not waiver.

This news by Rove will possibly put McCain in the hospital---or worse! Couldn't Rove break it to the mean-spirited, old puppet more gently?

Wait.. What?

Karl Rove? The Karl Rove? Is calling the election for Obama??? What's surprising about this is, he'd say anything at all. He's not even *trying* to spin this for the Republicans. What gives?

Sarah Palin was the final nail in the McCain political coffin. Bad choice, Senator. Bad bad choice.

Why would a professional writer begin an article with "well"?

Out of Our Fears, Out of Our Hopes

Tomorrow, Election Day
we are given anew, a chance to decide
to choose our leaders, an opportunity to give voice
to our aspirations, our dreams, our wishes for our land
We can choose, to vote out of our fears, or
to vote out of our hopes.
I choose hope, over my fears
my dreams, over my doubts
my love, over my hate
my similarities, not my differences
my longing for a better world,
not walls around my home

I am voting for Barack Obama

November 3, 2008

so what can we conclude from this ... hmmmm I thought the polls were saying this was a dead heat ... how can that be ... when are folks going to wake up ...polls are used to manipulated public opinion and should be considered worthless ... it is sad that they do tend to move some segments of the population so worthless is an overstatement ... polls only manipulate folks who still do not as adults look in a critical, analytical manner at how the Global Corporatocracy functions.

My theory: Rove is trying to make Democrats complacent so we won't go out and vote. VOTE!

If all could see this well researched site, the vote would surly SURELY...GO TO OBAMA...

It is an obvious attempt to disenfranchise votes by saying there is no need to go vote, thus making it possible for republicans to win races

Dear Libby,

You can vote your religion, that is your choice.

I am going to vote what I think is the best path for this nation.

My reward is not in your heaven, and I thank you to leave your myopic vision at home.

IS this a shock? Rove is a smart guy, and he's not going to miss a chance to be right on the money one more time. You can bet that he and most of the core of the party said "oh my god no!" when McCain won the primary, and they want a chance to play big in 2012. Being right about the numbers now is how he gets credibility to be back to save the GOP in 2012.

Rove is a Genius, there is no otherway GWB could have been a president.

FYI Libby,

The light is shining on Obama and setting on Bush. You should have prayed for Bush and maybe things would have been better than they are now.

Get a clue? There is no God and if there was he would think that you were delusional for believing the fairy tail you call a religion. You should know your hate filled monologues that you call prayer aren't heard outside the room you're kneeling in.


God could care less.

Libby, Why are you concerned that Obama is leading the polls? God wants Obama to win. It would be foolish to attempt imposing your will over God's, don't you think? Don't fight God's will, embrace it.

It all boiled down to the fact that I'd rather see Obama as our President than Palin as our Vice President. Plus I'm tired of hearing McCain saying "Fight, fight, fight...".

The Lost Angeles Times is just one of the many hundreds of media doing everything possible to get B.O. elected. If B.O. is elected, the United States of America will begin its spiral downwards to becoming the United Socialist States of America. B.O. is highly radical. (1) He wants to destroy an entire U.S. industry and all the jobs associated with it. (2) He wants to create a national civilian security force (The Nazis had one of these too). We have the FBI, The Department of Homeland Security, the NSA, and the CIA. We don't need a civilian security force, and how is B.O. going to pay for that program? Through Draconian carbon regulation and taxation. He'll have to raise other taxes to fund his other Socialist programs too. B.O. is a Marxist to the bone.

"Come what come may, time and the hour pass the roughest day" I think this came from Shakespeare.

Remember if you or Voting for Obama please vote on Wednesday. If you are voting for McCain please vote on Tuesday. This will ease the waiting at the voting stations. Thank you for your cooperation.

I am voting Wednesday.


You are so correct PRAYER can make a difference.

Here are some scriptures that give me strength and guide me in my life and voting.

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. [Matthew 5:9]

Do not judge, lest you too be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged and with the measure you use, it will be measured to
you. [Matthew 7:1 & 2.]

Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God thethings that are God's. [Matthew 22:21]

Love your neighbor as yourself. .[Matthew 22:39]

So in everything, do to others as you would have them do to you.[Matthew 7:12.]

