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'Most dangerous VP we've had' Cheney welcomes Biden, who said that

November 14, 2008 |  2:22 am

It was the political summit of two professional politicians, the departing vice president, who may be the most powerful No. 2 in American presidential history, and the incoming vice president, who has publicly said some pretty mean stuff about his host.

Republican Dick Cheney, the former wrestler, welcomed Joe Biden, Barack Obama's running mate, to the official vice presidential residence Thursday. Lynne Cheney and Jill Biden were also there and seemed to carry the forced conversation during the posed greeting. (See video below.)

Biden was heard to say he'd been on the residence's first-floor a couple of times. The couples spent about 50 minutes together, then issued the usual brief messages of hospitality and appreciation.

During his vice presidential debate with Alaska Republican Gov. Sarah Palin, the loquacious Biden decided not to attack the woman candidate on the podium but took off instead on Cheney, who wasn't running for anything. Biden called Obama's cousin "the most dangerous vice president we've had."

During his August speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Biden also said:

"For every American who is trying to do the right thing, for all those people in government who are honoring their pledge to uphold the law and respect our Constitution, no longer will the eight most dreaded words in the English language be: 'The vice president's office is on the phone.'"

A Biden spokeswoman later said the vice president-elect thanked the Cheneys "for welcoming them into their home and for their gracious hospitality."

You can choose which feeling is the most sincere.

--Andrew Malcolm

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