If you would be perfect, go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven.
[Matthew 19:21]

But when you give a feast, invite the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed,
because they cannot repay you. You will be repaid at the resurrection of the just. [Luke 14:13 &14.]

Ye are the light of the world. [Matthew 5:14]

I am praying and voting for the candidate who spreads

LOVE over hate,
HOPE over fear,
COMPASSION over currency,
DIPLOMACY over violence,
PEACE over war.

That candidate is Barack Obama.

Yours in Christ,

I've been following this election closely for two years and have read a great number of news reports and commentaries (liberal and conservative), listened to a slew of ads, read hundreds of blog comments, heard convention speeches and on and on. The one thing that I cannot do after all of that is name a single McCain foreign policy or national security accomplishment. I can tell you things he has voted for and against (not necessarily different) but in the areas where he is reputed to be vastly more "experienced" (air quotes), nothing. The not ready/inexperienced Obama has, with Senator Luger, the rogue nuclear weapons bill to his credit, but McCain???? Nada. Perhaps McCain has such accomplishments but, if so, by not mentioning them to us voters and going negative instead he made one of his many errors in judgment that justly have doomed his ultimately sleezy campaign.

Here's hoping for a Obama victory. McCain could have been fine too but I'm not sure if Americans realise just how much the spectre of fundamentalist Christains close to your great White House really and sincerely scares the heck out of rest of the world.

Um, Spirit of G-d boy. What makes you think that The Creator of the Universe would endorse either candidate let alone someone that abaondons his wife when she's been injured in a car accident? What part of G-d's Great and Glorious Plan would have a "leader" lie to us in order to ensure that we murder 150,000 Iraqis under one administration only ensure that to murder another 150,000 under the next? Let's face it, folks. Democracy means we are responsible for how our country is run and the last 8 years prove that we should be ashamed of ourselves.

We've let go of the wheel and now is the time to take back our country. Obama is running on a platform of uniting our nation, including the people who have been marginalized in the last 8 years. We don't all have to agree on everything but we do have to agree on what America is and what we want it to be rather than letting ourselves be steamrolled by evil, self-interested men who use our fears to control us. If America is to survive WE THE PEOPLE must ensure it. Our government won't do it for us.

Sorry Libby, God's a democrat and Jesus was a community organizer!

Libby-So when Obama wins, does that mean that God has turned His back on you and those like you? Or will you humble yourselves and embrace Gods will?

I completely agree with john (November 03, 2008 at 03:50 PM).

Ronald Reagan's use of "well, ..." may have been a charming verbal tic but when a journalist uses "well, ..." to introduce an article, he is contributing to the dumbing-down of the general public.

Dear Libby,
Please remember that your prayers are so much more powerful than your vote-- and as a consequence, please spend all day tomorrow praying, and don't bother going to the polls!

With 99% of the African vote, 100% of the gay vote, 80% of the illegal alien vote, and 100% of the "hate America vote" how can obama not win?

Mr. Rove is evaluating the Electoral College based on the most current information available. How is that difficult to understand? And Libby, you are absolutely correct - I will be praying with all my heart and soul for an Obama victory tomorrow.

"Well" Libby, of the prayer post: Brace yourself for another episode in that long line of "God works in mysterious ways" moments.

The USA or the USSA?

The issues, and the choice between the presidential candidates, in this election are becoming clearer as the vote draws near. Neither candidate or party is perfect or can save humankind, but there are some stark choices before us. One candidate advocates free enterprise and individual responsibility, spurred by lower taxes, smaller government, the cherishing of unborn human lives, a more streamlined approach to medical care and a strong defense. The other touts a socialist system, including the redistribution of wealth from people who work and generate income to people who don’t, higher taxes, a cradle-to-grave nanny state government, including socialized medical care, and strong support for abortion, including partial-birth abortion. He not only allows the taking of innocent prenatal life, but infanticide, in the case of babies who survive abortions. Additionally, he would have our nation kowtow to the expectations of others, rather than hold proudly to our unique strengths as a nation.
The sources of the economic mess are fourfold: The mortgage and stock market debacle, the failure to use our own energy resources, entitlement programs and, believe it or not, abortion. The mortgage and stock market fiasco was initiated by pressure from the far-left, especially the supposedly “neutral” group, ACORN, on banks and congress to make mortgages available to unqualified borrowers. This led to the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977, passed under the Carter administration. This was strengthened in 1992 under Clinton, and made worse by Sarbanes et al with the "mark-to-market" legislation, which devalues all properties in the neighborhood of any devalued property, thus deflating the collateral behind the packaged sub-prime loans. Then the Democrats, among them Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, who, along with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, were among the highest recipients of contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, blocked efforts specifically by George Bush and McCain and other Republicans to correct the mess set in motion by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and their highly-paid CEO's, Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson. Wall Street greed did play a role, but we have to ask ourselves whether the CEO's are all Republicans, as the Democrats imply! Greed is NOT synonymous with conservatism or the Republican party, except, of course, according to Marxism, which is the dominant economic philosophy and world-view of today’s Democrat Party. And now, the Democrats have the gall to blame the whole mess on the Republicans, who tried to stop it!
Next, oil prices are largely a result of not exploiting our own, domestic supplies. Yet, the Democrats are standing in the way of every option to improve this situation, all while crying to end our dependence on foreign oil. They oppose drilling in ANWR and on the continental shelves in the name of keeping the {sacred} environment pristine. They oppose nuclear power because of antinuclear hysteria. They stand against the use and refining of fossil fuels, on the grounds that it contributes to greenhouse gases and global warming. However, the evidence for same is dubious at best. Alternative energy sources are useful adjuncts, but they will never provide enough power to replace fossil fuels. We can develop nuclear power, as many of the nations, like France, so admired by the Democrats, and other, adequate energy sources, such as hydrogen fuel cells, while continuing to use petroleum as a very necessary bridge. In the mean time, it appears that the mere thought of drilling and increasing the supply already bringing oil prices down.
Third, the problem is made much worse by out-of-control federal spending and entitlement programs. Sixty percent of all federal spending is on entitlement programs. A very large tumor can take up so much of a person's cardiac output that it depletes the blood supply to the rest of the person's body. By analogy, if the government takes up so much of our GNP, it depletes the circulation of capital to the rest of the nation, and takes it out of the private sector, thus squeezing the life out of the economy.
The government does NOT create jobs, except temporary ones of the WPA-make-work variety. History has shown that LOWERING taxes is the way to stimulate the economy. Herbert Hoover raised taxes on a hurting economy and helped precipitate the Great Depression. JFK lowered taxes and stimulated the economy. Ronald Reagan inherited double-digit inflation and interest rates from Jimmy Carter, and jump-started a 12-year economic boom by slashing tax rates. In the aftermath of the internet bust and the 9/11 attacks, which sent the stock market into a steep dive, George Bush cut taxes, and the economy rebounded. Further, tax revenues more than doubled under both the Reagan and Bush II administrations, as our economic engine was set free to do what it does best. Tax cuts work to stimulate the economy. Tax increases slow the economy. In fact, small businessmen on the West Coast already have plans to lay off staff and cut back services the day after the election if Obama wins. "Joe the Plumber" made it clear he cannot expand his business if Obama taxes his earnings so that he cannot invest them back into his company, to hire new staff and buy new vehicles.
Taxing individuals and companies that make over $250,000 will not only slow the growth of business and cost jobs, it will hit the consumer in the wallet, as companies only pass their taxes on to the consumer, further slowing the economy. Additionally, high taxation lowers disposable income, which reduces the demand for goods and services, which reduces incentives and opportunities to stimulate businesses. The economies of Texas and Florida, where there is no state income tax, are robust, while the economies of California and New York, which have very high state and local taxes, are drowning. Just a couple of days ago, a leading economic analyst and author reported that the continuing wild fluctuations in the stock market and the restructuring and layoffs that accompany them, are the result of the fear in the market over what Obama’s economic plans might mean for business in this country.
All this is, of course, income redistribution, according to the dictum of Karl Marx: “From each according to his means, to each according to his need.” On the surface, this sounds altruistic, communitarian, “fair and patriotic”, but it is really confiscatory, defeating to those who actually work for an income, and degrading to those who have their hands out for ever more handouts, perpetuating their dependency on the state. It is interesting and ironic that conservatives contribute three times as much to charities than liberals. How much better to rely on altruism of our Judaeo-Christian ethos than on the forced “generosity” of the long fingers of the government picking our pockets!
Further, raising taxes on American businesses, which already pay 35% business tax, the second highest rate in the world, will drive businesses and jobs overseas, which Obama claims to be against.
The abortion issue is important in itself, but it is also tied to the economic crisis. Since Roe v. Wade was passed, we have aborted 45 million lives from our midst. Aside from the emotional, familial and cultural devastation this has wrought, if we recognize a conservative gross, lifetime income of two million dollars ($50,000/yr x 40 yrs), then we have aborted 90 TRILLION dollars out of our economy, and out of the input to our social security system. Obama is on the wrong side of this issue, as well.
Additionally, babies are human beings from the moment of conception. Any biology or embryonic text shows that there is no clear point of demarcation for the beginning of life other than conception. Thus, the unborn are due all protections of the law. If we make these unique individuals vulnerable to whim and circumstance, we do violence to our whole concept of humanity, by saying that human life is only as valuable as the circumstances in which we find it, rather than having the intrinsic, infinite value we all know it has. At her inauguration as Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi made a big show of surrounding herself with her grandchildren. How many of them would have survived her abortion policy? Obama's defense of the people who allowed a Down's baby, which survived an abortion, to die in a dirty linen closet is heinous. This was even shocking to NARAL and other far-left abortion advocates!
In the health care arena, a government health care system, which is what Obama wants, would be expensive, inefficient, loaded with red tape and attached strings. People will receive care if they meet government conditions. Further, to the degree that we are dependent on something, such as the government, it has control over us. To free us from this control, we need to have individual insurance policies, which are NOT linked to employers, which people can take from one job to another. This would also free up much capital for employers and allow them to hire more workers, which would create more jobs, as well as creating more jobs in the insurance industry.
Further, even such a socialist organization as PNHP (Physicians for a National Health Plan) has admitted that the greatest cost increases in health care over the last 40 years have been due to increases in regulation and administration. Thus, government regulations and red-tape have been one of the major factors in driving up health-care costs. Moreover, government programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid have a 72% overhead cost. This means that it takes approximately FOUR tax dollars to generate one payout dollar. These programs are very costly to taxpayers, while actually paying very little to health professionals. Many private medical practices refuse to see Medicaid patients, because it actually COSTS them money to see these patients. No one can run a business with a negative income!
A chilling factor in socialized health care emerges when the government controls the economics of health care and medical ethics. In this context, the concept of "quality of life" becomes a dangerous concept. What happens when the government has the power to decide what the quality of our lives is? What follows from the government cutting off funding for a hospitalization or other care, because a life is deemed "not worth living"? This sounds exactly like Nazi Germany!
Product liability makes up approximately one-half of the cost of medications and other medical products. Doctors and hospitals have to pay exorbitant premiums to protect against lawsuits as well as exorbitant awards and settlements. Interestingly, Joe Biden is very strongly connected to the American Trial Lawyers Association, which is at the root of so many of the lawsuits in all areas that are wrecking the fabric of our society. The fear of liability leads to practicing “defensive medicine”, that is, ordering more tests and procedures than one might otherwise, in order to provide documentation for medical decisions. This further drives up the cost of health care.
Obama's associations are very important, because they reveal not only his poor judgment, but his well-camouflaged, far-left, Marxist ideology as well as a shocking lack of honesty. Bill Ayers, the unrepentant, domestic terrorist, may have done his bombings when Obama was eight years old, but Obama recently said that he has worked with Ayers for 15 years. Yet, seven years ago, well within those 15 years, on 9/11/2001, Ayers only expressed regret that he had not done more bombings and more to hurt the U.S. The door of his office is plastered with pictures of Che Guevara and other Marxist revolutionaries and a number of Muslim terrorists. (What does the Jewish community think of this?) Yet, Obama continues the association, and has not repudiated it. Evidently, he does not disagree with this radical ideology enough to avoid contact with Ayers. In the third debate, he simply characterized Ayers as a university professor who had sat on some committees with Republicans and had received funding from Republican sources. He mentioned nothing about Ayers CONTINUING to hold his extremist positions, or his CONTINUING associations with Ayers. This speaks volumes about Obama’s lack of honesty.
His friendship with his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, is also very troubling. Wright has expressed vitriolic hatred of the United States (“the US of KKK A”) and militant racism and has espoused Marxist liberation theology, as well as the contorted, racist, separatist ideology of Louis Farrakhan. This pastor married Obama and his wife and baptized their children, and Obama sat under his preaching and teaching for 20 years. This was not a casual association. Evidently he had no qualms about Wright's ideology for all those years. Obama showed his disingenuousness again when he dissociated himself from this long-term relationship when it became politically inconvenient. What does this say about his loyalty to his friends and potential international allies when they become a burden?
Father Pfleger is another individual in Obama's world who is very similar to Jeremiah Wright, whose ideology also apparently does not bother Obama.
Fourth, Obama's association with ACORN, a radical, far-left organization, which is at the root of the economic crisis, as well as being the subject of a number of investigations into voter registration fraud. Obama said in a speech in November, 2007, that he had been involved with ACORN for his whole career and praised them for being “right in the middle” of voter registration efforts. He defended them as a lawyer, and trained many of their staff. Again, his far-left ideology rears its ugly head, and his dishonesty reappears in his efforts to minimize his relationship with ACORN and to downplay ACORN's radical positions and corruption. Further, he is the third largest recipient of contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which, along with ACORN are at the root of the financial/mortgage crisis. A number of prominent Democrats, beneficiaries of like contributions, apparently provided political cover for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to continue their reckless activities.
Possibly the most alarming association is the deep influence that Marxist agitator, Saul Alinsky, has had on his career. Besides dedicating his book, Rules for Radicals, to Lucifer (Satan), Alinsky advocates taking a low-profile approach to advancing radical ideals to avoid scaring or putting off the middle class. Obama is clean-cut and always appears in a suit, yet his ideology is the most radical in the U.S. Senate. Further, Alinsky's tactics involve using accusation, guilt and ridicule to paralyze the conventional, conservative, middle-class. Looking back over the last generation, this is exactly the modus operandi of the Left. This is precisely how they have blunted a multitude of conservative issues and efforts, including the 1994 "Republican Revolution". This association, likewise, shows Obama to be a leftist radical.
Obama also was able to buy a mansion through the machinations and financing of a nefarious figure in Chicago's underworld - Tony Rezko. This likewise displays a lack of judgment, propriety and character.
It must be emphasized that pointing out these associations is not playing “gotcha”, nor is it last-minute desperation on the part of the Republicans. These are formative, career-long relationships, which reveal Obama’s true ideology, despite his carefully crafted efforts to camouflage it. Their revelation is long overdue. If the press had done its job instead of promoting Obama as their chosen candidate, these matters would have come to light much sooner. Further, Sarah Palin and John McCain have not been inciting violence by mentioning of these matters. They are merely giving voice to the pent-up frustration and anger of the millions of true Americans who have watched their country disintegrate under the impact of the left over the last forty years.
Finally, McCain wants to see us finish the tasks we have undertaken in Afghanistan and Iraq. He wants to see victory, to see stable governments established to see those societies flourish. He wants to stay the course until our job is done, and have our troops come home with their heads held high. Obama is concerned about our image in the world, naively believing that, if we are just nice to the terrorists, they will be nice to us. He forgets that the image of weakness we projected when we did nothing after the “Blackhawk Down” incident in Somalia helped invite the attacks of 9/11. Terrorist organizations and the regimes that support them will be incalculably emboldened if we quit before the job is done. Obama forgets that the despots of the world see us as ridiculously naïve when we get paralyzed by judicial minutiae and give rights to our enemies. He is oblivious to the fact that our free elections have become conflicted debacles. He is probably ignorant of the fact that Saudis and Yemenis nicknamed their curvaceous Toyota SUV’s “Monicas” while Clinton was enjoying his romps in the Oval Office, and that the lasciviousness of our television and movies fuels the hatred radical Muslims hold towards us.
Clearly, Obama is suspect in many areas, from the standpoints of ideology, judgment and honesty, as well as flawed, socialist/Marxist economic policy, which has already either imploded or dragged down the economy in every country in which it has been tried - so why try it here? We need to slash the government back to the simple, powerful, streamlined government that is outlined in our Constitution, which will allow low taxes, a prohibition of earmarks in bills, off-the-top tax credits for health care and education and rapid energy diversification. We do NOT need an even more bloated, parasitic federal bureaucracy to suck the life out of our economy in a vain attempt to become all things to all people. Such a government will, at best, fail to meet its goals and the needs of its people, as other similar governments have before. At worst, it could become a form of despotism and tyranny. (Sarah Palin and even Joe the Plumber have already been targets of personal investigations, which seek to destroy their reputations and credibility.) Will we continue to be the USA, with its traditional Judaeo-Christian ethos, democracy and capitalism or will we descend to being the USSA (the Union of Socialist States of America), with an ABC (anything-but-Christianity) ethos, socialism and a depressed economy? Will we choose to be a society that honors a high work ethic, or will we stoop to being a “gimme-gimme” society that expects every need to be met by government handouts and programs. If we vote for this kind of change, then change may be all we have left in our pockets!

Libby? If McCain pulls off a win in this election, it does not mean GOD is in control, it means GOP is in control. We are all God's Children - not just the white, right wingnut's. Sheesh. Unite Together? Do not Waiver? OMG!!! If you REALLY felt that way you'd be an Obama Supporter!

To Libby--- God's will be done. McCain on the run. Who will you blame when Obama has won. I go to church every Sunday, and practice my reIligion on Monday. I pray for a united nation, and seperation of church and state. THIS I SWEAR SO HELP ME GOD

Dear Friends,

Many of us are concerned about reports that McCain is gaining in this presidential race. However we do know that God is in charge and that prayer changes things. We invite you to join us in standing in agreement this day, that the path of America is guided by God's light.
We are calling forth the power of God's all knowing spirit to intervene in the confusion of the day and to bring forth the revelations that will allow for this confusion to be removed. There are issues that can come to light, that will give many a chance to awaken to the understanding of the significance of their decisions.
See God's hand in this moment revealing all that needs to go forth as you recite the following prayer:

To all that stands in the way of God's love, I command you to be removed and to be dispelled. The Spirit of the Lord reigns and it will go forth in lightening speed to bring about all that it is sent to do. I send forth this Spirit to command all that is about, to be in the light of God's presence and only to move forward if deemed by God to do so."
Do not walk in fear for there is no fear when you trust. Rather, see it as so and be assured that what you so call forth is heard.
Prayer is always the path. Unite together and do not waiver.

NcCain has ptted common man against common man, with lies.
We have a champion in Obama. If your assets total in the tens of millions, you should vote for McCain.
Every one else vote Obama. Lets restore America's inherent greatness and get out of the abyss caused by pure greed.

Dear Libby, thanks so much for your reminder to call us to prayer. The answer to millions of prayers tomorrow will be the election of Barack Obama.

When President Obama turns out to be a reasonable moderate, what will the people say, who told us that he was the Islamic terrorist Communist Socialist Anti-Christ? They will tell us that their prayers caused God to restrain him from hurting America until we could repent and elect President Palin.

Yes let's all pray for a McCain win. Don't worry about the voting part, praying is much more important. Then everyone will see the true power of prayer. After all, God is watching the prayer meter and will cast the deciding vote for whomever gets the most because heaven gets like 3 million electoral votes. It's in revelations 147:13.

Speaking of voting, I hope God knows which precinct he's in, because wouldn't that be a shame if he procrastinated and went to the wrong polling station, only to be turned away without casting his vote before the polls close. Silly me, what was I thinking? He is all-knowing, and therefore he will obviously vote absentee because it's much easier and he still feels burned by that hanging chad on his ballot when he voted for Bob Dole.

Plus showing his face around town might get all the non-believers believin' and all the believers faintin' before they can vote for McCain...since he obviously embodies the religious right and Obama is obviously an arab (gasp).

To Libby and people with similar concerns.

Have you given thought that perhaps God is indeed working in us all and is setting in motion a much needed relief and healing?
Unless you are God, you can't possibly assume that you know His will to be for McCain.

I admit that I know nothing about you but from your comment, I get the feeling that you are speaking from a closed place of fear as opposed to an open heart full of compassion and bravery. I will be praying. I will be praying for people, perhaps like you. I will be praying that your understanding and your heart be open and that the people around you are not inadvertently hurt by your words and actions.


Having succeeded in smearing McCain in 2000 with the rumors over his "black child", Rove continues his lockstep report of the Saudi stepchildren, the Bush Family. He has no credibility and he is not an American.

Dear libby from November 03, 2008 at 03:46 PM:

God has answered your prayers. He has welcomed home Obama's cancer ridden grandmother in a sign that His will is for Obama. May she rest in peace and praise the Lord for His infinite wisdom.


I have total faith that the Godliness in us all is directing our intentions. Senator Obama is the transformational candidate we need to help us solve our problems now.

That map is a lot more sensible than I would have expected from Rove.

I think that Obama might get a squeaker in Montana, mostly due to Ron Paul being on the ballot. Republicans have NO reason to worry about "throwing their vote away" there. It can't realistically flip the election. If MT goes for Obama, it was going to be a landslide anyhow. So they might as well vote for the candidate they want the most.

Also, Georgia will probably go to Obama's column, though it depends a LOT on voter turnout. So far, nearly every black person in the state has voted early, but the rest haven't bothered. If they get apathetic, McCain will lose GA. And there's no reason to suppose that they'll be excited. This race hasn't been close for a long time. That said, the GOP had better turn out or they're SUNK. GA has 2 more EVs than Virginia does, and McCain is already hosed if he loses VA unless he pulls out some kind of miracle in Pennsylvania (which is damn unlikely).

Arizona could be like Georgia, but to a far lesser degree. But the main reason for that is that it's McCain's home state. For another, it hasn't really been contested for a while now. Yes, Obama has made a last second play for it (after news that McCain got worried enough to robocall us) and turnout has been strong. Also, the ground game here is NOTHING like the one in GA. Obama has offices all over the place, even here, but they've been 99% focused on sending people to New Mexico up until about a week ago. We do have 10 juicy EVs, but Obama's best hope of winning the state is if the networks call the race early due to a landslide and the people in line go home. Obama has a nice lead in early voting, but that will decay rapidly on election night if there's sufficient voter turnout. Actually, this is true of a LOT of states. More people have voted early this year than before.

Finally, I'm not sure that North Carolina will be that close. The bigger race there is to see if Mrs. Dole loses after that despicable advertisement where she faked her opponent's voice to say something like 'I don't believe in God'. I think Dole lost a significant chunk of support from that. A lot of Christians were very offended by it, not to mention the atheists.

Anyhow, I'm more surprised to see Rove admit the obvious. Will the Republicans finally quit trying to deny reality? I mean, it's been a hallmark of the Bush era that every time someone points out that they're indisputably and factually wrong (e.g. we will be "greeted as liberators" in Iraq, as said by so many people, including John McCain), the Republicans go "lalalalala! I can't hear you!" Because it's un-American to admit your mistakes. Or something.

To libby: That's very arrogant to assume that God is on your side. Why should He be on your side? Your side stands for everything that is wrong in this country. Your side's economic policies actually make abortions a necessity in the lives of so many women. Think about it, libby. Your side's policies make abortion a necessity. I hope you can live with yourself while you pray to God assuming he's on your side. You would do well to pray and then be on God's side.

Please, please get out there and vote for Obama!

McCain's economic policy is the same as Bush's - which means, if McCain is elected, that my 401K will be $0, they'll privatize social security so that'll tank in the stock market, and, of course, I won't be able to buy insurance because of a pre-existing condition.

So I, and many of you, will be up you know which creek without a paddle.


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